Exterior car detailing

We are a one-stop-shop service provider specializing in auto care for luxuryious automobiles in Al Quoz, Dubai. We have been a part of the industry for more than ten years, owning an extensive car park containing only top-notch and exclusive models. Easycare's team of professional technicians is highly experienced and efficient in working with elite brands and car models. Choosing our car garage also means receiving a suitable price for top-quality services, including car exterior detailing, interior detailing, polishing, wrapping, and cleaning.

Exterior Detailing - What’s in?

Even if a vehicle isn't driven regularly and held in the favorable surrounding, its paint still fades, and its shine reduces with time. Extreme natural conditions, sunlight influence, and high temperatures in Dubai negatively affect the car's exterior. What's happening with the vehicle if you leave it without special care? Paint starts to oxidize, which means that the topmost surface layer of the cover dries and loses oils. That's high time a car needs those oils replaced. Otherwise, the car exterior won't boast its stylish look and color brightness.

Multiple auto owners assume a cheap car wash will fix that damage, though the only robust solution lies in the vehicle exterior detailing package. It is aimed at complete care of car exterior, with paint and initial shine restoration included. Undoubtedly, the cost of this all-encompassing service done by specialists is a bit higher than a simple wash. However, outside car detailing's primary aim is to enable your car to look the same as if it was brand-new, and intermediate results comprise:

  1. Keeping the car's paint in perfect condition and enhancing the polish endurance.
  2. Masking minor scratches and restoring the oxidation layer on surface.
  3. Scrubbing tires and improving their durability.
  4. Glasses' clean-up to make vision perfect.
  5. Lowering the chance of allergies.

Easycare Detailing Services Benefits

Our main advantage is that we are a complete automotive solution provider for luxurious vehicles of different top brands. So, one don’t need to search for another garage in Dubai if you happen to require some additional car repair and maintenance services in the process. Moreover, to make our services more convenient for every client, we offer pickup service in case a customer isn't nearby and can't bring a car to our garage in Al Quoz.

Easycare full exterior car detail is much more efficient than any regular car wash service provided by other auto service companies and specialsts in Dubai and the whole UAE. If the exterior of your car is damaged by unfavorable climate conditions or a poor-quality car wash at low cost, you shouldn't worry about returning its initial flawless look. Our specialists in exterior detailing in Al Quoz will take care of everything for a reasonable price!

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