Rim bent repair

If your tire rim is bent, you can either repair it or replace it. No doubt you will want the best option! So, if you are faced with this situation, before making a decision, you should ask yourself a few questions: is bent wheel repair possible? How much would it cost you to repair or replace the rim? Will a repair last me longer than a replacement?

The answers to these questions will let you know which option will be better for you. But to know the answers to these questions, you need to have your vehicle inspected by a professional auto specialist in our nearby Al Quoz, Dubai shop. Based on the findings, if you need any of the services, we can provide them for you at a relatively affordable price.

However, if you want to know more about repairing or replacing a bent wheel, keep reading.

Why do people choose to repair a bent wheel?

A flat tire, driving over curbs at high speed, and general rough driving could bend your automotive rim. But if a rim bent repair is possible, it is better to go for it because of the following:


Whether you are using a steel or aluminum wheel tire, if it is repairable, you should go with this option because it saves you cost at the end of the day. A new rim replacement is expensive because you have to buy a new rim and pay for the service to have it fitted. But to repair a bent while is a cheap fix as you only pay for the repair service.

Sustains vehicle

Another reason some people choose to fix bent wheel is that it helps them maintain the mint condition of their automobile. Having too many unnecessary replacement parts can reduce the quality of your vehicle. Moreover, finding an exact match for any part of automotive is hard. So, it’s better to repair whatever is repairable on your automobile as it keeps it in better shape.

Why do people choose to replace a bent wheel?

While it is possible to fix a bent wheel, sometimes it is better to replace it. It would be best if you opted for a rim replacement when the:

Rim damage is too extensive

If the dent on the rim is slight, then it is repairable. But if the damage is severe, we recommend you go for a full replacement service. At our nearby Al Quoz, Dubai garage, our specialist will help you replace the rim.

Rim upgrade

Another situation where you should opt for a rim replacement is when you want to upgrade the rim. Even if your rim is repairable, you can use the opportunity of being in an auto garage to upgrade it.

Whether you want a custom rim to suit your style or a ready-made rim, we have you covered at our local auto shop in UAE.


Are you in need of a metal or alloy wheel bent repair or replacement? At our Al Quoz, Dubai garage, our mechanics offers a wide range of rim services. Feel free to book an appointment with us today. We will be glad to provide you with the lasting solution you desire.

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