Engine Diagnostic

Unlike before, when car repairs were pricey and time-consuming. However, computerized parts and engine diagnostic testing tools have made it easier for technicians to carry out car diagnostic checks and pinpoint faulty areas.

So, if you notice anything is off in your automobile and are in Al Quoz, Dubai, you should seek professional help for a full check car diagnostic nearby.

What Does An Engine Diagnostic Entail?

Engine diagnostics refers to any physical or digital examination performed by a professional to identify potential vehicle problems. Automobile diagnostic devices help make the scanning of car engine easy and will accurately point to faulty parts.

What Can You Discover From An Engine Diagnostic?

Although an engine diagnostic tool is beneficial in detecting automotive faults, it isn't a panacea for all of your automotive troubles. It won't fix a flat tire or replace a damaged door. However, there are a handful of essential things you can discover with an engine diagnostic that will save you the cost of an expensive repair. They are highlighted below:

  • Engine particulars

If you have ever gone to an Al Quoz, UAE repair shop, and they fixed the wrong model part on your vehicle, you'd realize how frustrating it is. Setting the wrong model part on your car could cost you more on repair as you would have to replace it. Also, the wrongly replaced part could damage other parts of your automobile. But when you visit our Dubai garage, any specialist first carries out a car engine scanning via the OBD port to know more about your engine particulars.

  • Transmission health

If there's an issue with your automotive transmission, it could cause the check engine light to come on. But you can't ascertain this until you carry out engine diagnostics. If you regularly scan a car engine at our UAE garages, you can detect a transmission problem early. Early detection of a transmission problem will save you thousands of dollars in repair.

  • Catalytic converter performance

The catalytic converter of your automotive is responsible for converting harmful gases into less toxic gases. They can go wrong when the ignition coil is faulty. A defective oxygen sensor can also affect the performance of your car's catalytic converter.

Engine diagnostics will detect minor issues on your automobile that could damage the catalytic converter before they worsen, thus saving you costly expenses.

  • Exhaust system performance

The exhaust system is another part of your vehicle that depends on the oxygen sensor. If the oxygen sensor does not detect the right amount of oxygen, this could trigger the check engine light, indicating a potential exhaust leak.

So, when you visit our Al Quoz, Dubai garage for a routine diagnostic check on your engine, we test all your sensors and fix any issues early. The price of a regular diagnostic check is much more affordable than a complete replacement repair on your vehicle.


Before the invention of automobile diagnostic testing, identifying faults took a lot of time and was costly. Either a mechanic's wit about your vehicle's model is vast or you may end up replacing multiple parts to fix a problem. But with automatic car diagnostic tests mechanics can now discover flaws easily. And with the engine diagnostic equipment giving technicians a complete picture of the vehicle's history, it allows them to make the best repair feasible.

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