Mini, produced in the late 1950s, is one of the bestselling automobiles in Europe. The brand is not just a stylish automobile that looks great, but it also comes with high-performance engineering that performance superbly. Mini has world-famous handling features such as its twin-power turbo engines, dynamic stability control, adjustable driver modes, and so on. And best of all, a Mini doesn't require regular maintenance like most other luxurious automobiles.

If you need a Mini service centre in the UAE, you can always rely on Easy Care Auto to get the service you need. We specialize in all things maintenance, repairs, and replacement on all models of Mini. So, if you have a classic Mini, Mini Roaster or Coupe, Mini Hatch, and so on that requires restoration service due to wear and tear or damage, you can book an appointment or call us to fix it.

We have experience handling the maintenance and repair of all Mini models. We also offer modification services to your personal specification while retaining specific original parts and authenticity. So, give us a call to learn more about our personalized service.

Reasons To Service Your Mini With Easy Care Auto

Apart from the camaraderie, you feel when you own a Mini, Minis are generally bespoke vehicles that require exquisite maintenance or repair service to maintain their high value. And it is a unique automobile; no one understands it quite like a certified technician Mini Cooper repair service. At Easy Care Auto, we have a team of specialists with all things Mini. So, when you come to our garage, you can be confident in the service, knowing that we have talented and passionate Mini mechanics in our garage.

Another reason our garage stands out from other vehicle repair centers in Dubai is that we use the best repair practices. When you bring your iron horse to our workshop for any service, it goes through strict and rigid stages to figure out the problem, fix it and test all systems. We use an electronic visual health check to diagnose if any component on your vehicle needs to be addressed, which our service advisor will highlight in the report. We also use only OEM parts to ensure perfect fit if there is any need to replace anything on your vehicle.

Mini Car Service and Repair

Do you want to diagnose your Mini, get routine maintenance, or replace any part? If you do, we are one workshop you can trust in the whole Al Quoz with trained mechanics. As an authorized Mini Cooper service center, we pay attention to every detail of your automobile. We offer an extensive list of specialized services and repairs for your Mini Cooper. Below are some of the services we offer:

Mini Cooper maintenance

Every vehicle needs a maintenance service, including a Mini Cooper. The benefits of regular servicing your car are numerous and become obvious in the long run. Do not wait until the servicing light on your vehicle comes ON before you visit our garage to get your routine maintenance. We can also help rebuild the body of your Mini, including the bumper, at a price you can't resist.

If you don't know how long you should take before your next service, or if you need one, walk into our garage or give us a call. A service advisor will set you up with a maintenance routine based on your model Mini, driving style, and terrain you cover often.

Mini Cooper oil change

Your Cooper also needs a regular oil change. You should book for it at least once every 6,000 miles. Changing your automotive's oil is essential in maintaining the health of your engine. When you don't change the oil when it's due, it can cause wear and tear in the engine, which would only cost you more to get it back in shape.

However, when you entrust your oil change to us, we use oil that matches the industry standard. Our oil change service also includes an oil filter replacement if necessary.

Mini brake fluid service

If the brake fluid is always low, even after you keep topping it, don't hesitate to bring it to a garage for inspection. There could be a leakage somewhere, or something isn't right. Ideally, your vehicle's brake fluid might deteriorate or reduce after a couple of months, but not every day or week.

When you come to our garage for a brake fluid service, we inspect everything about your vehicle's braking system, checking each component's health status. If any element is failing, we go ahead to repair or replace it, as the case might be. We also replace the fluid itself to ensure all systems are functioning optimally.

Mini Cooper brake pad replacement

Minis come with at least four brake pads, and they deteriorate differently. It is crucial that the brake system on your vehicle performs at its best and is safe. For this to be possible, you should have your brake system inspected every time you come for routine maintenance.

When you come for a routine inspection, we can detect which brake pad is bad and needs to be replaced. Thus, taking the pressure off other brake pads. In other words, you save yourself the cost of having to replace all brake pads at the same time while remaining safe.

Mini Cooper transmission fluid change

The transmission fluid on your Mini works like an oil, which helps to optimize the transmission. If you want to ensure the longevity of your automobile's transmission, then it is vital to change the transmission fluid when due.

When you visit our garage for a maintenance check, we perform a complete transmission check and the related system as a courtesy, including inspecting the transmission fluid. If the transmission fluid is due for replacement, we will remove the dirty, gritty, and abrasive fluid that can damage your transmission and replace it with fresh and clean transmission fluid.

Mini Cooper oil pump replacement

The function of the oil pump in your vehicle is to maintain an ideal hydraulic pressure in the engine. Considering where the oil tank is and where the engine is situated, the oil wouldn't travel to the right place and in the right quantity if there was no pump; this can cause the engine to overheat, thus causing damage.

If that part on your car is damaged due to oil contamination, electrical surge, wiring issue, or simple wear and tear, then you should book an appointment with us for a replacement. And when you come to get a replacement from us, we inspect every system on your vehicle to pinpoint the cause of the issue in the first place so it does not recur.

Mini Cooper spark plug replacement

Automobiles that use a petrol engine require a spark plug to work. While the part is not a component that gives out frequently, it does deteriorate with time. If the spark plug on your vehicle is old and not working as it should, you will find it challenging to start or keep your vehicle ON. Moreover, when the spark plug is not in its best working condition, it would also reduces your engine's fuel efficiency. We include a spark plug inspection and replacement service in our routine service.

Suppose your Mini requires a spark plug replacement. In that case, we use genuine platinum and iridium-based spark plugs, which are highly resistant to the element and guaranteed to offer maximum performance even in extreme conditions.

Mini Cooper battery replacement

Generally, you should get a battery replacement for your car after about three years. However, before you leap to the nearest auto garage to get just any battery, note that all batteries are not created equally. In other words, batteries differ in size, type and capacity.

To ensure you get the correct battery for your Mini so as not to damage the electrical component on your vehicle, you should book an appointment with us. The mechanic will inspect your vehicle and ascertain whether you need a battery replacement. If you do, we will use a genuine battery replacement that suits your model.

Mini Cooper alternator replacement

When you think about the alternator, a mini electricity generator on your vehicle should come to your mind because that is exactly what it does. It converts the energy from your engine to electricity energy by simple dynamo effects. The alternator is so vital that many things on your vehicle depend on it, including the battery, front and rear headlight, interior light bulb, brake light, AC, and so on. If anything is wrong with the alternator, everything that requires electricity would stop working or rely on the battery, which doesn't last very long.

If you notice that your vehicle's electricity is failing, you should visit Easy Care Auto workshop to have an expert auto electrician inspect the issue. And if the alternator needs to be replaced, we use OEM parts.

Mini Cooper exhaust system replacement

The combustion needs to let out the waste products in the form of fumes. If these fumes are not expelled from the vehicle, they can impact combustion. After all, for combustion to occur, there has to be oxygen. The exhaust on your Mini is crucial to expelling the waste fumes. The exhaust system comprises several components, such as the catalytic converter, oxygen sensor, etc. If anything goes wrong with any of its components, your Mini will not be able to expel waste fumes, affecting how your vehicle performs. If you need to inspect your car's exhaust system, you can trust to get the best service at EasyCare Auto.

Mini Cooper transmission replacement

Do you want to deter the high price of a transmission replacement? If you do, you should take care of your transmission by addressing any issue promptly. And even if you require a transmission replacement, you can trust Easycare Auto to get a hassle-free transmission replacement service.

With the team of expert mechanics, we get to the heart of the problem and fix whatever issue you might have with your transmission. We have a comprehensive transmission service that identifies a flaw, sets it, and ensures you get the maximum speed and torque.

Mini clutch replacement

The primary function of the clutch on your Mini is to help change to a higher or lower gear while driving. Whether you are driving a manual or automatic Mini, it comes with a clutch that, if not well maintained, will get damaged. You can tell the clutch on your automobile is faulty when you find it challenging to switch to a different gear or move your vehicle under load.

Whatever symptom of a faulty clutch you are experiencing, ensure you give us a call and let the professional inspect your vehicle to determine the problem. When you come to get a clutch service at our local garage, we inspect and replace, if faulty, the gearbox, pressure plates, bearing, disks, and all other components of your clutch.

Mini Cooper engine replacement

The engine on your Mini Cooper is one of your vehicle's major components. If faulty, you may not even be able to turn on the car. The engine of Minis are pretty complex, and you should always let an authorized Mini Cooper engine repair specialist handle any repair.

Taking your automobile to about any garage to fix it might cause you to go down a rabbit hole where one issue leads to another after the engine fix. At Easy Care Auto, we partner with manufacturers around the globe, giving us access to OEM parts. So, when you need an engine replacement for your Mini, you can trust us to use genuine engines from the manufacturer.

Mini timing chain replacement

If you are finding it challenging to keep your Mini on or functioning as optimally as it should, then it could be that the drive belt or timing chain is faulty. The timing chain helps to keep your engine in sync with the fuel and air mixture. Whether you have a timing belt or a timing chain on your Mini, if it is worn out or broken, you should book an appointment with us to have it replaced.

You'd know you have a timing chain problem when you hear engine noise or are experiencing engine performance issues. However, the only way to ensure the faulty timing chain is to have one of our experts diagnose your vehicle.

Mini Cooper head gasket replacement

The head gasket on your Mini is crucial to keeping air from escaping or getting into your engine, which will alter its combustion. But when your engine overheats, it can blow out the head gasket. However, several other things can cause the head gasket of your machine to blow out.

If you notice that your head gasket is damaged, you should have it replaced on time, so it does not cause other issues. While the head gasket can be repaired, we only recommend this after performing a diagnostic test to ascertain the condition of the head gasket. If a repair is viable without compromising efficiency, we choose this option. But if a repair will affect performance, we always strongly advise a full replacement.

Mini Cooper oil pan gasket replacement

The oil pan gasket on your Mini Cooper help seals the oil paint to the bottom of your engine block. Its function is to prevent the engine oil from leaking. When you start to see oil droplets where you pack your automobile, it's a sign that the oil pan gasket is likely faulty. The problem with this is that it causes an oil shortage, leading to more issues such as overheating, wear and tear, and so on.

Therefore, you shouldn't hesitate to give us a call immediately after you notice oil leaks in your Mini.

Mini Cooper radiator replacement

The radiator on your automobile is a part of the cooling system that ensures your engine does not overheat. This component passes a coolant through the engine to absorb the heat. So, the radiator disperses the heat, returns to the engine cold, and repeats the cycle.

If the radiator is faulty, your engine's temperature will quickly rise, causing more complications in your automobile. You should book an appointment with our workshop to have the radiator replaced in no time to avoid expensive repairs.

Mini Cooper fuel pump replacement

The function of the fuel pump on your model is pretty basic; it draws fuel from the tank and gets it to the engine. Because the tank is often located a bit far from the engine, the fuel pump is essential. If the fuel pump is faulty, you will have issues keeping your engine ON or running under load. This is because there wouldn't be enough fuel getting into the machine for complete combustion.

There are so many reasons why the fuel pump in your vehicle doesn't work as it should. It could be a wiring problem, a mechanical issue with the pump, and so on. To be sure about what is wrong with the pump and whether it can be repaired or replaced, visit our garage in Al Quoz.

Mini Cooper air filter replacement

The air filter is an essential component of every automobile. Its function is not only to filter the air getting into the engine but also to filter the air getting into the cabin. If the filter is faulty, many impurities and fumes will go from outside the car to the engine and interior. Another reason the air filter is not working can be due to it not sitting correctly and can be repositioned to adequately filter the air.

It is worth noting that you have to replace the air filter if it is damaged, as it cannot be repaired. The good news is that it's not expensive, even for a Mini cooper.

Mini Cooper AC repair

When the AC in your Mini Cooper is functioning adequately, driving on a hot summer in Dubai wouldn't feel so uncomfortable. The AC unit is made up of many components, so it stops working could be one of many reasons.

If the AC unit on your Cooper is faulty, you should come to our garage to have it repaired. At our garage, professional technicians inspect every component of the AC unit, such as the compressor, refrigerant, filter, vent, fan, and wiring to determine the problem. When the problem is detected, we repair it with minimal invasion of the aesthetics of your vehicle.

Mini Cooper wheel bearing replacement

The wheel bearing on your car helps the automobile turn efficiently with the steering rotation. If the wheel bearing is faulty, there would be a lot of friction build up which can cause many issues within your wheels. You can have weird noises coming from your wheels, the wheels going out of alignment, and so on.

Although you can drive around with this condition in some models, it is not advisable. Hence, you shouldn't hesitate to give us a call immediately if you notice symptoms that the wheel bearing is faulty.

Mini Cooper DME repair

Digital Motor Electronics (DME) is another essential component that controls the main engine functions such as fuel injections, valve timing, sparks, etc. If such a component on your Mini is faulty, it can affect other parts to stop working.

Because the DME is an electronic component, there are so many things that can cause its damage. Pinpointing the exact fault with the DME system on your automobile is difficult unless we use a diagnostic tool. So, when you start noticing the signs that the DME of your Mini could be faulty, use that as an opportunity to come to a garage to get a full diagnostic scan of your vehicle.

Mini FRM module repair

The footwell module is an electronic system on most modern Mini that ensures your comfort. It has numerous functions, such as interfacing with the dashboard, controlling your vehicle's lighting, receiving signals from the door, and so on.

The FRM system is module technicians aim to modify if you are interested in reverse engineering your vehicle. If the FRM system is faulty, several sensors all over your car won't work as they should. In a case of a defective FRM system, you can always contact us to have it repaired or replaced as the case may be.

Mini Convertible roof repair

Most Mini Convertibles have in common that their collapsible roof needs to be serviced with time. If proper care is not taken, the convertible roof will deteriorate and may not function when you need it the most.

At Easy Сare Auto, we specialize in all Mini Cooper's bodywork, including the repair and replacement of the Convertible roof. Whether the roof is old and needs replacement, or the mechanism that retracts the roof is faulty, we got you covered.

Mini Models We Service

  • Mini One
  • Mini F56 (Cooper S)
  • Mini Clubman
  • Mini Countryman
  • Mini Coupe
  • Mini Paceman
  • Mini Roadster
  • Mini Cooper D
  • Mini Convertible