Muffler and exhaust repair

Your car's exhaust is a vital part, yet very few people pay attention to it. Its primary function is to serve as a silencer or muffle the loud sound from the engine.

If the exhaust isn't working right, it can have several adverse effects on your vehicle. Although, if such an automobile system is broken, you can quickly get a muffler repair service at our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai, at no extra cost. However, you can even reduce the price of an exhaust service by taking note of signs that foreshadow faulty parts on time. Below are the most frequent symptoms that an exhaust repair is needed.

Decreased fuel efficiency

The exhaust of your automotive is connected directly to the engine. Hence, in a way, it regulates how efficiently fuels combust. If there is a hole or leak somewhere along the exhaust line, it will cause more air to get in the engine. And when there is too much air in the motor, it results in incomplete combustion, hence, less fuel economy. When you realize your vehicle burns more fuel than it used to, a faulty exhaust could be the cause.

Increased noise

Another indication is the sound it produces. When you turn on your car, usually, you should hear a quiet roar. But instead of a gentle sound, your engine produces a crack or a snap sound. In that case, you should start looking for a nearby specialist to repair a vehicle's exhaust system.

Unpleasant odor

You would also know you need an exhaust repair service when its odor is very unpleasant. The reason for the unpleasant odor is because of incomplete combustion. This odor is very unhealthy to you as well as to the environment. Hence, you should visit our local UAE work shop to have a specialist install a silencer replacement.

Check engine light

A faulty exhaust can also trigger the check engine light to come on. In that case, along with noticing other signs that exhaust may be wrong, you must keep your way to a nearby service station in Dubai. A specialist from our garage in Al Quoz will help diagnose your vehicle's system to determine why the check light is ON.


Another cheap way to determine whether your auto may need an exhaust repair is when it begins to vibrate unusually. If the wheels, gas pedals, or sometimes the entire car vibrates strangely, then it could also indicate there is a problem with the exhaust pipe.


If there is a break along the exhaust pipe, you will notice an unusual blowing of smoke, impressive loudness as well as redundant vibration.

Specialists patch the break or replace the exhaust line depending on professional diagnostics. Our muffler mechanics are top of the line at what they do, so you have nothing to worry about.

However, the only way to know the best solution to your problem is to bring your vehicle down to our garage for muffler exhaust repair and additional diagnostics.

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