Pre purchase car inspection

There is no guarantee that the used vehicle’s condition will be excellent when buying a used car. Even though a seller will tell you everything is perfectly working on it, you can test his honesty in a nearby workshop. However, getting a trustworthy mechanic to check car before buying is essential.

Getting a car pre-purchase inspection is relatively cheap and worth every penny. With it, you can save yourself the hassle of getting a vehicle with issues. Inspecting a car before buying a used one is highly advisable, so you don’t have problems with documentation or fraud. However, the good news is that in our garage in Al Quoz, we offer a top-notch pre purchase car inspection in Dubai.

What does a car pre-purchase inspection (PPI) cover?

Overall a pre-purchase inspection takes around two to three hours to complete. During this timeframe, a presale inspection car mechanic starts by checking the automobile’s aesthetics. This includes the condition of the painting if there are dents, the interior, and several others.

The inspection doesn’t end there as the mechanic checks the engine’s condition. And, of course, any PPI always includes a test drive of the automobile. During the test drive, the specialist tests the transmission and electrical components. The sound from the exhaust also tells the professional a lot about the engine’s condition and other nearby parts.

When to get a used car inspection in Dubai?

You need this service when you want to buy an automotive without a warranty. It is even more important if you are in Dubai and the desired vehicle is in another city. Buying an automotive this way is risky as you assume all the risk if anything is wrong with it.

Hence, it is in your best interest to book a mechanic for a used car inspection in Dubai to ensure that any vehicle you want to buy in and around the city is in the best possible condition.

The PPI mechanic will give you a detailed report indicating the vehicle’s condition and the necessary repairs. By doing this, you wouldn’t incur unnecessary repair costs after purchasing a used car.

How to find a mechanic to inspect a second-hand vehicle?

Finding a local pre-inspection vehicle mechanic in UAE isn’t may be tricky. The best idea is to visit our shop in Al Quoz or contact us to provide you with a specialist. He will inspect the ins and outs of the used car you want to purchase. Truthfully, you’re better off hiring a personal mechanic for buying used car. It is not always advisable to depend on the one the seller provides for you. By hiring a mechanic, you can trust the inspection result since the mechanic has no reason to be biased.


Having an opinion from a third party is a great way to buy a second-hand vehicle. Specialists from our auto garage will make any car inspection before buying used car.

With several cars inspected and evaluated by our specialist at a fair price, you trust us to help you find a vehicle in the best condition. And if the evaluation reveals flaws in the car, don’t sweat it; walk away as there will always be another great used automobile up for sale.

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