Car polishing

Dubai is known as a place of harsh climate with significant changes in the temperature and weather condition, especially in summer. This factor seriously affects the exteriors of the cars in Al Quoz. Extreme heat and UV harm the exterior shine and paint color, making your top-notch vehicle less attractive. Therefore, professional car polishing is required for any Dubai vehicle, especially luxury ones. It enables returning the auto's original appearance and improving the perfect look's durability for an advantageous price.

Living in Dubai and feeling the need for the car's interior cleaned, polished, and disinfected, you should undoubtedly bring your vehicle to the car internal polish to Easycare, Al Quoz. If your car has lost its original color, shine, and classic look, that's the time for the vehicle's external polish, following the Easycare program specially designed for luxurious autos.

Car Polishing - Specifics and Affects

Easycare car body polish shouldn't be mixed up with simple waxing, as the polish is not about just putting the extra top layer on the paintwork. Such an additional layer gets easily washed off, uncovering all the scrapes and flaws. So even though the cost of waxing is not high, one will have to get back to redo it regularly if you need your automobile to look impressive.

Easycare garage specialists can boast an extensive assortment of excellent mild-working polish products and special tools used on luxurious cars. Thus, we can guarantee to provide the most heightened degree of protection from all the external factors. We also follow a special 3-step algorithm of car exterior polish, gradually removing the top coat and opening the unmarked cover in the paint. So, in a couple of hours, a car transforms back to a brand-new look and shine. Moreover, the result is much more enduring than that after waxing.

Spend a bit more on the service, which cost is higher though its quality is also much better because of the unique polishing products in Dubai, UAE. The process involves car washing and waxing. This car polish also influences your vehicle's interior, making it much more comfortable and relaxing.

Extra Service Recommendations from Easycare

Besides the auto polish service, our garage specialists recommend you to get the whole external detailing package (for a discounted price) which includes removing dirt, dust, and scratches and cleaning every corner of it thoroughly. Car detailing is all about removing minor scratches, flaws of paintwork, dirt, and dust from the vehicle. These issues may also appear due to nearby road debris, cheap or uncareful washing at car washes, using a dirty or harsh sponge, or applying aggressive chemicals.

Car polish price in Dubai

  • Car interior polish (from AED 500)
  • Car exterior polish (from AED 500)
  • Car full body polishing price (from AED 500)
  • Car paint polish (from AED 500)
  • Car body polishing (from AED 500)
  • Polish detailing (from AED 500)
  • Professional car polish (from AED 500)
  • Polishing headlights (from AED 300)
  • Wheels and rims polishing (from AED 500)
  • Exhaust tips polishing (from AED 500)
  • Headlights and taillights polishing
  • Chrome trim and accent polishing (from AED 500)
  • Engine bay polishing (from AED 500)
  • Suspension components polishing (from AED 500)
  • Undercarriage polishing (from AED 500)
  • Trim and molding polishing (from AED 500)

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