Timing belt replacement

A timing belt is an integral part of your car. Your vehicle needs a timing belt to stay in sync. Its primary function is to connect the crankshaft to the camshaft, thus controlling the piston and valve. And if you understand anything about an automotive engine, you'd realize that these parts of your car need to be in sync to ensure maximum efficiency.

But like most automobile parts, you should regularly inspect the timing belt as it can cut or weaken with time. In such cases, you may start having issues with keeping your vehicle on or experiencing a high fuel consumption rate from the car.

You can trust us to deliver if you need a timing belt replacement service. Bring your automobile to our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai, for our specialist to inspect it.

However, continue reading if you want to learn more about the maintenance tips on timing belt change and when a cam belt replacement service is necessary.

How often should I check my timing belt (cambelt)?

It is crucial and essential for a frequent or daily evaluation or review of a timing belt. And sometimes, it depends on how often you use your vehicle. Ask yourself questions like how many miles or meters you cover per journey. You will mitigate the risk of engine failure and car breakdown when you check your timing belt frequently.

Thus, you can reduce the cost of towing your vehicle to a nearby auto shop in the UAE if the timing belt cuts or snaps. Also, you should get a timing belt replace when it is weak or within the recommended period by the manufacturer. Note that most information on replacement is written in the car manual.

Furthermore, if you have a timing chain on your automobile, note it's ideal for heavy hauling. However, the timing belt chain replacement is not a cheap service. But the good news with an auto with a timing chain camshaft is that the part tends to last longer.

Tips that will help you to know when the timing belt needs replacement

If you notice any of the following on your auto, it could mean that your timing belt is slacked or has snapped.

  • Whenever you are having trouble starting your car
  • If you begin to hear some unwanted sounds from the belt, gear, or engine
  • If the car starts vibrating, shaking, or can't be powered
  • When the auto is overheating
  • When there is leakage of oil


Bring your vehicle to our local garage in Al Quoz, Dubai, when you need a timing belt replacement service. Our professional mechanics will help you fix a new one at a relatively affordable price.

Don't be so quick to visit a nearby workshop with unqualified mechanics when experiencing any of the above signs. Rest assured that the wrong cambelt replacement will cost you much more in the near future.

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