Car wrapping (foiling)

As a premium car garage and service center, Easycare aims to protect your luxury vehicle and its appearance by providing an upscale level of maintenance, repair, renovation, and car care services. We also offer premium vinyl wraps accompanied by the highest degree of professional car wrap service guaranteed by the team of technicians and maintenance specialists from Easycare, Al Quoz.

Why Order Car Wrapping Service

In case you own a luxurious vehicle, you surely know that it deserves only the finest services at any cost. You should enable premium care and preservation of an automobile in the extreme UAE climate conditions to guarantee that nothing destroys its original elegant appearance and unique glow.

Vehicle wrapping can also personalize a car's look and give it an individual touch according to your taste and preferences. So car wrapping by Easycare experts doesn't only contribute to the sleek look of your car but also helps you express your personality.

Car wrapping Dubai price

Vinyl wrapping from AED 12 000

  • Full car wrap
  • Partial car wrap
  • Color change wrap
  • Custom design wrap
  • Matte finish wrap
  • Glossy finish wrap
  • Removal and replacement the wrapper

Types of Car Wrap

There are two main kinds of vinyl car wrap service provided by our car garage in Al Quoz - a full and a partial one.

Full Wrapping

The custom vinyl film can become a full-body protective coat helping you avoid surface damage from stones, weather conditions, and scrapes. We offer a great range of standard and unique colors for complete automotive vinyl wrapping, and any of them will significantly facilitate maintaining the car's original appearance and surface.

Partial Wrapping

Do you prefer to add color or design accents to an element of the vehicle? Do you require to garnish it with a logo or piece of art? Then vinyl should be applied to some parts of the car. It's an efficient way to make your car stand out in the heavy Dubai traffic. Partial wrapping is a fantastic means of dynamic advertising. With Easycare, you will be able to create a unique project and reach the nearby garage to apply it in the colour you prefer.

Car Wrapping Prices

Comparing the price of the car wrapping in different Dubai car service stations, you may notice that here the cost is just a bit higher than in the cheap places in the UAE, though the Easycare level of service is much better than anywhere. When ordering car foiling, you need it to get installed correctly, avoiding folds and bubbles that can ruin the renovated appearance. The Easycare car garage has a special place and equipment to make the wrap and fitting process flawless, no matter if you car is a sedan or SUV. Moreover, our wrapping specialists team will ensure everything works as great as possible.

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