Headlight beam adjustment

Having a fully functional headlamp when driving nearby at night is essential as it gives you a clear view of what is ahead. Your headlamp should not point downwards, nor should it face the sky. If this part does not have a proper alignment, you wouldn't see what is ahead clearly, and your response time to avoid an obstacle or slowdown will be too short. You can even get into an accident due to poor headlight beam adjustment.

When your headlamps aim is out of focus, you should take your vehicle and drive it down to our shop in Al Quoz, Dubai. You will get a high-quality car headlight alignment service in our garage. An experienced specialist will tell you about signs your car headlight focus adjustment needs to be redone and what steps he'll take to adjust your headlight beam.

Don't hesitate to delve into details when visiting a nearby UAE workshop for a headlamps alignment service.

How do you know your headlamp alignment needs adjustment?

Imagine driving at night but often getting oncoming drivers honking at you; it's probably because your vehicle's headlamp is shining brightly directly into their eyes. Ideally, your lights should be angled downwards but not too low, so you can't see ahead. It should give a clear vision of up to 200 feet on a low beam and 400 feet on a high beam. If you can't see that far, your headlight aiming is most likely out of focus.

Steps we take to adjust your headlight beam

You can make a car headlight adjustment yourself if you have the technical know-how. But if you do not know how to go about it, you should bring your auto to our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai. Note that the approaches to adjusting car headlights are not the same for all car make and model. But generally, when you bring your automobile to our garage for a getting this service, our professional auto specialist adjusts it using the following steps:

Check your car model

The model of your vehicle is the first thing we look at when you bring your automotive for a headlight adjustment. Some models of cars do not allow for headlamp alignment. So, we ensure the model of your automobile supports headlamp adjustment before proceeding with anything.

Park your car on a level ground

We aim to try to mimic the condition of your car on an average driving day. So, if your vehicle supports headlight alignment, we proceed to park your vehicle on leveled ground.

Find the center of your headlight beam

We park your vehicle about 6 feet in front of a wall to do this. We then turn on the headlamp and put it on its low setting. We will then try to find the center of the beam by drawing vertical and horizontal lines with masking tape.

Prepare for the adjustment

All the steps so far will tell you what to adjust. Now that we know what to fix, we will proceed to remove the headlamp. A screwdriver is often all we need for this step. After removing the headlamp, we take note of the headlight's left and right adjustment screws.

Finishing up the adjustment

While adjusting the beams, we have assistance on the stand to ensure we hit the perfect mark on the wall. When we achieve a satisfactory adjustment, we close everything up.


Hopefully, this information was helpful for you to figure out what to do when you require an out-of-focus or low beam headlight adjustment.

Remember that you can always stop by our Dubai garage to have your headlamp adjusted at an affordable price. Don't let the cost of a headlamp alignment keep you and other drivers in danger, especially at night. Get your light alignment done today, and drive with ease of mind every time.

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