Car trim protection

The decorative interior trim in most modern cars is made of plastic. The glossy surface is beautiful, but any lacquer gets scratched quickly, and parts rapidly become covered in many minor imperfections. It is almost impossible to remove such problems. The usual replacement of worn-out panels is not enjoyable and highly unprofitable. New items after a short period of use are quickly covered with new scratches, and everything repeats again. The optimal solution for such situations is to protect lacquered and glossy surfaces from fading with a polyurethane film in Dubai, Al Quoz. The result of a car trim protection is an attractive matte finish that restores the trim to its original luster.

Car Trim UV Protection

The problem of heating a car interior in the sun bothers many car owners. Besides the discomfort caused by the unbearably high temperature in the cabin, the UV rays damage the upholstery and parts of the car over time. Therefore, protecting your vehicle from the sun in summer is vital to preserving the interior trim.

Car Detailing Black Plastic Trim

To extend the life of the moldings, they should be cleaned regularly. If the black moldings are faded and heavy scratches and damages appear on their surface, there is no need to seek new accessories and apply for their replacement immediately. It is quite possible to reanimate the moulding state with the help of special products, which allow restoring its original attractive appearance. Their composition includes pigments and components that increase protection against UV light, which is destructive to the black color.

We Use Only Special Materials

We use organic products for polishing and protecting automotive plastic panels in a particular garage.

  1. It takes care of the trim panels, protects their natural color, protects them from UV rays from the sun, and prevents paint fade.
  2. Thanks to its anti-static properties, it provides professional cleaning and prevents dust accumulation.
  3. It leaves a pleasant fragrance, with no residue or sticky feeling.

It is recommended to trust the professionals to perform the car trim protection in Dubai, Al Quoz. It will exclude undesirable consequences and unnecessary financial losses later on. Our experienced specialists have only high-quality, certified care products at their disposal. We apply highly effective polishes and gels without water, so the vehicle is ready for use immediately after work in a garage.

Cost of Car Trim Protection in UAE

The price depends on the vehicle's brand and the order details (e.g.which part of the body to restore, bumper or doors). Still, we always try to protect the trim pieces with quality rubber, vinyl, and plastic protectant and dressing at a cheap cost. Thus, our clients can afford the best car exterior plastic protection nearby and enjoy the price and the conditions of cooperation.

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