When people want to repair their cars, they look for the best available service. If you don't want to spend time searching for it, visit our Rolls Royce repair service station.

Rolls Royce Car Service from the Qualified Specialists

Probably the biggest misconception among car owners and drivers is that car repair is a simple task. It's a mechanical job that requires only the needed tools, a bit of strength and power, and an understanding of what you will do. However, everything is not so simple. Technicians must be well trained, qualified, and licensed to be prepared for different situations. Would you be working with the master who doesn't understand how to repair the engine?

That's why it's essential to find a car service (in our case - Rolls Royce repair service) where you will be able to work with real specialists. There could be myriads of options around, but we recommend you visit our service center. Our specialists will show you what first-class servicing is.

Why Choose Us?

Sometimes companies try to create something unusual to attract people's attention. It works, but only for the first time. If clients understand that there is nothing special in this service, they'll just go away to search for better options. We choose another approach based on one major thing - experience. Our mechanics know everything about every detail in every Rolls Royce model, from the steering wheel to the transmission. It's essential because we are ready for any situation.

When you come to our service, Rolls Royce mechanics analyze the problem to launch an algorithm and start repairing. We won't have trouble working with complex details and mechanisms with the needed equipment. Whether it's an oil change, planned maintenance, car key replacement, detailing, or anything else, you can rely on us.

Rolls Royce Repair Service - How Long Does It Take to Repair a Vehicle?

Some manufacturers say you can't perform a car repair fast because it should be done carefully. One mistake could worsen the situation, especially when technicians don't have the required tools. However, our company ruins this stereotype and moves forward. We've served thousands of clients and know how to deal with different problems. Of course, everything depends on the type of breakout (for example, an accident repair could take more time than the planned repair), but we can assure you that you will get your vehicle back after the Rolls Royce service faster than you expect.

The Fair Pricing Plan for Rolls Royce Repair

Another vital part of the whole process is the price. People don't want to spend thousands of dollars if there is an opportunity to spend less. For example, getting a car key replacement in the dealer's center could be too expensive, as well as other services. So, why not choose a better option and come to our center in Dubai, Al Quoz? We offer reasonable prices, so all clients can get what they need. Do you have some issues with your Rolls Royce? Come to our service, and we will help you.

Rolls Royce Maintenance

When you need Rolls Royce repair service, we're always happy to help. Timely Rolls Royce maintenance at our car service center guarantees proper performance and functionality. Our full-time qualified specialists have extensive professional experience. They will perform all types of maintenance work with high responsibility.

We use special tools and certified equipment, which allows receiving reliable data about the operation of the systems. All routine work is performed by following the manufacturer's regulatory recommendations at cost-effective prices.

Rolls Royce Oil Change

Rolls Royce oil change is the service that should be performed on a regular basis. If missed or delayed, it can lead to serious engine failures and reduced life. The brand produces a wide range of VIP engines, both gasoline and diesel, and recently hybrid systems have appeared, that's why special requirements are applied to oils and oil replacement in engines concerning oil composition and intervals of its change.

The frequency of Rolls Royce oil change in power units is regulated by the manufacturer and prescribed in the service book. Still, conditions often make corrections, and the engine oil should be replaced more often under severe loads and extreme weather conditions. Using original filters and oils or quality and certified replacements is also essential. It is always best to perform a complete engine oil change, and if you change the manufacturer or type of oil, you must first flush the engine before changing the oil. That is why we recommend you contact our service team.

Rolls Royce Engine Repair

Signs to call a specialist:

  • Severe engine overheating under light loads;
  • Loss of power (15-20%);
  • A knock or rattle is heard on cold start;
  • The engine stalls, has difficulty starting;
  • Metal knocking when accelerating or going uphill;
  • Severe increase in fuel consumption;
  • Black or blue smoke coming out of the tailpipe;
  • A loud knocking at idle and operating speeds, with oil pressure gauge flashing;
  • Unpleasant high squeal;
  • Acid or burning odor in the passenger compartment.

Upon discovering any of the malfunctions, refer to our workshop. It employs the best car mechanics in UAE. When searching for the cause of a breakdown, choosing spare parts, and repairing each of them, we observe the dealer's current standards and recommendations. Make an appointment for Rolls Royce engine repair by phone.

Rolls Royce Brake Change

Everyone knows that the most crucial element of vehicle safety is the brakes. All car systems can work like clockwork, but what will save the automobile in a critical situation in the first place? Indeed, the brake system. Brake pads should provide effective braking in all climatic conditions, especially in wet weather.

Signs to call a specialist and choose Rolls Royce brake change service:

  • Your car is pulling to one side when braking;
  • The brake icon on the dashboard is illuminated;
  • Your vehicle needs more distance to stop than before;
  • The brake pedal reacts slowly or requires firm pressure;
  • Grinding noise when braking.

Rolls Royce Collision Repair

A car accident with a breakdown is a severe problem for any driver. Even if no one in the vehicle was injured, you still have to make Rolls Royce collision repair which can be difficult and expensive.

Before the repair works at the damaged body in an accident, the professionals choose an individual course of action - each Rolls Royce repair service is carried out according to an individual plan as the sequence of work is related to specific damages.

The following stages are usually applied:

  • Assessment of material damage;
  • The preparatory stage. Selection of the necessary tools and equipment setup.
  • Complete or partial disassembly;
  • Restoration of the body shape;
  • Repair of damaged nodes and parts of the car;
  • Assembly and disassembly;
  • Finishing and painting.

Rolls Royce Suspension Repair

Only experienced specialists work in our local service station. In a specially equipped garage, they will replace the broken parts and, if necessary, perform complete Rolls Royce suspension repair. Over many years of experience in auto repair services, we have earned a reputation as a reliable and respectable partner. We'll diagnose malfunctions and repair the suspension with high quality and in the shortest possible time. By contacting us, you can be sure that the fixed part will last for many kilometers without failure.

Rolls Royce Body Shop

We offer quality body repair and painting of Rolls-Royce automobiles. We use only premium materials (paints, varnishes, primers) and equipment. Professionalism and modern technologies allow us to give one year warranty on local or full body painting of auto body elements (hood, fenders, bumpers, roof, doors, and so on).

The cost of Rolls Royce body shop is calculated individually in each case. It depends on:

  • the nature of the damage;
  • car color;
  • condition of the paint coating;
  • type of work - repair of plastic bumpers, reinforcing works, dent removal without painting, abrasive polishing and conventional, staple works, restoration of body geometry, replacement and painting of the thresholds, and much more.

Rolls Royce Transmission Repair

Rolls Royce transmission repair is usually necessary because of natural wear and tear or mechanical damage. The fault can be eliminated qualitatively in the center nearby.

Common causes that can lead to a problem in any of the German transmissions:

  • Failure to change the oil filter and oil on time. These materials belong to the category of consumables, and replacing them with new ones is a common occurrence when operating the automatic transmission. It is recommended to replace the filter and oil every 40-60 thousand kilometers (this depends on the operating conditions). Since the oil and filters get contaminated with time by metal chips and friction dust, ignoring this problem may cause much more severe trouble.
  • Overheating the automatic transmission. Like many other parts of the vehicle, the transmission is contraindicated from overheating, which can occur when the weather is too hot or due to a clogged radiator grille. As a result, the transmission fails sooner.
  • Underheated transmission. In cold weather, the oil in the box gets thicker, penetrates into some nodes worse, and poorly lubricates the unit's rubbing elements.

Rolls Royce Diagnostic

A car engine is a complex unit consisting of many subsystems. The reasons for an engine stopping or malfunctioning with the same symptoms can be completely different. When should an engine be diagnosed?

Rolls Royce diagnostic is a service after which it's clear what is wrong with your engine. It includes:

  • measurement of voltage and amperage of the high-voltage part;
  • oil pressure in the lubrication system;
  • engine compression measurement;
  • fuel pump measurement;
  • testing of sensors operation and many others.

Rolls Royce Pre Purchase Inspection

The vehicle's VIN code is a unique number, like in a passport. It usually contains all the information you need. It can cost you huge money to repair hidden problems in a recently purchased car. With the help of VIN decoding, you can get a detailed vehicle report. It will help you make the right buying decision. You can make it in our center in Dubai, Al Quoz for free - we guarantee true results and safe conditions. After Rolls Royce pre purchase inspection, we can provide any Rolls Royce repair service if necessary.

Rolls Royce Performance Tuning

Rolls Royce performance tuning is the tuning of the electronic engine control program. The result of our work is an increase in power (horsepower), as well as an increase in torque. The power affects the speed characteristics of the car, while torque influences acceleration dynamics. We do quality Rolls Royce SUV performance tuning. In our work, we use tested programs ECU from the best tuning studio in Europe.

Rolls Royce Windshield Replacement

During Rolls Royce windshield replacement with the subsequent installation, the customer can count on the fact that he will choose the best option for the windshield, which will then be installed in exact accordance with the standards. Installation is carried out in the shortest possible time.

Technologically, the service consists of several stages:

  • disassembly;
  • processing of the installation site;
  • inserting the new glass.

The windshield needs to be replaced most often because it is damaged by pebbles flying out from under the wheels of cars traveling ahead. The newest car Rolls-Royce and the most careful owner is not immune to this.

You can buy a windshield for your Rolls-Royce with a replacement in a specialized garage nearby.

Rolls Royce Scratch Repair

In everyday life, our automobile encounters minor damages daily. Unfortunately, due to the constant negative impact of environmental factors and the impact of branches, trees, and rocks, the bumper and other parts soon become worthless. The saddest thing in this situation is that in the absence of timely and quality Rolls Royce scratch repair, the area of damage begins to grow, increasing the number of scratches and chips. Accordingly, the price of Rolls Royce repair service increases several times. Therefore, we strongly recommend each motorist, if you find damage on the vehicle, please get in touch with a specialist immediately.

Rolls Royce Bumper Repair

The primary purpose of the bumper is to take the impact of a collision, improper parking, or hitting an obstacle. Such situations occur pretty often. Therefore, Rolls Royce bumper repair at an auto service center is popular in Dubai, Al Quoz.

Welding of plastic elements of the bumper is made with particular components identical to the primary material. In some cases, special soldering of metal mesh is used, necessary for the strength of the bonding of bumper elements. High-quality consumables allow very effective restoration of the bumper of your vehicle.

Preserving the integrity of the body's internal parts in the event of a possible impact will be the primary task, so you must pay special attention to the repair of the bumper. Our auto technicians perform any Rolls Royce repair service, repair body damage of any complexity, work with all models, even limousines, and treat the work with the same level of care.

Rolls Royce AC Repair

Today, a faulty compressor is the most common cause of cooling system failure in a car. In order not to buy a new unit, many motorists choose Rolls Royce AC repair. However, in this case, it is worth finding out the real reason for the device's failure, and it's better to contact the auto service for this reason.

We offer more profitable conditions because:

  • We repair air conditioners in 1-2 days. The complex of works includes diagnostics, defectoscopy, and unit repair.
  • We follow the technologies recommended by the producers;
  • We provide a 6-month unlimited mileage warranty on all works.

Rolls Royce Models We Service

  • Ghost
  • Wraith
  • Phantom
  • Cullinan
  • stretch limousine
  • classic limo
  • limousine