Xenon adjustment

Xenon headlamps are one of the brightest headlights for vehicles. Although you can make xenon adjustments yourself, many people often get it wrong. Hence, there are some tricks and tips to know when you want to embark on xenon headlight alignment on your car.

An improper xenon setting is frustrating to other road users, primarily when it focuses on their windscreen. If you are looking for a trustworthy place to realign your xenon headlight, bring the vehicle to our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai. Our automotive specialists will adjust the xenon car parts as fast and professionally.

What makes xenon headlight alignments tilt?

The possibility of a tilting headlamp is high when it's been a long time since you had the last xenon headlight adjustment. There are other reasons you must regularly align your xenon headlight lamps:

  • Carrying a heavy load in the cargo section of your automobile could cause the xenon headlight to go out of alignment when you drive. Reduce the burden and watch how the headlight will align itself correctly.
  • Worn-out shocks could also make the xenon headlight on your vehicle go out of alignment. You could fix that, which could cost you little to nothing, or replace the shock.
  • Also, colliding with another car could force the alignment on the xenon headlight to go out of focus.

How to determine an incorrect xenon settings headlight?

Let's check the signs you should look for to determine when the xenon setting headlight is not correctly aligned? If you notice any of the symptoms highlighted below, bring your automobile to our Al Quoz, UAE workshop for further alignment.

Level the car

The first way to determine whether the setting is improper is to park your car on a flat surface. Keep a distance of about 10 to 25 feet from a nearby wall and turn on the car light. Doing this will give you a clear picture of the alignment of your xenon headlight.

Measure the light

You can check the alignment by measuring the height of each headlight to the ground. Mark both the vertical and horizontal centerlines of the headlight beams. If the centerline of both lamps is not the same, you need to take it to a nearby work shop or try to set up alignment alone.

How to get the proper aim for your xenon service headlights?

Although you could align your xenon headlight yourself, we recommend taking your vehicle to our car service. We don't believe in charging our customers a high price to have everything on their car checked. Yet, our serviceability is at an optimum level for UAE.


If you need a headlight alignment, visit our garage to get a professional service. We have highly experienced specialists who adjust your headlight to the standard height.

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