When you think of a Tesla, the first thing that comes to mind is a clean energy car. Tesla is the world leading manufacturer of electric automobiles, and as of the end of 2021, it had sold over 2.3 million units. Owning one makes you feel like a rock star, as the automobile has several incredible features. One of the most convenient is that you have access to over 25,000 Superchargers worldwide. As such, a Tesla is one of the most convenient EVs to own.

Undoubtedly, this manufacturer produces some of the fastest, most exotic, and most advanced electric cars ever. While the operational principles of Teslas are surprisingly simple, as an owner, you should take maintenance and repair services seriously. The frequency at which Teslas requires service is much lesser, considering their Models have fewer mechanical parts that could break down. Nevertheless, suppose your one does develop an issue with batteries, electric motors, wheels, or even the computer system. In that case, Easy Care Auto is your one-stop shop in the UAE to get high-end service.

High-end Tesla service center

When you need a high-end service center that deals with electric vehicles (EV), including Tesla, look no further than Easy Care Auto. Here every Tesla mechanic is a qualified professional with a keen sense of repair, service or customizing your car with finesse. And to ensure we do everything to give you the best service, we put our mechanics through a series of constant training to keep them up to date with the ever-changing and advancing technology in the industry.

We use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment at our garage, which helps us pinpoint any issue with your vehicle with precision. After scanning, our experts then fix the problem from the root. And if there’s ever a need to replace anything, we use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) service and parts for the best quality. In essence, we maintain a unique standard operating procedure that ensures whichever vehicle you bring to us, including an EV like Tesla, gets the best treatment.

Tesla car service and repair

Finding a certified EV auto garage like ours where you can get all kinds of Tesla services in Al Quoz is rare. Undoubtedly, there are several advantages to getting your car services and repairs at a certified Tesla repair shop.

At our workshop, we combine our existing high-end quality benchmarks with the specification of your car model to give you the best service and repair in Dubai. Below are some of our popular Tesla services and repair:

Tesla maintenance

A Tesla is an EV, so it isn’t like a regular automobile in maintenance. According to the official manufacturer, its vehicle requires less maintenance. In other words, you will never have to worry much about an engine oil change or dealing with all the carbon waste of burning fuel. Also, the cost of Tesla maintenance is relatively low, contrary to what many would have expected, considering it is an EV. If and when you eventually need to get your car reviewed, look no other than the number one more renowned workshop in Al Quoz, UAE. We perform maintenance checks, such as with the MCU, updating the software for better navigation, sensor check, and so on.

Tesla battery maintenance

The battery is a vital component of an EV. As a fully electric car, your battery must be in good condition. As such, you should have the battery serviced at least once every 12,000 miles or at least once a year.

Furthermore, the battery uses coolant, which needs to be at the right level. If the coolant drops due to spill, it needs to be topped off, which is also part of our services. It is also worth noting that a too-hot or too-cold battery will have a negative impact on its performance. Depending on your driving habit, Tesla batteries can last up to a decade or more if cared for properly.

Tesla battery replacement

As with all batteries, a Tesla battery has a finite lifespan. Even though the battery is designed with longevity and relatively low maintenance in mind, it will eventually deteriorate so much that you will need a replacement. There are many telltale signs to figure out if your battery needs a replacement or will soon need a replacement.

When you start noticing issues like failing electric components, you can’t travel as far as you once did on a full charge, amongst others, and then you need to visit the garage for a battery replacement. While a Tesla battery replacement costs a lot, you can rest assured of getting OEM parts directly from Tesla when you bring your car to our workshop.

Tesla oil change

In Teslas, motors come with an electric motor instead of a regular internal combustion engine. Nonetheless, it uses fluids, mainly lubricants and coolants, located in several moving parts like the gearbox, powertrain, etc.

So, when you bring your car for an oil change, we will change the battery coolant, brake fluid, and other essential fluids. Although under most circumstances, you will never have to worry about changing some fluids and oil in your 'Tessie'. But if these oil and fluid spills, you must find a way of topping it up to the required level. We always follow your vehicle specification when you come to us for an oil or fluid change. For example, we use a mix of G-48 ethylene-glycol for battery coolant replacement.

Tesla filter change

It's worth noting that, like most cars, Tesla does have filters for some of its fluids. But this filter is quite different from the conventional filter of an internal combustion engine. But in essence, both filters perform the same function of keeping particles like dirt from getting sucked into the reservoir, which can cause damage to your vehicle's internal components. For example, when changing the brake fluid, we either clean the filter cap or replace it, depending on the nature of the damage.

These filters are essential, and they tend to deteriorate after a while. When you need a filter replacement, you can come to Easy Care Auto in Dubai, and one of the specialists will fix it in no time and at an affordable price.

Tesla air filter replacement

The air filter of your Tesla is another crucial part of your vehicle that needs to be taken care of properly. This part of your vehicle's primary function is to keep the cabin air clean. But with time, it deteriorates and would need a replacement.

It is worth noting that Tesla uses two types of air filters in their AC systems: the cabin air filter and the high-efficiency particulate air filter. Irrespective of which kind of air filter comes with your vehicle, you can be sure of getting it replaced when you come to our nearby garage in Al Quoz.

Tesla Bodyshop

One of the things that makes a Tesla quite exceptional is its body design. The vehicle's appearance is unique as it easily stands out from the crowd. However, we offer all kinds of Tesla-related bodywork, including paint jobs and replacing several outer body parts like suspension, rim, etc., at our auto repair centre in Al Quoz, UAE.

If you desire to modify your vehicle's interior, we also got you covered as our local experts understand in detail the schematics of Teslas. If you ever need any detailing work done on the body of your Model X, Model 3, Model Y or S, then come to our garage, and an available mechanic will get it done for you.

Tesla window repair

Are your Tesla windows broken? Don't worry; we can fix it. It doesn't matter whether or not the cracked window is your fault; the price for our window services is relatively affordable, and the range of window services is broad. For instance, if you can't wind up or wind down your windows, or they malfunction, we will help you fix them in no time. You should also come to us if you have decided it is worth tinting your windows or making them bulletproof.

We have all kinds of customer and OEM window parts for different models of Tesla. So, all you have to do comes to the ECare Auto workshop, and we will handle the rest from there.

Tesla windshield replacement

Windshields are one of the easily most damaged parts of a vehicle. The windshield could get damaged from driving on a bad road, parking under a nearby tree, accidents, etc. Our local mechanics are skilled at replacing the windscreen, the sunroof and even some roof elements. So, if your Tesla windshield is broken, you can replace it at our garage.

When you get your windshield replacement from us, we ensure everything accessory is installed correctly and in good working condition. The wiper, camera, sensor, and so on are refitted after replacing the windshield, making your vehicle look straight out of the factory.

Tesla scratch repair

Undoubtedly, a curb rash and scratch can take away great value from your vehicle. For this reason, if you have a scratch on your Tesla, small or medium, visit our Dubai garage to get it fixed. At Easy Care Auto, we deal with cosmetic damages to your vehicle, including scratch repairs. We take diverse steps to fix scratch damage to your car, such as treating the scratch area, filling the spot if it is a severe scratch, and then repainting.

Ultimately, we pride ourselves on ensuring you get a reliable, satisfactory, long-lasting repair.

Tesla collision repair

Driving a vehicle as fast as a Tesla, there is a likelihood of a crash. So, if you ever find yourself in a collision, don't hesitate to reach out to us; we will handle everything from there. After being in a crash, it is essential to have a reliable mechanic fix up your car to ensure its integrity is not compromised.

Collision repair is another central area the bodywork section of our garage is good at doing. While fixing any vehicle involved in a collision, we leave no stone unturned, as your safety and giving your car the best aesthetics is our priority.

Tesla dent repair

Understandably, having a dent in your vehicle is frustrating. But at Easy Care Auto, we handle dents with skill and precision, bringing back your vehicle to its original, straight-out-of-the-factory look. Even if your car is high-end, like a Tesla, you can trust us to fix that dent and give it an attractive appearance.

With our state-of-the-art equipment, one thing we will never do is compromise on the quality of our service, irrespective of the nature of what you require. Our experts have the skill to buff out minor dents without the hassle of repainting using the approach of paintless dent repair. And even in some extreme cases, for instance, with a significant door dent, we can restore it entirely to as good as new.

Tesla bumper repair

Nothing is more annoying than having the bumper of your Tesla broken. Whether due to an accident or collision, if your Tesla's front or back bumper is damaged, your vehicle wouldn't look quite attractive anymore. You would prefer to avoid driving your Tesla around with a broken bumper. In that case, you should bring it to our workshop and let our bodywork experts repair it.

You might not even require a new bumper, depending on the severity of the damage. We will also check if the headlight, taillight, and other accessories are still intact and give you a detailed report of what accessories are to be changed and those still intact.

Tesla alloy wheel repair

Nowadays, most vehicles come with an alloy wheel. If the rim on your car is not an alloy and you want to upgrade it to one because of its aesthetic, we can help you do it. However, it is worth noting that alloy wheels can break and, in some cases, bend. So, if you find yourself in a situation where the wheel on your vehicle is bent or broken, you should take no chances driving that vehicle in that condition as you will only be damaging the rim even further.

When you notice you need to repair your car tire or need a wheel alignment, give us a call. With our authorised mechanic, we will fix your wheels within an hour and get you back on the road.

Tesla brake replacement

Another standard service you can come to our garage anytime to get is a brake replacement service. While Tesla's braking system is quite durable and built with a carbon ceramic brake that can last a long time, it would eventually need a replacement with time.

Complete brake replacement service at Easy Care Auto involves inspection of the brake pad, rotor, brake fluid, light inspection, and so on. After the revising, we then correct and replace whatever is needed. When you get to that point when you start noticing the early signs that you need to work on the braking system of your vehicle, such as the warning brake light on the dashboard, sound during braking, and so on, you can trust us with your safety.

Tesla wrapping service

If you choose to wrap your new Tesla, it is one of the best investments you will make. We recommend getting a wrapping service immediately after you buy your vehicle, as this helps prevent scratches and chips to the factory paint. It also allows you to personalize your car anyhow you like, as we have different styles, types, and colours of wraps you can choose from that will complement the design and interior of your vehicle.

With thousands of luxury supercars wrapped by us, we have vast experience in this niche. We have worked with stickers, graphics design, and applications, as well as some of the best vinyl manufacturers in the world. So, you can always get it right when you entrust your car wrapping services to us.

Tesla pre-purchase inspection

Buying a new or used Tesla can be an overwhelming experience considering the technological advancement it offers. You obviously would only know a little about the working of Tesla even after watching and reading several things about it than an expert mechanic. Our pre-purchase inspection service is one essential service we urge any aspirant who wants to acquire their first Tesla to use.

So, having our expert guide with you on your purchase goes a long way in helping you get a deal that will be in your best interest and even check the functioning of climate control seats on your future Tesla Model. You should use this service today to avoid making that first lousy buying decision.

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