Car steam cleaning

When the interior is cleaned in a garage with steam above 95°C, there is no need for any chemical solvents as it disinfects, refreshes and completely removes odors. Undoubtedly, this method is better than the traditional one - not a single millimeter of even the hardest-to-reach areas of the interior remains uncovered. Moreover, steam is harmless to the materials inside, whether it's leather, velour, plastic, rubber, or glass. During car steam cleaning in Dubai, Al Quoz, all interior parts will be sterile.

Please note, it is considered environmentally friendly and suits allergy sufferers.

Why Professional Car Interior Steam Cleaning Is Essential

Most auto owners believe that it is enough to vacuum the cabin in their own garage and do wet cleaning several times a month to maintain cleanliness. It seems right, but auto is the same as an apartment - sometimes we do light cleaning, but sometimes it is necessary to do general cleaning.

Sometimes we spend more time in the car than at home or work, which is why it is essential not to forget to carry out general cleaning inside.

While driving, without noticing it, we gradually clog up the interior: food gets into the hard-to-reach places, substances of all sorts are spilled, stains are left after children's surprises, and so on.

Car steam cleaning is all-round care of the vehicle interior, where attention is paid to even the smallest, at first glance, detail. Thanks to innovative technology, we are much more effective in dealing with all kinds of contaminants without damaging the surfaces inside the cabin.

Benefits of Car Steam Cleaning

You'll spend less time on the steam clean interior of car as you won't need to dry it. This service is notable for its unsurpassed results and has won the trust of even the most demanding clients.

Among the advantages of a steam wash car interior are:

  • significant time saving;
  • affordable cost;
  • no chemicals are used in the process, as they may cause allergies or have an adverse impact on the upholstery material;
  • there is no need to wait for everything to dry as in the case of cleaning with water, the steam is so hot that it does not leave any condensation;
  • this procedure allows you to access the most hard-to-reach areas;
  • it does not damage the materials in the auto, be it plastic, leather, synthetics, or glass.

Trust Specialist in UAE

Are you looking for a specialist nearby? Our car wash is located in Dubai, Al Quoz. In our work, we adhere to the golden rule: "Don't harm!" and use only delicate ways and methods of work. Moreover, we strive to present every client with a cheap price so everybody can allow and enjoy the advantages of car steam cleaning.

Order a full detail at the best price now and make your life easier! You won't even recognize your interior - each seat will look new.

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