Rim paint service

No doubt, a nice set of wheels will change the looks of any car. Nice rims can transform a basic car into a classy ride. However, the cost of getting your rims replaced, especially when they are not faulty, seems unnecessary.

Fortunately, the service of rim painting in Dubai is available in dozens of nearby garages, where you can get that rim color change at no exorbitant cost. In our workshop in Al Quoz, Dubai, we can repaint the rims of your tire to any color of your choice. You can get cheap but simultaneously a top-notch service!

How does our auto mechanic prepare your car rim for painting?

Don't try to paint your automobile rim if you have no experience in this field. Instead, let a professional do it for you. The price of a car rim paint service is relatively low in nearby car services, so why go through the hassle which you may end up ruining your rim. When you let a specialist handle these tasks, here's how they usually go about it.

How is it done?

Before anything is done, a specialist inspects the tires for any defects and then repairs them. Next, he wedges an automotive and removes the tires. Afterward, the auto mechanic starts by washing it to ensure they are clean from dust and debris.

With the help of the wire brush and sandpaper, sand the surface of the rim to give it that extra find finish. When done, every part is rewashed to remove any particles from the surface. The paint thinner is then applied to the surface of the rim for extra cleanliness after it gets dry.

The mechanic will inspect the surface to ensure no debris or grime is on it; if not, he will repeat the process. When ready, the tape protects the areas that won't be painted. The paint is mixed with a paint thinner to a required consistency and then used to paint the rims.

What kind of painting is used on your car rims?

When you bring your automobile to our workshop, we use three main kinds of coating: primer, paint, and clear coat. We use the primer to provide a good surface area for the paint to stick to the surface. We will also ensure the paint is sprayed at a distance and for some coats.

When you work with our local auto repair shop in UAE, we will go the extra mile to see that the paint reaches every corner and dry properly. Lastly, we apply the clearcoat as a protective coating for the color, giving it that luster look at the end of the day.

Bottom line

Whenever you need a car wheel rim paint service, do well by visiting our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai, to get a professional touch. We care for all your rim refining needs - from minor to full restoration. Reach out to us to get a quote today, and let's work on building your dream car.

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