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Painting is a great way to change the looks of your car. When you want to change the colour of your vehicle or determine some coverage defects, you will have to consider what type of paint to use. From our experience offering decent car painting service, we've come to understand that the needs of everyone differ.

Hence, if you are going to do a minor or a complete full-body repaint of your auto, you must understand a few things about that. For sound advice and top-notch painting service, visit our paint bodyshop in Al Quoz, Dubai. Let's explore more about the colour aesthetics of your car.

Signs you need to repaint your automobile?

Apart from your desire to get a different look on your automobile, an auto body paint job is sometimes necessary. Here are some reasons or signs you need a paint touch-up car service:


Topping this list, one of the most common reasons people go or should go for a painting service is because the colour of their auto has completely faded. What's sad about when your car paint fades is that it doesn't do so uniformly. Hence, it tends to be obvious and removes your vehicle's overall aesthetics.


When you start noticing your car's paint coming off, it is a sign you need to repaint. It is not uncommon for the colour of your automotive to chip off. When this happens, it is a sign that the oxidation is stirring underneath the clear coating and paint layers.

Serious scratches

Also, when there is any noticeable scratch or dent on one side of your car, you should have it repainted. A car denting painting is not as expensive as a complete repainting.

Is your car worth painting?

Before heading to a car painting shop, ask yourself if your vehicle is worth the painting. Sometimes, your automobile may be so far gone that repainting it wouldn't simply bring it back to its former glory. Hence, it always helps to do a cost evaluation before repainting.

You should also note that if the price of painting your car is an estimated 25% of your car's value, it is cheaper to buy another automobile than to repaint.

What you may not know about changing the colour of your vehicle

If you want to change your car paint's colour to something else, you can always bring it down to our local shop in UAE for a perfect painting job. But note that, unlike the same colour car paint restoration, a different one will cost you more money. It is not a cheap service since it is more labour-intensive and requires more paint.

Suppose you brought your car to a nearby body shop in Dubai. In that case, you should check their professional ensures a colour match all-round the vehicle by taking out all the interiors, including the engine, before painting. A specialist you deal with should also remove the windscreen and side glasses to get the best result.

How to protect the new paint?

The new paint might fade faster than expected if you are not careful due to oxidation and UV rays. Meanwhile, you can protect your painting by applying a sealant, wax, or a nano-ceramic coating after the paint has cured for about 30 days. Applying this coating creates a thin barrier between the layers, thus helping the paint last longer.

Where you go for a car painting in Dubai determines the quality and satisfaction you will get at the end of the day. Though there are many nearby auto repair services, we can tell you that our garage in Al Quoz is the place to go if you need a top-quality job.

We offer the best and unmatchable services and have auto personnel qualified in car painting. So, do well to stop by anytime you feel your vehicle needs a little touch or a total touch.

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