Welcome to our authorized official Range Rover repair service center in Dubai, UAE, where you will find warranty and post-warranty service for any model of Land & Range Rover vehicles. We are a certified participant of the global Land Rover Assistance Support Program, performing the full range of maintenance works using genuine warranty manufacturer technologies, spare parts & supplies.

Check Our Service Station Nearby

The newest equipment & tools allow us to carry out full Landrover service, repair & maintenance in strict accordance with production policy. Each Range Rover repair service center specialist is certified after training by the manufacturer's representatives. Thus, you can be sure of:

  • the quality of our work that meets all brand quality standards, the use of original spare parts & consumables;
  • the use of modern branded technologies & equipment in the Al Quoz garage;
  • presence of additional devices and accessories recommended by the manufacturer.

Premium-Quality Inspection & Repair Work We Provide

Are you looking for a professional Range Rover repair service at an affordable price nearby Al Quoz? Check the full range of our possibilities and offers for land rover repair and maintenance with an official guarantee for all types of work performed:

  • planned auto maintenance & cost-effective Range Rover repair service;
  • electrical & mechanic diagnostics of all blocks' systems (ECU and TCU);
  • body repair;
  • tire fitting works & wheel alignment;
  • installation of additional equipment (tuning);
  • professional detailing & interior dry cleaning.

Best UAE Car Technicians Are Ready to Help

Whether you need the intervention of experienced auto specialists for scheduled car maintenance, a one-time intervention, or a general repair or spare parts replacement – we are always ready to help. Our Center is located in Dubai, Al Quoz, where we will be happy to provide you with a professional vehicle inspection for any Range or Land Rover model.

Regular Technical Maintenance

The Certified Center in Dubai offers the following services as part of scheduled Landrover service and maintenance:

  • full or partial oil change in the motor;
  • full or partial oil change in the automatic gearbox;
  • throttle valve cleaning;
  • replacement of fuel, air & cabin filters;
  • timing chain check, timely replacement of timing belt & head gasket;
  • comprehensive brake system & handbrake diagnostics;
  • electronic diagnostics vehicle blocks.

Range Rover service center Dubai provides technical maintenance services both for warranty autos and the post-warranty program representatives.

Diagnostics, Service & Repair Works

Our Service Center diagnoses the running gear, suspension, and engine. We identify and fix local knocking, the front & rear brake vibrations, "Check" indications of the engine and power limitation, incorrect operation of the multimedia complex. Our Al Quoz experts eliminate lubricant and other working fluids leakage, diagnose and clean fuel & injector systems. We also can adjust the headlight and replace bulbs. In our garage, experts perform Land Rover repair and transmission diagnostics, differential replacement, starter troubleshooting, heater core maintenance & cleaning.

Moreover, we will help you troubleshoot air suspension problems – air bags or shock absorbers, the valve block, compressor, level sensors, pneumatic connections, or fuses.

Body Land Rover Repair

Body repairs include all operations on troubleshooting and replacing body & roof parts, headlining repair, renewal/replacement of paintwork, and professional workshop polishing of the auto surface. We use exclusively factory-approved parts, materials, and components during the process. It guarantees affordable prices and the highest quality of repair services.

Additionally, we can help with brake pads & discs tune up.

Full Range of Tire Works

Car owners in UAE have access to a full range of tire services from the best specialists, including:

  • general chassis geometry diagnostics;
  • adjustment of camber-ascent angles;
  • correction of the geometric shape of the wheels;
  • tire pressure check and inflation;
  • wheels disassembly and assembly are carried out with balancing by the manufacturer’s technological maps.

If necessary, the Land Rover service center also provides storage for wheels and sets of tires.

Upgrade & Installation of Land Rover Accessories

Expanding the broadest range of repair and maintenance work, the Range Rover repair service center also offers numerous possibilities related to the installation of additional equipment and tune-up:

  • security & alarm systems;
  • navigation & surveillance systems;
  • motor protection;
  • small and significant external tunings such as an aerodynamic body kit, xenon light, & alloy wheels;
  • interior upgrade (such as replacing seat belts) and improving the inside design;
  • other major & minor improvements depending on individual cost requirements and wishes.

Work is also underway to synchronize the car's electronic systems with Apple CarPlay / Android Auto applications.

Range Rover Maintenance

Scheduled Range Rover maintenance and technical inspection are the key to excellent car performance and the ability to identify and correct potential problems on time. Transparent pricing, the highest qualification of our specialists, and original garage equipment make our diagnostics a quick and comfortable procedure. Contact our managers, choose the right time and leave the car to us for a few hours. Meticulous service from certified professionals will be the best choice for forward-thinking auto owners to ensure cost-effective vehicle exploitation and hassle-free ride.

Land Rover Oil Change

The Land Rover oil change is a classic service option for the engine and gearbox maintenance included in the case of regular professional intervention to ensure the flawless motor operation and the correct car exploitation as a whole. Performing this procedure, we use only top-quality products, materials, and consumables recommended by the manufacturer. Our car engineers will be happy to help you choose the most appropriate oil and filters that will not cause any hassle until the next scheduled maintenance.

Land Rover Body Shop

The ideal auto body condition and the paintwork integrity are not only about the safety of operation but also about your image. Let our official service center take care of it by supplying you with premium offers from our body shop. Everything you need to repair and restore any Land Rover model effortlessly is here – from front & rare supplies to roof parts and headlining repair materials. Affordable prices, fantastic speed of professional intervention, as well as original auto products availability are already included in your case.

Land Rover Engine Rebuild

There are various causes of engine failure, combined with several factors – the complexity and high cost of repairs. However, an official Range Rover repair service center can help by providing high-quality professional engine rebuild capabilities. Our best experts, whose manufacturer representatives have trained, will effortlessly cope with restoring your car and returning it to its previous performance. We work with both warranty autos and post-warranty vehicles.

Land Rover Diagnostics

Comprehensive Land Rover diagnostics with professional equipment & tools is a superior way to care for your car's technical health, minimizing severe malfunctions. Our garages and workshops have everything you need to carry out a scheduled expert inspection in the shortest possible time while maintaining the premier quality and examination thoroughness. Experienced specialists carry out more than 40 points diagnostics, paying attention to the front and rear suspension, auto body, and internal and external parts. We also carefully check block tightness and technical fluids condition.

Land Rover Key Programming

The electrical components of modern car keys are one of the most critical parts of the anti-theft system. Thus, troubles with this malfunctioning can be a lot of problems, especially if you only have one sample. Our service & maintenance center in Al Quoz, Dubai, can quickly eliminate these complexities by offering top-notch Land Rover key programming and duplication. Certified help and expert intervention guarantee first-class work quality and fast turnaround times.

Range Rover Transmission Fluid Change

The car oil quality and its timely replacement are necessary conditions for the smooth functioning of an automatic transmission. Prevention is more accessible, faster & cheaper than overhauling and replacing the unit. Moreover, experienced car mechanics from our UAE service center perform diagnostics and Range Rover transmission fluid changes per manufacturer standards and use recommended original consumables. We carry out a partial replacement as part of scheduled maintenance and a complete one with a thorough cleaning of deposits and dirt accumulated on the internal gearbox surfaces.

Land Rover ECU Repair

The ECU is the heart of the vehicle's electronics. This element connects and controls all internal devices and sensors, because of which its breakdown can cause a lot of trouble to the auto owner. However, we do a great job of offering comprehensive diagnostics, service, and Land Rover ECU repair in our workshops. The complex mechanism and hardware sensitivity make the troubleshooting work very delicate. Therefore, it is vital to entrust this to experienced specialists from our Range Rover repair service center who will be happy to assist you.

Range Rover Gearbox Service

The gearbox is one of the leading car elements. As a transmission part, this unit can change the torque & speed and disconnect the system from the engine while parking. Regardless of its type and principle of operation, any gearbox mechanism needs timely maintenance. It includes checking the technical condition, timely detection and elimination of fag, the fastening and oil level, and adjusting the control drive mechanisms. Thus, professional Range Rover gearbox service helps determine the vehicle condition correctly and protect the owner from serious & expensive breakdowns in the future.

Land Rover Discovery ABS Module Repair

ABS is an anti-lock braking system that acts as a vehicle to prevent skidding, significantly shortening the braking distance while maintaining stability. Mechanical damage is the most common cause of failure of these blocks. However, only professional diagnostics can determine it, which specialists from the UAE's official service center perfectly cope. If experts can fix all identified problems, we will also perform Land Rover discovery ABS module repair without block replacement.

Range Rover Brake Repair

Proper brake operation is the key to safety on the road. It is valid for standard trips and unforeseen circumstances when the car's technical condition plays a decisive role. Thus, ensuring adequate performance and timely Range Rover brake repair is a vital intervention and one of the essential options during scheduled and technical maintenance. The good news is that our garages at Al Quoz are fully equipped to inspect your vehicle's critical components thoroughly. Here you are guaranteed to receive first-class service, regulated by the requirements and manufacturer standards.

Land Rover Electrical Specialist

Modern cars are engineering masterpieces, combining powerful mechanical capabilities with sophisticated electrical controllers. However, this not only dramatically increases usability and usability but also increases numerous car problems that only seasoned Land Rover electrical specialists can handle. Our certified service center boasts the best experts who will be happy to assist you. From partial and complete diagnostics to local and general repairs of auto wiring, lighting & starter, we do everything to ensure that your vehicle's electrical system is in perfect order!

Land Rover Cambelt Change

An efficient & well-performed timing system is the guarantor of the regular operation of the internal combustion engine. The auto manufacturer strictly regulates this maintenance part. Failure to meet the deadlines for replacing the main components and ignoring malfunctions can lead to costly repairs and a vehicle breakdown. Our specialists monitor this especially carefully. As part of the service center’s maintenance, we perform the full range of timing work, including chain and Land Rover cambelt change.

Land Rover Suspension Repair

Chassis troubleshooting is the most widespread & frequent workshop service. At the same time, this auto unit is not a separate element but a set of many, including body and wheel components. Diagnostics and Land Rover suspension repair is also a set of actions – checking shock absorbers, springs & levers, inspecting the tightness of the brake system, wear of brake discs & pads, and assessing the condition of the steering system and hoses. Thus, entrusting these works to certified & well-experienced experts is the most practical and beneficial solution. The specialist will not miss a single detail and can perform an accurate intervention using professional equipment & tools.

Land Rover Battery Change

All battery monitoring systems in Land Rover are multifunctional. They monitor temperature, voltage & charge, evaluate the unit state, protect electronic components from voltage surges and communicate this with the onboard computer. Thus, the Land Rover battery change is not just a standard replacement option but also a series of additional steps for transferring parameters to the ECU through licensed software. However, these complexities will not deliver you any hassle or inconvenience if you leave it to the master electricians from our UAE service center in Dubai.

Range Rover Air Suspension Repair

Did you know that air suspension problems do not mean expensive and lengthy repairs? In most cases, problems will happen with one of the unit parts – air bags or shock absorbers, which can be repaired separately. Besides, it can also be affected by the other elements conditions – the valve block, compressor, level sensors, pneumatic connections, or fuses. All this is quickly revealed during professional diagnostics in our well-equipped garages. After that, we can also perform a fast and high-quality Range Rover air suspension repair using original spare parts and consumables.

Range Rover Bumper Repair

In urban traffic, dents, scratches & damage to the body are widespread problems with regular movements. And it's not just in emergencies – even tiny particles of gravel or accidents in an open parking lot can lead you to your service center with a need for body repairs. It includes a range of minor and significant surface and paints restoration work. Luckily, our top professionals can do everything from slight Range Rover bumper repairs to complex welding and restoration of original vehicle geometry.

Land Rover Alternator Replacement

The alternator is one of the essential car devices which ensures the conversion of the engine's mechanical energy into electrical, used by the starter and various electrical equipment. Due to improper auto handling or simply during long-term operation, wear of individual alternator elements can occur or complete failure. So, it is best to find the cause of malfunctions and determine ways to eliminate them with the help of our experienced specialists. They provide you with various opportunities for diagnosis, Land Rover alternator replacement & repair. We also use professional equipment & tools and all the necessary original spare parts from the manufacturer.

Land Rover Water Pump Replacement

The engine cooling system is multi-component, including many elements such as a water pump, pipes, radiator, expansion tank, thermostat, and others. A failure of even one of them can affect the operation of others, so careful diagnostics and timely replacement of worn parts are mandatory during scheduled tech maintenance. We carefully examine all system components for mechanical damage, depressurization, and mud deposits. If problems are found, experts can quickly fix them by performing a Land Rover water pump replacement, cleaning, or repairing the radiator.

Land Rover Radiator Replacement

The operation of a car motor is associated with releasing a large amount of heat, which needs to be forced out to maintain the optimum temperature. The solution to this problem is the radiator of the cooling system. Despite its apparent simplicity, this high-tech device has many tubes and fins assembled into one hermetic system. Our well-trained engineers know this perfectly, performing professional interventions using specialized tools. We cope with both Land Rover radiator replacement and repair, as well as diagnostics with deep cleaning.

Land Rover Fuel Pump Replacement

The fuel pump is one of the most critical parts of the car's fuel system, which supplies gasoline or diesel to the engine. Its central working part is the diaphragm, which directly transfers fuel from one pump cavity to another. If this mechanism is damaged or worn out, the car will not start. That is why timely troubleshooting or Land Rover fuel pump replacement will ensure the smooth operation of your vehicle. Entrust this work to our technicians, who will be able to carry out professional diagnostics and then fix the problem quickly and efficiently.

Range Rover AC Repair

Being in a car during the summer heat is difficult for both the driver and passengers. Therefore, a faulty air conditioner is a problem that needs to be fixed in the shortest possible time and prevented in the future. Delegate it to our auto technicians, who can perform diagnostics, Range Rover AC repair, and many other helpful maintenance activities. We perfectly cope with a thorough visual inspection for defects and check conditioner components such as hoses, radiators, drive belts, etc. You can also get help with freon charging and order a comprehensive cleaning service with antibacterial purifying of the evaporator.

Range Rover Scratch Repair

Minor damage and imperfections of the car surface are not only about appearance flaws but also many associated risks such as rust, peeling of paintwork, etc. Therefore, it is crucial to eliminate these problems on time, especially since our service center copes with them quickly, efficiently, and inexpensively. We carry out the whole range of bodywork – small ones like local restoration and large ones like welding and straightening. Trust us with your Range Rover scratch repair, anti-corrosion treatment, and paintwork renewal. These professional actions will help refresh your vehicle and restore the perfect image.

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