Car bumper repair

The main task of a bumper is to undertake the force of the impact and not let it spread to the more essential engine parts. Thus, it is the most frequently damaged body element in accidents, and cracked bumper repair (both back and front) is the most popular service in UAE. We understand that not everybody can afford its replacement, and it may not be profitable as you never know when you'll need bumper replacement again. Thus, we are sure that it's better to choose professional car bumper repair nearby and save money.

Why Choose Car Bumper Repair

Generally, bumpers break, tear, and lose fragments. It's a consumable item that you can change as many times as necessary. If not for the high cost of these automobile elements, everything would be fine. However, the cheapest one, supplied by the Honda, for instance, will cost you at least $1000. Meanwhile, a plastic car bumper repair in Al Quoz with painting will be cheaper 100%.

Is Fixing Bumper On Your Own Possible?

In this world, nothing is impossible, especially if you have a garage and some necessary knowledge. Damage occurs quite often - when unsuccessfully parking or hitting a high curb. In addition, this part of the body is subject to natural wear and tear under various weather factors, small gravel, and pebbles flying from other vehicles. Also, the broken bumper is the result of almost any accident. Under such circumstances, the idea of trying to repair it on their own comes to the mind of many drivers.

Nowadays, it is possible to get helpful information about possible restoration on the Internet. Many websites publish videos, step-by-step instructions with photos, and practical tips. Still, it may be risky, time-consuming, and even costly as you'll need special equipment and spare parts. Also, videos on YouTube don't guarantee you'll get successful results and won't make the situation worse. That's why, if you need to fix a car bumper in Al Quoz, we recommend you call a specialist nearby and not waste your time and money.

Cost of Car Bumper Repair

The price of the following automotive service in Dubai depends on the extent of the damage. Still, the fixing is much more profitable than purchasing and installing a new one. After the reliable procedures, we guarantee the durability of plastic products is not lower than the original factory durability. In some cases, it is even higher due to the technology by which the material is applied in several layers.

Choose Our Service Station

The team guarantees high-quality bumper repair Dubai and high performance achieved by using expensive specialized equipment. Moreover, we are customer-oriented and do our best every day to ensure a good experience and pleasant outcome.

Strengths You’ll Enjoy

Specialists of our company will provide a cheap restoration of rear and front bumpers on automobiles of all brands, models, and years of manufacture. Only reliable and proven technologies and certified consumables are used. In addition, thanks to the professionals and the use of modern equipment, we guarantee:

  • high-quality car bumper repair; its complete restoration;
  • the efficiency of work;
  • low prices;
  • selection of the correct color;
  • possibility of fixing without dismantling;
  • perfect quality, confirmed by warranties;
  • comprehensive performance (diagnostics, selection of techniques and materials, painting, etc.).

Besides, we have a shop providing a range of affordable spare parts. Therefore, if you need to purchase any detail, you can contact us and get a free consultation.

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