Gearbox Diagnostic

The thing about gearboxes is that they are in all cars, whether you drive an automatic or manual transmission vehicle. Its main function is to transfer energy from one source to another, like your vehicle’s engine to the tires. Being able to carry out basic gearbox diagnostics is necessary, as sometimes the gearbox may malfunction.

Detecting a problem early is crucial to ensuring it doesn’t extend to other vehicle parts. If it does, the cost of repair could be way too expensive. So, when you notice anything weird with your vehicle, narrow down what’s wrong with a deep advanced diagnostic check at our Al Quoz, Dubai auto repair shop.

Weird noises

Not all noise coming from your vehicle is an indication that your gearbox is faulty. But weird noises you probably haven’t heard your vehicle produce before, such as clunking, humming, or whining, may result from a transmission problem. Check your transmission fluid; a low transmission fluid could cause such noise. If not, you should locate a nearby auto repair shop to have it checked.

Burning smell

Your vehicle should not produce a burning smell. The smell of your exhaust is different and should not be confused with a burning smell. If you perceive a burning odor coming from your vehicle that has a choking sensation, this could be an indication that you need to go for automatic gearbox diagnostics. When your transmission fluid is overheated, it can cause this burning smell. And the transmission fluid overheats when your vehicle’s gearbox is faulty.

Unresponsive gear

One primary indicator you need gearbox diagnostics is when you notice your gear lags or do not engage when you want to drive or reverse. If you drive an automatic transmission automobile, the unresponsive gear could be a software issue. And resetting the car may fix the problem. But if it doesn’t fix it, locate our Dubai garage closest to you and have it inspected.

Jarring sensation in the gear

When you shift gears on your car, it should be smooth. But if you notice a jarring sensation anytime you change gear, it could indicate that you need to opt for gearbox diagnostics. When the gearbox is faulty, the symptom is a lot worse. So, it is best to start paying attention to it early. Find a nearby specialist in the UAE and have it checked out.


Apart from these four ways discussed in this article, there are several ways to perform manual or automatic gearbox diagnostics yourself before heading to an auto repair for full scanning. Some repairs are affordable, and some aren’t, but the price to have your automobile properly diagnosed by our specialist is always less than any repair.

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