Car suspension repair

Today, most cars come with a suspension that improves your comfort while you drive. It’s like a spring that absorbs the shocks on the road. Therefore, you don't feel much of the rugged terrain when you get on a bumpy road.

After driving around for a while, the part will deteriorate. It can cause a complete breakdown at the end of the day. If you need a car suspension repair in Dubai or nearby areas, we recommend visiting our garage in Al Quoz. You'll be assigned one of the best specialists in the UAE at our local shop, giving you a decent repair service at no extra cost.

Let's delve into some tips on extending the suspension lifespan of your vehicle.

Keep tires properly inflated

Your tires serve as a partial suspension, protecting you from feeling every impact of the road. When you get on a bumpy road, the air in the tire compresses while there is an impact. However, the tire can only reduce the impact on the suspension if you inflate it to the correct pressure.

Avoid carrying heavy weight often

Carrying too heavy weights in your automobile can also reduce the suspension's lifespan. If the weight is too much in the vehicle, it'll strain the parts. Aside from that, your car suspension is essentially a spring. Compressing a spring too often with weight cause it loses its elasticity.

Drive carefully

The way you drive your vehicle can cause a problem with that part. Even though car suspension repair in Dubai, particularly at our garage, are cheap, you should still drive carefully. For example, being gentle on the brakes and slowing down on rough terrains will help extend the lifespan of your automotive parts.

Lessen exposure to the elements

Your automobile suspensions are made of metals. Hence, they are susceptible to corrosion. When metals start to deteriorate (rust), they wouldn't be as durable as they used to be. You would require a car suspension repair service in Dubai if you reduce the exposure of your suspension to nearby elements.

Regular checks and maintenance

An auto suspension repair would only come as a surprise when you do not inspect your vehicle regularly. You should bring your automotive to our garage in Al Quoz for regular checkups at least once a month. If anything is wrong with your suspension during such an inspection, it will be detected.


While the wear and tear of your automobile suspension are unavoidable, with proper maintenance, you can still get the most life out of the suspension.

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