Car transmission repair

You must take proper care of your vehicle’s transmission, whether you drive an automatic or a manual transmission box. Frequent repairing your transmission is not a great feeling. But if you ever need a transmission repair service, visit our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai. Our specialist will fix all the breakdowns and give you good advice to save money on automatic transmission repair.

Hence, it is vital to note what you may be doing wrong that is causing that mechanism to go bad.

To reduce the price you end up spending on a car transmission repair in Dubai begins with how good you are with maintenance. You should avoid following steps to protect your vehicle’s transmission from early damage.

Failure to change transmission fluid early

If you do not change the transmission fluid early, the dirt and high carbon content in the oil can cause issues in the transmission. The mechanism contains many moving parts, so it needs to be as lubricated as possible to prevent friction. But it will fail outright when the fluid is due for a service, and you fail to change it in a nearby workshop. 

Using the wrong transmission fluid

It is important to note that transmission fluids are not the same. These liquids vary in viscosity, additives, and so on. Using a transmission fluid not formulated for your automotive can lead to several issues. It could even lead to overheating, causing further damage. And at the end of the day, you will need a transmission gearbox repair.

Driving around with a low fluid

When you see the check oil level light on your vehicle is on, yet you drive around in such a condition, you can potentially damage your auto gearbox. Hence, buying an appropriate transmission fluid for your automobile is vital. Feel free to top it when low to avoid the mentioned cost. Most times, when your transmission box is damaged, it is due to low fluid; a full overhaul would be the best solution. Find a nearby company that produces an appropriate liquid.

Ignoring visible problems

When you notice signs that something is wrong with your transmission but ignore it, you may eventually spend more on the repair. For example, when you shift gear but your vehicle doesn’t seem to get in gear or hear grinding sounds, this all points to a faulty transmission. An auto transmission repair is cheap when you catch the problem early.

Towing beyond the car’s ability

Not all vehicles are built for heavy hauling. If you tow or carry something heavier than the capacity of your car, you put much strain on the transmission. This can cause the parts to overheat, making them wear faster than they should.


Are you looking for the ideal transmission garage to fix all your transmission issues? Our workshop in Al Quoz, UAE, is open to all if you are. We provide standard service to solve all transmission and several auto-related problems. The mechanics at our local center will help you with servicing needs such as repair, parts selection and replacement.

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