Wiper motor replacement

An automobile wiper ensures maximum visibility while driving on the road. While its importance is not debatable, most people ignore the condition of that vehicle’s part. They only remember it when they want to clean the front windshield while driving to nearby destinations during rainfall or when the road is dusty. By the way, the last one is a common and frequent occurrence in Dubai.

Knowing when you need a windshield wiper motor replacement is crucial to ensuring you have the best time on the road.

Not attending to a defective wiper motor can lead to a crash, thus increasing the cost of a repair. If you need a windshield motor replacement, a smart move is to bring your vehicle down to our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai. Our specialist will inspect the motor and determine whether or not you need a replacement or just repair it. Ultimately, maintaining a wiper motor will save you the cost of replacing it.

Here are tips on how to maintain the wiper motor on your automobile.

Don’t use the wiper driving at high speed, and when the windshield is dry

Using the wiper at high speed, especially when your windscreen is dry, can damage the mechanism. A dry windshield has resistance and friction, which may easily strain the motor causing it to burn out quicker. Use a low or medium-speed setting to remove dust. Doing this will save you from the hassle of a windshield wiper motor replacement.

Free a stuck wiper by hand

The part may get stuck if you don’t use your automobile for a while. Rather than turning it ON to move it, it is better to free the wipers by hand gently. Turning the motor on in case it is stuck can cause the mechanism to burn out.

Always grease the parts regularly

It is recommended to grease the wiper regularly to ensure all parts of the motor moves smoothly. Since the wiper is exposed to the elements, it is bound to wear and tear with time. Hence, you need for you to grease it up regularly for optimum performance.

Repair or replace parts on time

Lastly, when anything is faulty in the wiper system, you should repair or change it on time. It is better to stay safe than to manage a faulty component. In other words, not changing your wipers in time can lead to further damage to the car.


If you are going to go through with the installation of a new wiper motor, then get your car to our workshop in Al Quoz, UAE, and let a professional help you with it. The price of having the wiper blade motor replacement is far lower than repairing your vehicle after crashing it due to poor visibility.

Make a smart choice and never forget to maintain your wipers so they will function optimally for a long time.

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