Ceramic coating for car

Professional ceramic coating is an opportunity to extend the life of the paintwork and preserve its original appearance. If you need professional auto service nearby, you are in the right place.

Stages of Applying Car Interior Protection Coating

The procedure of ceramic coating is carried out in several stages. It is essential to follow the sequence of technology:

  1. High quality washing of the auto body, removal of dirt, residues of fuel and technical fluids, bird droppings, insects.
  2. Polishing. At this stage, cobwebs, abrasions, and scratches of different depths of all areas(glass(f.e. windshield) and plastic) are removed.
  3. Applying ceramic in 3-10 layers. One coat is applied within two hours. After application, another three hours should pass. The first layer should crystallize and harden under the influence of infrared drying. And only after that, the next layers are applied.
  4. After the protective layers are applied, a hydrophobic compound is applied to the surface.

It is not possible to carry out a complete procedure in garage conditions. Only experienced specialists can guarantee a quality result.

Main Advantages

  1. Sand, gravel, ice, and other minor damages from twigs, stones as well as scratches, chipping and "cobwebs" stop being a problem.
  2. Ceramic paint protection makes the automobile shine. We achieve this thanks to the wax treatment.
  3. Washing becomes more pleasant and easier.
  4. Eliminating corrosion.
  5. Immunity to chemicals. Gasoline, oil stains, as well as stains of other kinds, won't harm the surface.
  6. UV protection.
  7. Pleasant price.

Order Service in Our Detailing Center

  • The use of only professional ceramic coating with the manufacturer's official guarantee.
  • Clear working conditions and providing services under the agreement and a guarantee of quality work performed.
  • Various payment methods.
  • The convenient location of the company.

Cost of Ceramic Coating

We offer one of the most attractive prices for the pro ceramic coating. Still, the cost depends on the amount of work, brand, and condition of the vehicle. E.g., abrasive grinding is required in addition to polishing for used vehicles. The shop offers several options, varying in budget and the number of ceramic layers applied.

Ceramic coating for car near me