Wheel rim welding

Dealing with a deflated tire is better than dealing with a defective wheel. Many people believe a bad wheel cannot be repaired. But contrary to that, you can fix an alloy wheel by welding. Depending on the severity of the damage, an alloy wheel welding repair is also possible.

In our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai, you can save the wheel replacement cost with a high-quality wheel welding service. Even if you think the part is too bad and may not be repairable, reach out to us, and we will give you feedback on the feasibility of the repair.

Let's explore more about this breakdown's peculiarities.

What causes an alloy wheel to fail?

Not many people experience issues with their wheels, but that does not mean these parts are unbeatable. If you are not careful while driving, you could bend, crack or even break them.

Driving into large potholes is notorious for damaging wheels. The worst is when you keep moving when your tires are flat, it will most likely damage the disc ultimately. It is also worth noting that driving your automobile with under-inflated tires causes the ones to bend.

When you drive your automotive over nearby curbs at high speed, the impact can cause your wheels to crack or even break.

Should you weld your wheel or not?

Whether you weld the wheels of your vehicle or not depends on several factors. Below are two options you can choose from:

Popular opinion: discard the wheel

People that discard a defective wheel do so on the premise that the cost of alloy rim welding could run almost as high as buying a new one. And again, they believe that alloy welding repair doesn't last because the structural integrity and performance can't stand the test of time.

Alternative: weld the wheel

If possible, a cheap alternative to replacing a defective wheel is to weld it. While aluminium wheel welding or any other type of welding is possible, this option depends on the crack's location, direction, and even the welder's skill. If you are faced with this decision, feel free to consult a specialist from our Al Quoz, Dubai, workshop to get the best option.


You are encouraged not to quickly decide to replace your auto wheel when it's defective. Seek professional advice before you make a decision. The price of a replacement service is always higher than repair. Still, our experienced UAE mechanics will give you the best suggestions and one that will serve you.

Our garage in Al Quoz offers most services like aluminum wheel welding, repairing bent ones, and even replacing them. You can never get it wrong when you choose to work with us.

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