Car window tinting

Easycare is a garage with complete auto service in Dubai focused on repair, renovation, and vehicle care. It includes exterior and interior car detailing, car wash and steam cleaning, polishing, and wrapping. One of the services that get more popular in Dubai recently is car window tinting. Tinting film installation means spreading a thin laminate film on any vehicle's glass, including front, back, and side ones. Thus, windows or a windscreen get darker.

Why Does Car Glass Need Tinting?

There are various motives for drivers to require this service. These reasons include

  • more privacy or higher security level;
  • significant UV protection (this one is always actual in Dubai and the UAE);
  • lessening the interior heat of the vehicle to save fuel;
  • reducing glare;
  • aesthetic purpose (to make a vehicle look more harmonious or cool).
    Let’s have a closer look at every tinting purpose.

Less Glare and Risk

One of the main advantages of windshield tinting is less glare driving at night. Usually, night driving is a sphere of higher risk and more doubts even of an experienced driver, as the visibility is generally reduced, accompanied by the glare of headlights. These intense streets- and headlights can easily blind a driver for a moment or just disorient them in critical situations, increasing the risk of an accident. That's where car window tinting comes in handy.

Proper vehicle glass tinting softens the glare and lets a driver see what is happening on the road more clearly and without distractions. So, for a fair price, you can become fully confident driving at night and knowing no surprises occur in front of a windscreen during your trip.

No Glass Shattering

However, if an accident happens, tinting can also be helpful. Every part and detail of the vehicle is designed to reduce the risk of being damaged and hurting a driver or passengers. You can enhance the safety level by applying the car glass tinting. The tinting film adds a layer of protection and lowers the chances of glass smashing in case of a collision. Thus, the chances of glass shards hurting anyone and the cost of further repair also get significantly reduced.

Car Window Tinting for Health Care

Tinting windows for health purposes is really effective as it dramatically reduces the Infrared heat waves and stops 99% of UV rays from influencing your skin. Thus early aging and cancer chances get lower.

Enhancing Privacy and Comfort

Tinting improves overall car interior comfort and privacy level. However, at Easycare, we guarantee the tinting does not exceed the legal visibility level. So, you shouldn't worry about having any problems with that. The high-quality film with the right tinting level only reduces glare and increases the driver's comfort and visibility.

Auto window tinting cost Dubai

Glass tinting from AED 900

Windshield tinting Windshield line tinting
Windshield tinting Windshield line tinting
Rear glass tinting One side glass tinting
Rear glass tinting One side glass tinting
Rear side and rear glass tinting Front side + rear side + rear window tinting
Rear side + rear glass tinting Front side + rear side + rear window tinting

Easycare Tinting Car Peculiarities

The products we use are made on the basis of modern nanotechnology to ensure they will work well in the hot Dubai climate. Our auto tinting film is best-quality and long-lasting, proven by the warranty we provide. Moreover, its price is reasonable, and the overall cost of the service is totally competitive. So, you shouldn’t waste time searching for a nearby garage that offers the cheapest prices and the biggest discounts, as at Easycare you can be sure of the specialists’ level of professional skills and the quality of products applied.

Easycare provides a vast assortment of colors and styles when it comes to car glass tinting. These layers are designed to work harmoniously with the luxury look of your vehicle, not sacrificing a high level of functionality.

The final point that contributes greatly to the level of tinting service, is a team of professional technicians and tinting specialists who have extensive experience taking care of luxury vehicles in Dubai.

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