Exhaust Cleaning & Polishing

If you do not want your car to roar and leave behind thick smoke when driving, it is necessary to provide exhaust cleaning & polishing periodically. Some craftsmen try to carry out this procedure themselves in a garage, but as a rule, you still have to go to the experts after such work.

Employees of our company in Dubai, Al Quoz, know how to ensure you won’t have any problems in the future. Thus, applying to our detailing center nearby, you save money not only on cleanliness but possibly on repairs as well.

When Exhaust Cleaning and Polishing Is Necessary

Any specialists dealing with auto piping in UAE know well that cleaning is necessary, and it is better to make it regular. You can understand that the pipe is not in the best condition by the following signs:

  • the vehicle makes a loud noise when driving (similar to a motorcycle roar);
  • there is a lot of dark smoke.

A clogged exhaust system harms engine performance. It experiences an excessive load, resulting in which it can end sadly both for the engine itself and the driver. Therefore, car exhaust cleaning will allow you not only to give the automobile an aesthetic appearance but also to save the engine at a reasonable cost.

To perform the procedure professionally, it is worth using the service of specialized companies, just like ours. The quality of work is always at a high level, and the cost of the service will not be burdensome for the client.

Benefits of Exhaust Cleaning & Polishing

  • A perfect appearance
  • Smooth surface
  • The new look of the car
  • Long-lasting protection from dirt
  • Cheap price

Our specialists in Dubai, Al Quoz, always act carefully and with caution. We use special chemicals and specially designed brushes to manage exhaust cleaning and polishing. They allow us to qualitatively remove soot and smoke without scratching the pipe's walls.

In addition to cleaning the exhaust system, we can also provide metal and chrome exhaust polish. It is a well-known fact that an exhaust pipe, when clogged, gets an unattractive look and loses its luster. The tools and, most importantly, experience allow us to eliminate minor scratches on the chrome and return a spectacular shine to the pipe. The price of this service is relatively reasonable. You can not worry - your automobile will look new again from the inside and outside, and the engine will thank you!

Steps of Polishing Titanium Exhaust

  • Washing and drying of the auto in a specially equiped garage.
  • Cleaning: additional surface cleaning is performed using unique professional materials.
  • Protecting other vehicle surfaces: other body parts are protected from damage.
  • Polishing: the polishing process itself is performed with a special polishing machine that masters use for hard-to-reach places. Premium car care products are used to polish the muffler nozzles.

Surface protection: A hydrophobic or ceramic coating is applied to the polished surface for long-lasting surface protection.

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