Volkswagen is a German automobile car manufacturing company established over eight decades ago. This automobile company has been able to stay on top of the market through the years because its vehicles are solidly built, luxurious, and have decent handling.

Owning a Volkswagen says a lot about your impeccable sense of taste for style and comfort. This German car company includes superior technology in all its vehicles, from its flagship and lower-level models. But to keep enjoying the optimum performance of your car, you must take proper care of it. That means taking it to a reputable VW service center for regular checkups, maintenance, and repairs.

To get the best Volkswagen repair and maintenance service in Dubai, look no further than Easy Care Auto. At our workshop, all our technicians are certified, skilled, and experienced in handling various services and repairs on different models of Volkswagen. Our focus is to make our customers happy at all times. So, we put our minds and hearts on all repairs done at our garage. We even offer you a warranty on all our repairs as we are confident in the quality of our service and sure you wouldn’t be dealing with the same issue anytime soon.

Excellent Volkswagen Service Center

As we mentioned above, with proper care, you definitely extend the lifespan of your VW and improve its resale value. As such, we urge you not to wait until you start experiencing issues with your car before you bring it to our garage in Al Quoz for a checkup. We have several advanced and modern equipment to accurately diagnose any model, whether Beetle, Passat or Touareg. The findings after the diagnosis will determine what kind of maintenance or repair service you’d need. And suppose there is a need to replace any parts on your vehicle. In that case, we do so with genuine Volkswagen parts, not generic ones, as there are no substitutes for brand quality, performance, and safety.

At Easy Care Auto, our attention to the detailing of our repairs is one reason ECare stands out from other Volkswagen repair garages in the UAE. So, to ensure your automobile is running smoothly, you should only entrust it to a team of experts. Our nearby location in Dubai makes it easy for anyone to find us. It is straightforward and flexible if you’d like to schedule an appointment with us. We also have mobile mechatronic specialists who are only a phone call away. And although we offer top-notch VW car service, we are competitively priced yet provides real value.

Comprehensive Volkswagen Services

Are you looking for a hassle-free Volkswagen repair service in Al Quoz? Look no further than bringing your car to us at Easy Care Auto; we have the right people, tools, and parts to do the job. Specialists here know precisely how to care for your vehicle and keep it in excellent shape.

It does not matter what kind of model of Volkswagen you own or drive; our professional mechanics are vast with them all. So, whether you are looking for simple maintenance or severe service, such as transmission repairs, we got you covered. Below are some of the services we offer at the EasyCare Auto workshop:

Volkswagen diagnostic

We perform computerized diagnostic tests on all models of Volkswagen to help detect any problem. Our diagnostic test reveals the health and condition of your automobile components. The test includes diagnosing components like the engine, transmission, ECM, oil tanks, braking system, etc. Hence, when you regularly bring your iron horse to us for diagnosis, we will help detect any underlying issue long before it becomes severe.

After diagnosing your vehicle, which should only take a few minutes, we discuss our findings with you. We explain your options if you need to repair or replace any component.

Volkswagen maintenance

You must routinely maintain all cars now and then to keep everything running smoothly. You will be doing yourself much favour by not skipping a maintenance schedule, as it saves you from unwanted problems and repairs.

While recommended maintenance is essential, neglecting it can lead to catastrophe problems. For example, when the engine oil level is not at the specified level or changed when due, it could lead to overheating, which will damage your engine. So, to stay safe on the road and reduce the depreciation of the value of your Volkswagen, you should visit the local garage in Al Quoz for all your maintenance services.

Volkswagen oil change

Do you need to change the oil of your automobile? At Easy Care Auto, we will replace all kind of oil your Volkswagen use. Whether the engine oil is low or due for a change or the brake oil that needs to be changed, visit our garage to get it done in no time.

When you bring your VW to us for an oil change, we consider several things, like whether it is a manual or automatic gearbox, and then choose the best grade of oil that suits your model. We only use high-grade oil that wouldn’t degrade after a mile or two, but one that lasts you several miles.

Volkswagen transmission fluid change

Regardless of the model you drive, you want to ensure your transmission is in the best working condition by changing the transmission fluid regularly. The transmission fluid acts like a coolant and keeps the transmission lubricated. When your transmission fluid is due to be changed, ensure you visit our local repair center to have it changed.

If you are wondering when it is the ideal time to change the transmission fluid of your Volkswagen, our specialists are in the best position to answer that. Several things can influence how soon you would need a fluid change, such as the type of transmission, driving condition, etc.

Volkswagen battery replacement

All we need to get you a genuine battery replacement for your vehicle is a few details about the model. Our mobile mechanic could even bring the battery to you and replace it in no time. We also ensure that when getting a battery replacement for your Volkswagen, it meets and beats the OEM battery specification.

Since all batteries are different, we consider many things when getting a battery replacement for your VW, such as cranking amp, voltage, size, and cost. And in case you are worried your car battery gets damaged too quickly, we could diagnose your vehicle’s electric system to test that part.

Volkswagen alternator replacement

The alternator motor on your vehicle powers electrical components, such as the headlights and window, and even recharge the battery. There are several motivations for your Volkswagen alternator to become defective. When the alternator is bad, your car’s battery will run down, and the light bulbs might be dim or not work, amongst several other issues.

If you are having problems with the alternator, you should bring your ride to our garage for a diagnostic, repair, or replacement service. But the diagnostic text will reveal what made it go wrong in the first place. We will fix that problem before replacing the alternator, so it does not recur.

Volkswagen electrical specialist

If you are experiencing any electrical challenge with your car, don’t let just any specialist fix it. Your vehicle’s electrical system is complex; hence, a technician who is not experienced with the Volkswagen system may cause more harm than good.

At Easy Care garage, we have certified and experienced electricians who run specialized diagnostic tests to ascertain where any electrical issue is rooted in your Volkswagen car. We have several sophisticated tools to tell the likely cause of an electrical malfunction. So, irrespective of the age or model of your Volkswagen, we will perform several complex electrical repairs, including infotainment, sensors, security system, etc.

Volkswagen ECU repair

An ECU repair is complex but not impossible, given that you are at the right repair shop. So, if you suspect the ECU on your vehicle is damaged, ensure you are at Easy Care Auto garage to fix it.

At our local garage in Al Quoz, UAE, Dubai, we offer several ECU repairs and replacement services with conventional or hybrid ECU, depending on the cause of the problem. We can also tweak the ECU of your Volkswagen to help you get more speed, torque, or fuel-efficiency from it.

It is also worth noting that if you replace the ECU on your VW, you must reprogram it to ensure it functions accordingly. However, the good thing is that we also offer ECU reprogramming as a service.

Volkswagen timing belt replacement

You must replace the cambelt on your Volkswagen when it gets slack and does not function as it should. Since the timing belt is usually held under high tension, it can cut or break due to heat buildup; it’s just a matter of time.

When you need to replace the timing belt on your car, look no further than Easy Care Auto. At our garage, we replace the timing belt or chain anywhere in Dubai. Whenever you are having issues with your timing belt, schedule a meeting with us, and our mobile technician will be with you in no time to replace a part.

Volkswagen rear brake pad replacement

The brake pad is another vital part of your Volkswagen that requires attention from time to time. The more you use the brake, the sooner you’d need a replacement service. Moreover, if you often come for routine maintenance regularly, your brake pad wouldn’t get so bad that it starts to leave several indicators before our technicians recommend you change it.

Some Volkswagen often requires a rear brake pad replacement than a front pad replacement. But whatever the case, at Easycare Auto, our specialists have mastered replacing brake pads on all automobiles, including the Amarok, Passat, Golf, Tiguan, Touareg, etc.

Volkswagen fuel filter replacement

At Easy Care Auto, we also specialize in replacing used fuel filters with new ones, according to manufacturer recommendations. The fuel filter on your car can get contaminated with dirt that can damage sensitive components like the fuel injectors.

Replacing your fuel filter is necessary to ensure optimal fuel cleanliness and engine performance. If you have a modern Volkswagen that doesn’t come with a serviceable fuel filter, don’t wait until the fuel filter is clogged before replacing it.

Schedule an appointment with us today to diagnose your Volkswagen to know if your fuel filter needs replacement or how soon it will need to be replaced.

Volkswagen wheel alignment

Do you need a professional wheel alignment service? If your wheels are not correctly aligned, you will find it difficult to steer your Volkswagen or make precise movements with your vehicle. Some people may notice their auto drifting to one side when driving or the steering wheel not being straight when the wheel is not aligned. Hence, you must always keep your wheels properly aligned to get proper control over your car while driving on the road.

Our wheel alignment service includes inspection of your steering wheels and suspension; we also examine your tire size, inflation, and wear. When aligning, we compare it with the manufacturer’s guidelines, so you can be sure to get the best.

Volkswagen transmission service

Whether you have a six-speed gearbox, seven-speed, or whatever number of gears, if you don’t maintain the transmission, you will find it challenging to shift gears. So, whichever model of VW you drive, we specialize in servicing both manual and automatic transmissions at Easy Care Auto.

Irrespective of the type of transmission service you need, be it a catalytic converter repair, starter motor change, and so on, you can be sure you’d get it in our workshop. We can even rebuild or replace a transmission that has become exceedingly troublesome. All you have to do is schedule an appointment with our mechanics. Our sophisticated diagnostic tools come in handy in determining which component of your transmission system is contentious or failing.

Volkswagen DSG service

At Easy Care Auto, we take our transmission service a step further with our DSG service. Most modern VW models are designed with a DSG or direct-shift gearbox. This mechanism is electronically controlled and comes with a dual-clutch and multiple shafts in either the traditional or transaxle layout. Hence, repairing a car with a DSG transmission is pretty complex to entrust to any auto garage.

Getting the most out of a DSG transmission requires regular servicing. We have all the specialized tools, parts, and experts to handle all DSG services. So, whatever issue you are facing with your DSG transmission, be it noisy bearing, fuel inefficiency, and other issues, you can trust us always to get quality service.

Volkswagen engine repair

When you take care of your engine, you give it a better chance of lasting longer. So, whenever the check engine indicator LED flashes on your dashboard, it may be a symptom that you need to take your automotive to repair service. We also specialize in overhaul, repair, and maintenance of all Volkswagen engines.

We use up-to-date advanced diagnostic tools that help ensure the repair gets done. Certified technicians here have a vast knowledge of the inner workings of various engines used on Volkswagen. We also partner with several manufacturers to source genuine parts, so all our repairs and replacement service price is affordable and made with OEM standard parts.

Volkswagen spark plugs replacement

The spark plug is responsible for creating a spark that ignites the air/fuel mixture which drives your engine. While this part can produce sparks for an extended period, it does not last forever. Eventually, the spark plug will degrade and not spark as well as it should, causing you to lose fuel economy and power. So, it is essential to change these parts regularly depending on their condition.

At EasyCare Auto, we offer a spark plug replacement service where we replace it according to the manufacturer’s recommendation to ensure your engine functions at optimal performance.

Volkswagen timing chain replacement

Your Volkswagen’s engine comprises several moving parts. A component known as the timing chain makes the crankshaft and the camshaft turn together to ensure everything is in sync. The timing chain is usually made of metal links, moving on toothed sprockets as a chain. Hence, due to friction and heat built up, the timing chain can snap or get slack, which would cause your engine to be less responsive to accelerate.

In some severe cases, when there is an issue with the timing chain, your engine motor may not start or stall while driving. If you suspect the timing chain on your Volkswagen is faulty, schedule an appointment with our mechanics to diagnose your automobile and replace the timing chain.

Volkswagen fuel pump replacement

The fuel tank on most cars is located on top of the passenger seat at the back. The fuel pump comes in handy to get fuel from the tank to the engine. When the fuel pump is faulty, your engine will not get sufficient power, which can cause your car to shut down, stall, or even have an unresponsive throttle.

You should get a fuel pump replacement at our garage when you get a low fuel pressure due to a faulty part. Generally, the price of a fuel pump replacement is insignificant compared to the cost of repairs if it causes engine issues. So, don’t take any chance with your automotive engine when experiencing low engine pressure.

Volkswagen water pump replacement

Don’t be surprised that cars also need water to function optimally. For proper cooling, your vehicle must circulate water to various parts, including the engine. But when the water vacuum pump is faulty, the engine doesn’t get as cool as it should, causing it to overheat, leading to catastrophic engine failure.

Suppose the water pump of your VW is defective. In that case, you should get it replaced quickly as it is the primary cause of engine failure. The cost of this replacement service is insignificant compared to the cost of repairs on other damaged components of your automobile. So, whenever you notice the water pump on your ride is not functioning as it ought to, you should get it inspected at our garage in Al Quoz.

Volkswagen BCM repair

The BCM or body control module on your VW is an electronic control unit that controls several electronic components on your automobile. So, whether you want to remodel, replace, or repair the BCM of your car, you should visit our workshop. At our garage, we will perform a complete diagnostic evaluation on your Volkswagen to determine the cause of the issue with the BCM on your automobile. And when we figure out the problem, we replace the defective or damaged component with a new module.

Volkswagen air conditioning service

Your Volkswagen AC needs regular maintenance like the rest of your car. The air conditioning system of your vehicle is made up of several parts, like the coolant, compressor, fan, etc. After using the AC of your car for a while, some of its components may not work as they ought, and this will cause the system not to offer that perfect ambience you love.

If you notice the air conditioning system of your iron horse is not working normally, ensure you visit our garage for an inspection. Mechanic out here takes time to check everything on your air conditioning system (the thermal expansion valve, evaporation coil, refrigerant, receiver, fan motor, and so on). If any component of your air conditioning system is not functioning as it should, we either repair it or replace it with an OEM standard part.

Volkswagen air filter replacement

The function of the air filter in a car is to filter the air that gets into your engine. If your automobile’s air filter is dirty or clogged, it will not screen the air properly. As such, your engine will get dirty with all sorts of air pollutants, which may cause your auto not to start or make your engine not run smoothly, amongst other issues.

At Easy Care Auto, we perform all air filter services, including repair, cleaning, and replacement.

Volkswagen collision center

If you are recently in a collision, you can bring your vehicle to our garage to restore it to manufacturer standards. After evaluating the severity of the damage, we remove all broken and damaged parts and replace them with original parts from the manufacturer. We will also repaint and polish your vehicle.

We work in close collaboration with several insurance companies, so we can help facilitate your claim if you have insurance. And with our computerized technology, we can match the colour of your car based on manufacturer codes.

Volkswagen bumper repair

As part of our bodywork repair service, we repair the bumper of all models of VW. We might be able to restore your bumper if it is made of metal. But if it is made of plastic, and the repair is too severe, we recommend you go for a complete bumper replacement. We also offer bumper upgrades. So, when you visit our garage, we can get your Volkswagen looking how you’d like it.

Volkswagen windscreen replacement

It is pretty inconvenient to drive with a cracked or broken windscreen. So, why move around with that broken or cracked windshield when you can quickly get it fixed? But don’t worry, at Easy Care Auto, we offer Volkswagen windscreen replacement services for little to no cost with no fuss.

As one of the top windscreen replacement garages in the UAE, you can be sure you’d always find the perfect windshield replacement for your Volkswagen model. Feel free to book an appointment with us regarding any issues you might have with your Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Models We Service

  • Volkswagen Amarok
  • Volkswagen Arteon
  • Volkswagen Beetle
  • Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet
  • Volkswagen EOS
  • Volkswagen Golf
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  • Volkswagen Golf R
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