Car engine repair

If your engine goes wrong, you are left with two options: buying another automobile or repairing the faulty one. However, you should note that the cost of purchasing a new engine could be almost as high as the price of a good car. For this reason, people are left in a dilemma, wondering which option is better. It's only natural to find ways to cut down costs on auto repairs.

If you need a car engine repair, mechanic specialists from our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai, will help you eliminate almost any breakdowns (some failures are not worth the restoration cost). We offer engine rebuild, full replacement, and other engine-related services.

So, to know whether the engine repair cost is worth it or if you should buy another car, just continue reading.

When to repair the engine

When faced with a faulty automotive part, the first question you want to ask the nearby mechanic is, "can it be fixed." If you can fix the engine, you can go ahead and dig further by asking about the repair cost. If the price given to you is way less than the cost of another vehicle, then it is better to fix the engine. However, you should not stop there, as you should also try to ascertain from the mechanic if it is advisable to fix whatever is faulty in your engine. Sometimes, what may be faulty in your engine may be repairable, but you may not get much life out of it after the repair.

Another thing you should ask when posed with a faulty engine is to know what the breakdown is. If a single part is defective, there may be hope for a repair. But then, if it is the whole engine, you may consider buying a vehicle. Going for a complete engine overhaul depends on the type of engine you have on your car.

When to change a car

When you are faced with deciding about a vehicle engine replacement or buying a new car, the correct information is all you need to make the best decision. When comparing the cost of an engine repair and a car, and there isn't much difference, buying another vehicle seems more logical. Also, note that when purchasing a car, if you had upgrades on your previous automobile, it would cost you additional money to have such upgrades on the new one.

Buying another car can be a stressful experience as there are several things to look out for. But the good thing is that when purchasing a new car, you can always get one with an upgrade feature you have always wanted on your automobile.


Ultimately, you should check with your automobile specialist about the need to repair your engine if you have noticed visible features of its breakdown: knocking, overheating, stalling at idle, heavy smoke, power loss, etc. Don’t be so quick to go to a nearby car showroom or find a new automotive. In most cases, it is cheap to have the engine repaired. While in other cases, buying another car is the better option.

The bottom line is to visit our work shop in Al Quoz, Dubai, for any engine replacement service. Don't hesitate to bring your vehicle to our UAE garage. Our top-notch engine repair specialists will give you the best advice on whether to repair the engine or whether it is time to change a car.

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