Radiator fan replacement

All piston-engined cars and some electric cars require a radiator to maintain an optimal temperature. A radiator is a heat exchanger responsible for cooling the internal combustion engine. By circulating coolant through the engine block, and a fan forcing air through the radiator, it can disperse most of the heat from the engine to the atmosphere. If it goes bad, you should go for a car fan replacement immediately.

The process costs nothing compared to what could break down in your vehicle if you don’t replace it on time. Driving around nearby your favorite places with a faulty fan could cause your engine to overheat, damaging several things on your automobile. Several things could damage the part.

However, you shouldn’t hesitate to bring your vehicle to our garage in Al Quoz, Dubai, when you require an engine cooling fan replacement. Anyway, our experienced mechanics gathered the most common reasons when it starts to break down:

A bad fan controller module

A radiator is an electrical component controlled by a module. This module is responsible for managing the fan’s speed, which regulates the temperature. Unfortunately, faulty electrical components, low coolant levels, or weather may cause the module to go bad. A lousy module could stop the regulator from functioning as it should.

Faulty fan relay

The relay of the radiator functions like a switch. When the relay becomes faulty, the radiator fan won’t come ON or OFF when it ought to. If the relay becomes faulty, you need to go for a nearby radiator fan assembly replacement, as this could prevent the car’s part from giving out.

Insufficient coolant

Radiators use coolant, a type of antifreeze that could be water-based or oil-based, that goes through the engine, keeping it cool. Due to the high heat of your automobile engine, the coolant may reduce in quantity over time. If the coolant level is too low, the radiator will overheat and eventually burn out.

Bad connection or broken wiring

Before ruling it a radiator problem and needing a cooling fan replacement car radiators are electrical components; thus, they have wiring. All that may be wrong with your radiator fan may be a bad connection or a broken wire. To be sure, bring your automotive to our shop in Al Quoz, UAE, to have a specialist inspect it.


These few tips in this article are not the only cause of a faulty radiator. A faulty coolant temperature sensor could mean a car radiator fan replacement down the line.

Also, even though the price to replace it is relatively cheap, a blown-out fuse can cause the radiator fan to stop working. Whatever the case may be, when the radiator fan of your vehicle stops working, ensure to bring it to our garage in Dubai for a checkup.

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