Car maintenance

Have you ever wondered what mechanics do to your car when you bring it for regular maintenance? A good specialist inspects your car for faults and replaces consumables such as engine oil, coolant, and other fluids. It would be best if you did not miss your regular vehicle maintenance schedules to get the most out of your auto.

Your car will deteriorate faster than expected when you stop taking maintenance seriously. So, when you need any auto maintenance services, do well to bring your automobile down to our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai. Our specialists are skilled at detecting the slightest deviation from the norm of your car components. When you visit our local UAE shop for routine maintenance car, here are some of the few things we inspect:

Tires check

Tires have an expiring date! After a while, no matter how durable its manufacturer claims they are, all tires will wear out eventually. So, the first thing we look out for is the expiring date. We also look at the treads on the tire to ensure they are not too worn.

Fluids inspection

An automotive is designed to use several fluids to keep the engine working optimally. These fluids include coolant, engine oil, power steering fluid, brake fluid, etc. These fluids are relatively cheap, but replacing them also costs inexpensively according to the price of the nearby workshop.

Belts condition

Car manufacturers use belts to transfer energy from one part to another to reduce friction and heat build-up in your automotive. Unfortunately, these belts are not damage-proof as they can also get weak or even cut. Hence, we check the condition of several belts in your vehicle, such as the timing belt, fan belt, compressor belt, and other parts like brake pads.

Filter change

You should properly maintain your engine by ensuring dust and debris don’t get in it. With the help of several filters in your car, like the engine air filter, fuel filter, transmission fluid filter, oil filter, and so on, your vehicle can keep its system clean. So, to ensure you get the most out of your car, we inspect the various filters and, in most cases, change them.

Engine check

A decent car maintenance service also includes inspecting the crucial parts of the engine to ensure they are functioning optimally. We check all the details like the alternator, catalytic converter, muffler, spark plugs, oxygen sensor, etc.

Drivetrain condition inspected

In addition to checking the conditions of components of the engine, we also inspect the drivetrain. We look at the CV axles, CV joints, tie rods, shock absorbers, suspension brackets, driveshaft U-joints, etc.

Bottom Line

In summary, you should not take the general maintenance of your vehicle for granted. Even the most basic maintenance, such as checking your car battery and oil levels, can save you from several unnecessary repair costs. Visit our workshop in Al Quoz, Dubai, for a full maintenance check. Here your vehicle will get a top-notch service, which will never be provided in the nearest car repair shop.

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