Car scratch removal

Is your vehicle' surface all covered with deep scratches and large dents from previous trips and adventures? Does your flawless car look lack one small detail - the absence of tiny marks? If you seek a quick and reliable method of fast removing scratches from a car and returning its former glorious look, we at Easycare can be helpful!

Easycare is a team of Dubai experts in car scratch removal with years of experience and a wide array of auto maintenance skills. Our automotive bodywork shop in Al Quoz has all the newest scratch repair equipment and is keen on using the latest technologies and means. As specialists who also have had an extensive car park of luxury vehicles for several years, we know how to work with the rarest and the most expensive luxury models and what to pay attention to when it comes to car paint scratch repairs and dent removal. Besides, we can provide you with full car body repair or even automobile spare parts/ components replacement.

Easycare Car Scuff Repair - The List of Services

The paintwork and scratch-related services include car dent repair, paint damage restorations, bumper scrape repairs, etc. The assortment of services provided involves any volume of scratch removal needed - from minor to major areas correction. Even if you need a complete auto body repair or any car part/detail replacement, it is still available at our garage in Al Quoz. Besides, we offer full-body painting, car color matching & change, polishing & waxing, car wash, tire polishing, and interior vacuuming.

One of the common problems of the customers who visit Easycare is stone chips on the car's glass surfaces. Rock chips are difficult to avoid on the Dubai roads. However, they can be quickly fixed due to our team's expertise. The Easycare stone chip repair is also a comparatively cheap option, so you shouldn't hesitate to address us immediately if a chip happens nearby.

The critical point of car scratch paint repair is special attention to detail, carefulness, and precision. Our UAE team of specialists provides repair services even for the smallest scratches. More significant damage repair means it's getting harder to get a vehicle back to the original perfect look, though it's not an issue for Easycare experts. We do our best to attain the highest customer satisfaction, applying lessons learned from multiple years of professional car repair. Moreover, all types and volumes of Easycare car scratch repair or paintwork have cost-effective prices. For more details and answers, please send us an inquiry today!

Car Scratch Repair Procedure

Bring your car to the garage nearby, and we'll start the work immediately. Firstly, we'll examine your auto and provide an estimate for free. The price of the work and the time needed will depend mainly on the amount of work and the cause of damage. If there are only small scratches and cuts, our tech crew will perform a repair without any delay. Thus, you won't have to wait longer or pay extra for complete frame repainting. The Easycare team can also include cracks restoration, getting rid of the traces of rust, and repair of light-alloy wheels in the package.

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