Car audio installation

Hardly will you find a car today that does not come with an audio system! And quite frankly, we have all become accustomed to having this feature on our vehicles. It may interest you that your car sound system installation is replaceable or upgradeable like most vehicle parts.

You should consider many things when you want to repair or upgrade your car's audio unit: the side of the speakers, the type of amplifier your vehicle uses, running new wires, and several other factors. If you need such a service, just bring your vehicle to our Al Quoz garage for all car audio installation in Dubai.

To help you better understand more about car speaker installation, we will be sharing a few tips and tricks. Let's explore more.

Signs you may need a new car music system fitting

While it is nice to have infotainment in your vehicle, it isn't so fun when it becomes faulty. The cost to have it repaired is insignificant compared to the discomfort. But how do you know when you need a professional car audio installation? Below are signs that indicate you need to have a specialist inspect your audio system.

Rattling sound

When your speaker produces a rattling sound, it indicates the part is blown out. The rattling sound could also be a result of a punctured speaker. In some cases, this issue arises when there is a problem with the wiring or amp of the vehicle. Ultimately, it would be best to have a professional inspect your system.

Some speakers are not functioning

You know you need a car stereo installation when you concentrate the sound on one side of your vehicle. This anomaly could mean that you need a new car music fitting, as some of your speakers have given out. At the same time, it also means that the wiring may be faulty. The only way to be sure is to bring your automotive to our garage in Al Quoz, UAE, for inspection.

Low volume

Your audio system could produce a low volume for several reasons. It could be a faulty amp, wiring, or power supply. When you play music on your vehicle's CD player or radio, producing a shallow sound, you need an audio repair soon. Ensure you take your car to an auto repair shop for a complete diagnosis. Don't be so quick to visit a nearby garage to install audio items without competent advice. Be sure to find a good auto electrician to avoid future wiring problems.

Why upgrade your car's audio system?

Today, full upgrading of your vehicle's audio is possible, and here are two main reasons people want this upgrade.

Improve sound quality

One of the main reasons people want to upgrade their audio is to get more bass. Perhaps the bass or volume produced by the factory speakers is not to your satisfaction; well, replacing the amp to improve the sound quality is possible.

Include smart features

Not all cars' entertainment systems have innovative features like WiFi, Bluetooth receiver, display, etc. However, if you desire such features on your vehicle, you can easily upgrade it.

What do they replace when you go for a car audio installation or upgrade

Most of the time, upgrading your car's infotainment goes beyond mere software updating. Below are the four main things auto specialists aim to replace most of the time.

Head units

The car head unit installation is one of the first things specialists aim to replace. It is essentially the control panel that lets you interact with the sound system. You can change this unit to have a display and more control features.


Your audio system is a hookup to the speakers to get power through the amplifier. Specialists aim for a high amp because more power means louder speakers.

Shopping for an ideal amp isn't easy as you must consider the price and the custom fitting. It will also help to pay attention to the specs of your car media unit.


Specialists can also replace the speakers on your automobile when you go to get an upgrade. Several cars come with different numbers of speakers. So, replacing the parts with better quality could take a while, but most times, they are cheap to replace and can be done within the same day.


Sometimes a car subwoofer installation is what specialists aim to replace when you go for a sound system upgrade. When wiring car subwoofer correctly and connected to a quality amp and premium woofer, you will find yourself in a new realm of quality sound.


A complete car radio installation or infotainment installation, in general, should be done by a professional. While you could install the deck and its other components yourself, there are several fitters you may not get perfectly. Hence, it is advisable to always bring your automobile to our Al Quoz, Dubai workshop, for all car audio repairs and upgrades. A high-quality team will offer you a qualified installation service and some handy tips on how to maintain your car's audio.

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