Car detailing

What can Dubai car detailing service imply? Traditionally, it means getting a car properly and thoroughly cleaned with the help of particular means and tools. It also includes clean-up and renovating the auto's interior and exterior parts. As a result, a vehicle should look as if it has just rolled off the assembly line or left the luxury car shop.

Range of Vehicle Detailing Services at Easycare

At Easycare Dubai, specialists provide various exterior and interior detailing services aimed at making your auto look perfect and work at the utmost level. They include:

  1. Paint protection.
  2. Windscreen correction and windows tinting.
  3. Engine guard.
  4. Upholstery guard.
  5. Ultra-master bodyguard.

Our professional engineers and mechanics know how essential it is to maintain your vehicle’s initial condition, both inside and outside. Having extensive experience in owning and taking care of legendary luxury cars, we pay special attention to the details often neglected by any other car garage in Al Quoz. The Easycare price for auto detailing services is also affordable and corresponds to their quality.

Why Is Full Car Detailing Important?

Bringing the luxury car regularly to the expert team specializing in optimal exterior and auto interior detailing services can be considered essential. Therefore, you can ensure your upscale vehicle always looks up to the standards of the top industry brands and legendary models. Our skilled and experienced Al Quoz mechanics are experts on restoring and protecting the car finish.

Our auto detailing at the nearby station contains the following sub-services:

  • minor paint modifications and flaws corrections on the front and back;
  • full or partly car body polish;
  • small interior changes or minor touch-ups not contradicting the classical vehcile look;
  • checking if everything under the hood is in excellent condition.

Easycare Automotive Detailing Specifics

Our specialists use the top-of-the-line products at the most advantageous prices, so you can be confident to receive the highest quality of services with no harm to the interior and exterior of your vehicle. Undoubtedly, the top-tier service can't be cheap. However, due to our extensive network of partners in the UAE and worldwide, Easycare can guarantee the most reasonable cost of services. Moreover, we regularly offer special deals to our clients.

Receive the most competent car detailing services in Dubai with special instruments and natural chemicals. Easycare garage lets you not look for any other local car detailing center, as we guarantee the combination of an experienced team, wide expertise, competitive cost, and means that meet the needs of lux cars and their owners’ expectations.

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