Car batteries replacement

After several recharging cycles, all car batteries will eventually not be as effective as they used to be. Under normal conditions, an average car battery should last about four years. But normal isn’t normal, as in real life due to high temperature, using it on a ton of accessories, vibration, and so on, shortens the lifespan of most batteries faster. Knowing when car battery replacement is needed is essential to ensure your vehicle functions optimally.

But because of how simple that part work, many drivers often don’t pay attention to them. If you don’t inspect your car accumulator frequently, it could stop working in the middle of the road, leaving you needing nearby emergency car battery service. If you notice anything is wrong with the working speed of your glass lift, for instance, you probably need a car battery replacement service. We have a great mechanic team in Al Quoz, Dubai. Bring your automobile to our garage, where specialists will help you fix the accumulator problem. Be sure to get an excellent service for an affordable price.

Signs of a car battery problem

There are common signs that if you notice on your vehicle could indicate an auto battery replacement is at hand.


When you try to start your automobile, the electric starter rotates the engine. However, be aware that the starter can start the engine because the auto accumulator powers it. So, when you notice the crank is significantly slow, it takes several trials to start the engine. It could often be that the battery is low or simply not efficient enough to hold a charge. If the latter is the case, a car battery replacement service is inevitable.

Low headlights

Your headlight could also give you hints on when you would likely need a car batteries replacement. Ideally, the headlight is meant to have two or more intensity settings depending on your vehicle and model. But when you notice that no matter the setting you put the headlight on, it doesn’t shine bright; a faulty battery could cause the issue.

If your headlight is not as bright as it used to be, it is advisable to bring your automobile to our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai for a car battery change service.

Electrical components wouldn’t function properly

The electrical components such as the dashboard lights, radio, wipers, headlights, and other electrical components in your automotive wouldn’t function efficiently if you have a faulty battery.

Note that the electrical components of your automobile will work whether you start the engine or not. But if the battery is faulty, the components will not function properly or work at all.

How to choose the best car battery replacement?

The type of accumulator a van uses differs from that of a sedan. So, when getting a vehicle battery replacement, you must get one that will meet your vehicle’s needs. Below are some features to factor in when searching for a nearby workshop.

  • The capacity
  • The technology of the accumulator
  • The CCA (cold cranking amp) of the batteries
  • The battery reserve (RC)


The price to have your vehicle diagnosed and the right thing fixed is nothing compared to guessing what to buy and being wrong about it. Ultimately before you decide to buy a new part, it’s best to bring it down to our work shop in Al Quoz, UAE to have it inspected. Our specialist run a quick stability test on your vehicle’s alternator. By doing this, you can determine if you actually need a replacement or not.

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