Windscreen replacement

A car windshield is a vital part of the vehicle. It protects you and your passengers from wind, rain, debris, and sun rays. Hence, the need for you to fix it when broken or damaged.

If you need a windscreen replacement in Dubai, come to our local garage in Al Quoz. Our specialists have been in the business for years and have the experience to deliver top-notch services. You rest assured of getting the perfect windshield window replacement on the same day you reached out.

However, if you are curious about how to get a perfect windscreen done, keep reading.

How is a new windshield replacement being done?

Before you take your automobile to any nearby UAE auto shop, ensure they are knowledgeable and can help you with all kinds of windshield-related issues. For your own good, prioritize working with an expert no matter how little the task is -whether your windscreen is cracked and you want to replace it, or you want to install a windscreen camera, tint a part of it, and so on.

To satisfy your curiosity, we have highlighted the steps required to get a windshield replacement done below:

  • Begin by covering your car’s body and interior with a protective layer.
  • Next, carefully remove the wipers and then the damaged windshield.
  • Prepare the area where you want to fit the new windshield by applying some bonding glue to the windshield frame.
  • Install the new windshield and allow it to set/dry for about 60 to 90 minutes.
  • Finally, deep clean the new windshield, which is ready for use.

Tips on how to avoid damaging a new windscreen?

Today, getting a new windscreen can be pricey. Yet, it is vital to get it done to ensure your safety. The best thing is to be careful after getting a full windscreen replaced for your SUV, sedan, or any vehicle you drive. Take extra measures and ensure you give all it takes to prevent it from breaking again.

Below are some tips on protecting your autoglass from cracks and damage.

Avoid driving directly at the back of a vehicle in stony terrain

One mistake many drivers make is that they don’t leave enough distance between them and the vehicle at their front. For example, if two automobiles are driving on stony terrain at 10 mph, the ideal distance between the two cars should not be less than 20 feet. However, when you drive so close to the other automotive and the tires send a stone flying in your direction, it will most likely have enough force to crack your windscreen.

Don’t park under a tree

Another thing you should avoid doing is parking under a tree. It can cause you to incur costs on a broken or cracked windscreen. Fruits, broken branches, and others can fall from the tree, which could damage your automotive’s windscreen.

Drive carefully

Another way to avoid incurring the cost of a windshield window replacement is by driving carefully. Although the thrills of traveling at high speed are exhilarating, note that entering a pothole or climbing over curbs at high speed can break your windscreen. Because glass doesn’t expand and contract easily, a significant enough impact from a pothole or object will break the windshield.


The benefit of a good and quality windshield cannot be over-emphasized. If you need a back or front window replacement in Dubai, feel free to reach out to our workshop in Al Quoz. We offer a wide variety of services at an affordable price. Our services include but are not limited to auto glass replacement windshield, windshield repairs, front windscreen replacement, side windscreen replacement and repair, car glass repairing, and so on. Our specialists will offer to use quality but relatively cheap products. Contact us and avoid any scams with defective auto glass in the nearby repair shop.

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