Starter motor repair

The starter motor spins the engine when you start a car. And with a series of sparks and fuel/air mixture, a continuous explosion in the engine eventually brings your car to a start. So, every time you start your vehicle, this process occurs. But how do you know to go for a starter motor repair?

Apart from the apparent refusal of your car to start, there are a couple of ways you can know that part of your automobile is faulty.

When you notice the following signs from the article on your vehicle, bring the automobile to our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai, to have a car starter motor repair. Our highly trained team will check all the unit failure aspects and help avoid more severe consequences.

The engine wouldn't turn off

As the starter motor is responsible for turning on your automobile, it is also responsible for turning it off. A faulty electrical motor sometimes causes the engine to refuse to turn off even after removing the keys. An electrical component can get burnt, and it will not function properly. Hence, the best solution is to bring your auto to our nearby garage and get a full inspection and repair this part.

The electrical starter wouldn't go OFF

Ideally, when your automobile starts, the electrical starter should go OFF. The electrical motor is designed to run for about 30 seconds or less so it doesn't overheat and get burnt. In a case where even after your car is ON, the electrical starter keeps spinning, you should know that it is about to go wrong. We recommend seeking specialist help as fast as possible before you need a part replacement.

Engine making noise

Sometimes the engine may make weird noises! Not all noise from your engine indicates something is wrong with an electrical starter. So, listen to the nearby area of the electric motor the noise originates from. If clicking, grinding, or whirring is coming from it, you may need an engine starter repair sooner than you thought. Find your way to our workshop in Al Quoz, Dubai, to have your car inspected by automotive specialists. The earlier we detect a problem with your vehicle, the better. Note that reconditioning starter motor is less expensive than a full replacement.

Hard to start the vehicle

It should not be hard to start a normal-functioning mechanism. One or two kicks should be sufficient to start the engine. However, if you find it difficult to start your vehicle, it could also indicate that the electrical motor is broken.


It can be very frustrating when your vehicle refuses to start. However, this could indicate that the starter motor is faulty. Remember that the price to repair a faulty electrical motor is less expensive than buying a new one in UAE. Hence, knowing when to go for a starter motor repair can save you a lot of hassle. So, feel free to visit our garage in Al Quoz anytime to fix starter motor before it turns into something big.

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