Brake caliper paint

The caliper is a part of your car's braking system that help helps the brake function optimally. But due to its location, it is often overlooked. Most automobiles don't have painted calipers because cast metal is usually used to make the parts rusty with time.

Whether buying a new car or a used car, painting wheel calipers is worth every dime. So, bring your vehicle down to our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai, and let our professional specialist coat the part with protective paint.

Explore why the price of a brake caliper paint service is worth it.

Why should you paint your brake pad caliper?

Something as simple as painting your vehicle's caliper serves not only a decorative function but also performance benefits. However, finding a nearby auto shop specializing in car caliper paint jobs in the UAE is sometimes challenging. There are some reasons you should drop by our car repair shop, besides the best service:

Personalized your automobile

If you are a fan of aftermarket parts on your automobile to personalize it to your taste, you should consider painting your brake pad caliper. The difference between a vehicle with paint and one without it is clear.

Cheap upgrade

The difference between an automotive with a painted caliper and one without it is noticeable. Undoubtedly, the car with the painting always stands out. Yet the cost of having this addition on your car is considerably cheap.

Note that the calliper is relatively small, so you wouldn't need past a couple of milliliters of paint in the local nearby specialized shop to get all four parts painted.

Prevent future rust

Before rusting occurs in a metal, the metal must be exposed to air and moisture. However, if you cut off air and humidity from reacting with the surface of the metal, it wouldn't rust.

By painting the caliper, you coat the disk, thus preventing the mentioned reaction. By doing this, you will extend the lifespan of the caliper on your automobile.

Less hassle to clean

Because of the location of the caliper on your vehicle, it is not readily accessible, making it hard to clean. However, the surface of a disc brake caliper paint is smooth and hardly provides any adhering surface for dirt or debris. Hence, you don't need to apply much pressure to easily wash any dirt off it.


If you need a wheel caliper paint service, do well to bring your vehicle down to our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai. Don't hesitate to ask our professionals to help you choose the best paint quality and color. Give your auto that bespoke look you always wanted by painting the caliper.

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