Oil change service

Mechanics always advise you to change your transmission fluid and other liquids regularly, but have you ever taken the time to wonder why? In short, if you don't change the oil, it could cause damage to the engine. As it functions, the oil gets in action to keep all moving parts lubricated. Over time, the oil will become black and high in carbon content.

Although a car oil change service is relatively cheap, many try to avoid it. But, below are reasons you shouldn't postpone when an oil and filter change is needed.

It prevents wear and tear

As you already know, your automotive engine comprises several moving parts. This prompted the manufacturers to create a medium to feed transmission oil, whether ATF or CVT, to prevent wear and tear, depending on the engine type (diesel or gasoline, for instance). If the gearbox oil is used too long, it becomes abrasive and could cause wear and tear in the engine because of its high carbon, dust, and debris content. For this reason, it is essential to visit a mechanic shop for an engine oil change when necessary.

Feel free to bring your vehicle down to our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai, if you need a quick oil change service. Our well-qualified specialists will perform replacement of all the consumables and also offer some tips on how to choose fluid.

You can change the oil yourself in the nearby garage, but if you want an urgent replacement, it is better to visit our local shop. You will get a quick inspection of your auto for other issues.

Protects against corrosion

A transmission oil change is also vital to protect the engine from corrosion. When the oil level is too low, it can lead to deterioration. However, when there is enough lube, it coats the surface of the metal. Hence, moisture and air wouldn't be able to react with the surface of the metal to cause rusting.

Improves mileage and extends lifespan

Regular change of liquid consumables helps keep the engine in the best working condition. When your machine is functioning at its optimal level, it can help improve the mileage and fuel economy of the car. So, you wouldn't only be helping your engine stay in better shape, but you will also be getting value for your money.

Keeps engine clean

An engine oil change is necessary to keep the central part of your car clean, whether you drive an automatic or manual gear motor. Your automobile will try to filter out dirt and debris from entering the engine, but its filtration capabilities are limited.

Cools engine components

Additionally, when an engine oil change is performed regularly, it helps keep the engine cool. One thing you want to avoid while driving is overheating. This can cause the engine to knock, increasing the repair cost. However, a regular oil change can keep the price of maintaining your auto relatively low.


Visit our UAE station whenever you need a transmission fluid change or engine oil refill, as we deal in all oil changes at a low price. All diesel or gasoline cars would eventually require a complete oil change. Come to our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai, to get the job done without hassle. It is worth noting that you don't always get the best oil change services and full car inspection in a nearby workshop.

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