Car AC repair service

An air conditioning unit is an important part of the comfort you get as a car owner, especially during summer. You wouldn't want to be in a situation where you will have to wind down the car windows simply because your car AC is faulty.

Have you been caught up with this challenge or discomfort? If you have, it's time you start paying closer attention to your automobile. If you need a car AC repair in Dubai, don't hesitate to visit our local garage in Al Quoz. High-quality specialists can offer a decent and simultaneously cheap car AC service. Continue reading to learn some tips on car AC maintenance or where to get a car AC compressor repair.

When should I go for my automobile's AC repair?

One way to keep the repair cost low is by detecting the center of the problem with your AC early. There is no accurate or foreseen time frame for how long you must use your vehicle before taking it for car air conditioning repair. However, at our local auto centre, it is a rule of thumb to always look for possible signs to determine when an auto AC needs replacement. Let's check the most frequent ones:

When the vehicle AC is blowing hot

This sign could be a problem caused by a fault or blocked condenser. The condenser helps change the temperature from the gaseous phase to a liquid phase, resulting in the cold temperature released from the car refrigerator.

When the hoses or wind blowers are damaged

If the hose that produces air is blocked or damaged, it will prevent air from passing through the hose and the vent. Similarly, if the wind blower gets burnt, air circulation will be significantly impacted, affecting the effectiveness of the AC.

When the air conditioning unit is making a weird noise

Typically, the AC sounds are very quiet when you are using it. However, when you hear some sounds or cracking noise from the air pipe, you should know that your car's AC needs repair. It could also mean that some nearby major components of your vehicle, not just the AC, are in jeopardy and need urgent attention.

Mechanical or electrical problem

Sometimes you might encounter issues related to some wire connecting the AC to the compressor, any fault in the wire connection may cause the air conditioning to malfunction. Sometimes you will require the service of a professional to be able to detect this kind of issue.

Cooling fan problem and bad compressor

When that part is faulty, the AC will not work properly because the compressor is the engine behind the warm and pleasant temperature released by the air conditioning.

Car air conditioner repair with your own hands

After analyzing the possible unserious causes of an automobile AC malfunctioning, let's briefly discuss easy ways to repair and fix an AC issue. These are listed below:

  • First, inspect the airflow area to check if there is any blockage, such as dirt or dust.
  • Critically evaluate the vehicle for any electrical fault or damage.
  • Get a new fuse, especially if it is damaged or old.
  • Remove the hose connecting the compressor to the bottom of the vehicle and gently and thoroughly clean the top and cap of it.
  • Finally, refill the refrigerant carefully or find the nearby workshop with AC service in Dubai.


Although most automotive air conditioning systems can develop issues, you can quickly fix them when you work with an expert. This is another reason you should always consider bringing your automobiles to our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai, whenever you notice something is wrong.

Our local UAE shop will assign a professional specialist to inspect your vehicle's air conditioner compressor, condenser, and other systems to detect the root of the problem. We then offer you the best deal for your auto AC repair at an unbeatable price.

So, if you don't want to spend a fortune on your car aircon repair in Dubai, bring your automobile to our shop.

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