Reset indicator lights

The indicator lights on your car dashboard are there for a purpose, and when it's ON, it means something is wrong with your car. Although you can go to your vehicle’s ECU to reset it, there is no guarantee the problem is fixed. So, what should you do when the indicator lights are ON?

The best solution, whether to reset indicator lights or not, is to find a specialist to do your car checkup. You can visit our nearby Al Quoz, Dubai auto-repair garages for your auto further checkup. We approach different indicator lights differently. Here are a couple of things we do when separate ones are ON.

The oil indicator light is ON

In this case, we first check the oil level before anything else. If it is low, we proceed to top the oil. If it is not a solution, we'll move to inspect the oil pressure. Sometimes this parameter may be too low due to faulty mechanics. We seek out the breakdown and have that fixed for you. Our specialists will reset the indicator light if there is just an error.

TPS indicator light is ON

TPS or tire pressure sensor tells you when you have a low tire that needs to be inflated. However, sometimes the TPS indicator comes ON when your wheels are not correctly aligned or some component of your wheels is faulty. Whatever the case may be, we recommend you bring your automobile to our nearby UAE garage to have it checked. We inspect various aspects of your vehicle wheels, such as the alignment, air pressure, rim, etc.

The hot engine indicator light is ON

Another reason you may need a reset car service indicator is if the hot engine indicator light is ON. And yes, your automobile engine can overheat, but it rarely happens. So, if this indicator light flicks, it might indicate that something is faulty. Driving around ignoring this issue could damage your engine, thus increasing the cost of repair. We recommend bringing your automobile to our nearby Al Quoz garages to have your vehicle inspected. We thoroughly check several aspects to diagnose the failure, such as cooling system leaks, broken water pumps, radiator issues, mineral deposits, corrosion in the hose, and so on, to mention a few. Note that the price we charge for an inspection is relatively low compared to the cost of a new car part.

The battery indicator light is ON

Sometimes, the light that comes up is the battery indicator light. If your battery is full and the battery indicator light still comes on, something is wrong. Please don't rush to reset it. Try to find the failure by yourself or bring your vehicle to our Al Quoz, Dubai garage. We inspect several aspects of your vehicle's electronic parts to solve the issue. We examine the charging system, the alternator, and the battery cable if they are eroded to solve the problem. Eventually, we ensure the reset car service indicator you came to us for is properly fixed from its root.

The check engine indicator light is ON

And lastly, the check engine indicator light may come on, indicating something could be faulty in your engine. The check engine light is mostly flashing; other times, it will be solid ON. Whichever the case is, we inspect the ECU to detect a misfire that could damage the vehicle catalytic converters, transmission problems, module, sensor problems, etc. We recommend you bring your automobile to our Al Quoz, Dubai garage for the professional to have it inspected.


If your engine light is ON, don't just jump to reset indicator lights or remind yourself how expensive the repair is. Instead, we recommend you have your vehicle inspected by our specialist at little to no cost to know the problem. The earlier you fix a problem in your automobile, the less expensive the repair price will be.

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