Car key duplication (programming)

All cars have a locking system to prevent burglary. But what do you do when you lose your car keys or it gets damaged? The experience is frustrating, and the best solution is to call a locksmith. You can easily get that replacement car remote keys with the right specialist.

Visit our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai, a high-quality specialist will provide you with the needed assistance. Whether you seek a key replacement, a change of keys, or a car key programming, we got you covered. Our services are vast, so let’s jump right into this article and educate you on some reasons you may need qualified assistance in key duplication.

Why does a car key fob get damaged?

First, before proceeding with this article, let’s talk a bit about why people get in trouble with their car key coding. To a large extent, car keys are pretty durable.

However, people have commonly visited us for a replacement key for car service due to the following:

Damaged by water

Automotive manufacturers build car keys that are water-resistant since they have electronic components. But the key will deteriorate after a while, creating chips and spaces where dust and water could penetrate. If the car key drops inside water in this condition, it could get damaged.

Low battery

The keyless entry feature you love about your automobile is made possible because of the transponder chip. This chip is an electronic component. Hence, it needs a power source. And if the transponder with chip is not getting enough power, it would not be able to send a strong enough signal to open your auto.


When your fob remote falls a lot, there is a likelihood that something will break. If the fob dies, some electronic components may get damaged.

Thus, causing the keyless entry function not to function any longer.

If your car key is damaged, we often order a copy and help you recode it to certain automobile specifications. It is better to opt for a universal fob remote if you do not want to go through the hassle of recording.

Why get a car key duplication?

At our UAE workshop, we help with several fob-related issues such as:

Key no longer function

Getting your automobile key duplicated is relatively easy and cheap, so there is no real reason why you shouldn’t get one. So, when you find yourself in a situation where the key stops functioning suddenly, you should always get the spare. Do not wait until you are in a position where the key no longer works, leaving you in an emergency before you have your key duplicated.

Multiple drivers

In most homes, almost everybody drives an automobile regardless of the number of vehicles in a family. However, it would make much sense if everyone had their keys to take the car out when they needed to without any delay.

If you need to copy car key, you can always bring your vehicle to our Al Quoz shop to get copied keys at a relatively low price.

Lost the key

You may not necessarily be careless, but what do you do when you find out you’ve your car key? You can call a locksmith from a nearby vehicle service to reprogram a car key duplicate in no time. But be aware that it may cost you more to get a duplicate when you lose the key than when you still have it.

If you suspect someone is copying it

Yes, ones can duplicate someone else's car key coding. And worse is that unless the person leaves a physical mark of tampering, it is hard to detect such a dubious act. In this case, changing the car key system is best before your vehicle is stolen or something worse happens.


Do you need a locksmith service for a truck or car key fob replacement? If yes, you can leverage amateur specialists at a nearby garage or get top-notch service at our work shop in Al Quoz, Dubai. Feel free to bring your vehicle to modern garage to meet your needs.

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