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Troubleshooting Any Electrical Issue of Your Luxury Car

Solving issues with luxury vehicles' electrical and computer systems can be a complex task, but not for a team of professionals specializing in the elite car segment and having vast experience working with top-class brands in the UAE.

Easycare Automotive Electrical Services: Bring your car to the electrical experts who know how to deal with luxury vehicles!

Professional Car Detailing Service for Luxury Brands

When it comes to a luxury car, maintaining its visual aesthetics becomes a vital task. Auto detailing service aims to restore the vehicle's appearance to a brand-new state. At Easycare, we guarantee that experts with 10+ years of experience in the high-end car industry will use premium products to keep your vehicle in excellent condition.

Easycare Car Detailing Service: Receive the best treatment for your car with services from luxury vehicles care experts!

Expertise on a luxury segment

Our own garage with 65+ luxury cars

10 years of experience

Sub-contractor for Famous luxury car brands

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Advance Service
Advance Service

Advanced Car Service Dubai

Easycare is a number one car repair shop & maintenance center serving clients in the UAE for over 10 years. We work with an extensive range of makes and models. However, the Easycare specialists give special attention to luxury brands, as we realize how hard it is to find an expert car maintenance team in Dubai whom you can trust and who understands the specifics of top-notch vehicles. At Easycare, we have all the special equipment necessary for repairs and maintaining luxury car makes.

Our team guarantees to meet your requirements and make your car run perfectly due to the proper knowledge and all-inclusive tooling. We keep an eye on details without losing focus on the big image. All vendors and suppliers also comply with the highest standards we meet ourselves so that you can be confident in the quality of every component, detail, fluid, or accessory applied. Please, check out the extensive list of our services and contact us for more information.

About Company
About Company

About Company

Being a team of experts in the luxury car segment, the Easycare company specialists strive for the car owners' satisfaction. Our professional technicians solve motoring problems of any complexity level and are ready to explain the repair and servicing process details to you. Whether you need an urgent minor service such as a flat tire or change or regular maintenance in Al Quoz, you can count on a team of well-trained specialists ready to help.

Easycare services are fast, efficient, and thorough, and with 10 years of experience in the field, there is no car-related issue or request that can make us puzzled. Rest assured that your luxury vehicle will be inspected and fixed up to the highest brand standards and with complete respect. Easycare is a name that can be trusted.

Why Choose Us
Why Choose Us


Easycare is an automotive shop with 10-years of expertise in luxurious vehicles. Our car workshop difference is simple - we genuinely know luxury cars. The tech team has in-depth knowledge of how extravagant vehicles work and what kind of repair and preventative maintenance services they may require. Easycare experts conduct consultations for prominent car brands and help solve the most complex electronics problems.

Do you want your high-end car to be treated right? We understand the concern. Our own garage comprises more than 65 luxury cars, so we comprehend the rules of proper handling. The tech expertise in the luxury segment also contributes to the quality of our car services too. While being a sub-contractor for famous car brands, having a high level of technical expertise, and cooperating with all the top-notch suppliers worldwide, we are a one-stop solution that can handle multiple car tasks. Thus, we also manage to make our pricing reasonable and competitive on the market.

How We Work
How We Work

How We Work

Do you own a luxury car? These high-performance vehicles are an excellent investment that contributes significantly to the overall pleasure of driving. However, finding a reliable luxury auto repair and maintenance provider in Dubai may put a few more gray hairs on your head. The Easycare technicians are aware of all the peculiarities and unique needs of the luxury segment vehicles, as we've owned a luxury fleet worth about 40 million AED. Therefore we know how vital it is to ensure that cars of the most expensive brands are appropriately managed and serviced.

Our team considers every detail and minor issue, as there are no small things for an experienced auto mechanic or electronic specialist. Moreover, all the cutting-edge equipment we have at our garage facilitates carrying out upstream checks, repairs, changes, and replacements delicately and in the shortest terms. Need some extra services not mentioned on our website? We’ll be happy to provide it at your request.

Car repair service Dubai Al Quoz

When in Dubai, you may face a whole bunch of problems with your vehicle buying, maintenance, and repairing, no matter if you are a resident who knows all the ins and outs, a tourist, or a professional coming on business. The cases may be diverse, but in the end, we all require our car serviced by an experienced team whom one can trust fully and who will do their best to complete all the tasks fast and on a high-quality level. The prices of car servicing in Dubai should also be reasonable for the final bill not to make you go broke.

EasyCare is known to provide top-quality servicing & car repair in Dubai. The professionals have a firm reputation among other auto garages in Dubai due to the premiere quality of service, keeping strict deadlines, and offering advantageous cost options to customers. Moreover, our car repair shop in Dubai always gets a prompt supply of components and accessories so that we wouldn't keep you waiting for them to arrive.

Car Service Center - What Can We Offer

EasyCare workshop is a unique, extensive, & comprehensive one with enough space to keep all the hi-tech equipment and provide all the services to get your car back with comfort and convenience. The team of auto-repair trendsetters stays abreast of all the modern technologies and approaches to make sure we can offer you all the innovations and tech novelties. We are also proud to have modern diagnostics systems. Therefore, it is light and breezy to perform any work required, including maintenance actions and basic or swift repair.

Being one of the market leaders in car repair services in Dubai, EasyCare hub offers a wide variety of automobile servicing, maintenance spare parts, and repair services. Our long list of services in the UAE comprises:

  • Car Washing & Detailing
  • Battery Replacement,
  • Oil Change,
  • AC & Transmission Repairing,
  • Car Engine Repair,
  • Car Recovery & Maintenace,

So, you can get the whole range of primary and minor car service.

EasyCare Auto Repair Service Team

The EasyCare car workshop is not only the place equipped with everything needed and all the pro tools for automotive repairing and services. It is a team of enthusiastic specialists with years of experience in the sphere, and each of them is ready to give you a helping hand if you got trouble with your transport or share practical, friendly advice. Our experts strive to pay attention to detail and perform work with the highest level of quality and speed.

If you are searching for 'car repair Dubai' on the Internet, look no further than our service. Our professionals are dedicated to their foremost task of taking care of your beloved automobile. We fully understand that a high level of professionalism, patience, accuracy, and precision are a must in this sphere of car fix Dubai as the vehicles need to get proper care and top-class service. We specialize in the luxury segment and have extensive experience working with the most expensive brands in the UAE. Our experts still provide consultations to the top brands concerning complex cases in electronics repair.

EasyCare Car Repair - Our Background

To understand EasyCare's background better, we should tell you that we’ve been the owner of 60+ luxury automobiles. So, we've been involved deeply in the automobile sphere and worked closely with various other companies and businesses, including those providing maintenance/ check-ups/ repairment services, top-notch details, or modern care tools. We have the most extensive network of partners in the UAE.

So, be sure that our specialists will do their best to connect you to the needed specialist in another car-connected sphere fast and hassle-free, and you'll get over-the-top assistance in less than a day. Just contact us if you experience any problems concerning your vehicle in Dubai, and we will help you out.

Addressing Auto Repair Workshop in Dubai - Issues List

Maintaining and keeping a vehicle in good shape can be challenging to manage. Undoubtedly, Dubai has excellent roads with smooth surfaces and favorable conditions for stressless driving. However, different external conditions in Dubai can still contribute to more car-related issues,e.g., the UAE's harsh climate and rugged terrain can significantly influence a car's state. Take a look at the set of the usual problems owners experience.

Transmission Check-up & Repair

That's a usual problem any vehicle-owner once has. It starts with some shaking or scraping feels in gear. The automobile may then require urgent transmission repair or at least a thorough inspection to check if everything's not so severe. Easycare is also ready to offer transmission programming, gearbox overhauling, and more.

Battery Change in Dubai

If to take automobile repair in Al Quoz, one of the most frequent issues stated is the battery that suddenly dies along the way. There are a few reasons why it may happen unexpectedly. However, the experts will cope with any of them with ease. Our team provides battery replacement, tech testing, and checks with the help of modern electronics. By the way, if you're stuck in a nearby spot or far from the garage, contact us, and our mobile mechanics will happily assist you with getting here stressless.

EasyCare Oil Change

This one is a common request among car repair garage Dubai clients. Your fav auto may need not only a top-quality oil change but also oil filter replacement and oil flushing. Besides, if you come to us with such a problem, you may also expect to get an all-inclusive overall vehicle health check.

AC Reparation

We usually offer thorough AC diagnostics to clients who come to repair in Dubai with this type of car-related trouble. Leak tests may also be crucially needed. Then the gas will be refilled, or the AC compressor will be repaired (sometimes both and more). Indeed, one more point to cover is AC flushing.

Engine Repair Nearby

An accident may be a starting point when a customer decides to address the auto repair workshop in Dubai and eventually get the engine mended. When it comes to EasyCare engine mending service, it usually includes tuning, detailing, component restoration, and an entire overhaul.


While mending seems inevitable, many owners tend to neglect regular vehicle health checks and maintenance. However, it is essential if you wish to prevent severe problems and accidents in the future, especially when you are not at a nearby spot. At EasyCare, we ensure you get all kinds of services coming in different packages, ranging from primary to complete regular care. Our experts usually focus on your requirements and tastes.

Extensive Diagnostics

Diagnostics and scanning are not so urgent as car fix Dubai. However, they are still critical if you strongly care for your car's health. We are here to offer comprehensive engine diagnostics, software scanning, and gearbox check services.

Car Services in Case of a Breakdown

If your auto lets you down during your trip, the EasyCare specialists will gladly help. If a tow truck or a mechanic is needed, they will come to the location fast and carry out any small recovery service, roadside help, or even minor problems like tire replacement.

Car Repair and Maintenance Dubai

With a wide range of services offered and a top level maintained, we assure you that the EasyCare car servicing & mending team will take the best care of your vehicle and keep it moving with the lowest waiting time. Our prices are also reasonable, though it never means compromising quality.

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