Headlight protection film

When buying a car, every owner tries to do everything possible to ensure that the vehicle lasts as long as possible. One of the solutions to protect vital parts of your vehicle from damage is headlight protection nearby. There are several apparent benefits to applying a protective car light protection film:

  • it helps protect them from chipping, cracks, and scratches caused by the accidental impact of small stones while driving;
  • invisible car light protection film helps to spread the light beam evenly;
  • ppf film headlights help to retain fragments in the event of severe damage.

Price in UAE

Paint protection film headlights are the most common auto protection service. Moreover, it is a reasonable solution, allowing you to forget about the defects of headlights.

The cost of services for protection and restoration of vehicle headlights is calculated individually and depends on the vehicle's model and the damage to the glass.

In any case, it will cost you less than buying new optics and replacing them.

If necessary, the experts will first polish the headllamps, then they will be covered with a film based on polyurethane or vinyl (at your discretion).

The cost in Dubai, Al Quoz is reasonable, and all work is completed within an hour.

Why It Is Necessary

It is coating the headlamp beam's exterior surface with a thin film that absorbs all the impacts during operation, preserving the integrity of the glass. As a result, all scratches and abrasions remain on the film and can be easily removed by polishing. In any case, it can be replaced, and the glass will be as good as new. Protection of plastic headlights is especially relevant due to the propensity of this material to abrasion and scratches.

It is worth noting that high-quality protection does not reduce the saturation of light streams of optical systems, and does not change their technical characteristics, so its use has no disadvantages.

Get Professional Help

Some motorists to save money decide to protect their headlights on their own, which means that the vehicle owner can create all the necessary conditions:

  • prepare the surface of the headlamp;
  • have the necessary tools and equipment;
  • operate with the utmost care so as not to accidentally damage the optical devices of the vehicle in the process;
  • create the necessary conditions in the garage: to enjoy an effective work on the protection of headlights, you need a clean and well-lit space where the temperature will not be lower than +16 ° C.

Still, we recommend you trust all the work to a professional specialist to avoid additional difficulties. Our company specializes in protecting the front and rear lights of the auto. Moreover, we employ true professionals, and the workshops have optimal conditions and cheap price for this type of work.

Specifics of Care and Use

To ensure that the film or ceramic provides high light transmission and lasts as long as possible, please pay attention to professional tips:

  • When cleaning, do not use metallic and stiff brushes;
  • Warn wash professionals not to bring a spray gun closer than 30 cm to the headlights.

Trust the professionals and order glass headlight protection film coating from us. We'll take care of your safety - quality light will keep you and your loved ones safe on the road.

Why Choose Us

  • Specialists work transparently and officially. The office and installation center is located in Dubai, Al Quoz.
  • Working with headlight film UV protection is our profession. We have been working in this area long, and today our offers are time-tested and confirmed by experience.
  • We love our job, and we take quality seriously. The most important thing for a real craftsman is the acknowledgment of high results of his work by others. That is whywe appreciate our masters.
  • We are responsible for the customers. We provide a legal agreement with a warranty.

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