Mercedes automobiles are considered to be a standard of reliability and quality. With a regular and quality service, they can last up to one hundred thousand kilometers without complicated Mercedes repair service.

Still, when it’s time for Mercedes Benz repair, it is important to comply with all technological requirements of a manufacturer. Necessary maintenance can be provided only by a specialized Mercedes Benz service center, where qualified staff performs all works using original spare parts, consumables, and their quality analogs.

Premium Mercedes Benz Workshop

We offer a high-quality service at an affordable price. Entrusting your vehicle to us, you can be sure - it is in the hands of professionals.

How We Work

We try to use original components and consumables recommended by the company. This is quite expensive but reliable: original spare parts always work out the declared resource.

Non-original parts are used only if the customer has specified using them or if the originals are no longer in production. They almost always have a shorter service life and require more frequent replacement. However, sometimes (e.g., for pre-sale preparation or if the part is not subject to heavy wear and breaks by accident), their use is reasonable.

Our Benefits

  • We carry out routine maintenance of all models using original spare parts and process liquids recommended by the manufacturer.
  • We perform overhauls of units and assemblies of any complexity.
  • We offer the whole range of services for diagnostics and repair of running gear, braking system, and steering control.
  • We have specialized equipment and a team of professionals who are certified and experienced.
  • We provide computer diagnostics on the dealer equipment of new generation, programming, and adaptation of electronic control units of the vehicle.
  • The workshop is equipped with the most modern tools available.
  • We have refurbished spare parts and units available.
  • Own warehouse of spare parts and accessories allows you to carry out all the necessary work without delay, in the presence of more than 5000 items.

Thus, we provide a full range of Mercedes repair service in the UAE. Our Mercedes specialist will undertake all work in compliance with the required technology.

Body Shop Mercedes Benz

Trust the professionals at the certified body Mercedes repair service center nearby to restore your vehicle, and it will look brand new.

The advantages of the certified body shop Mercedes repair:

  • Precision staple equipment approved by the Mercedes-Benz manufacturer;
  • Paint and lacquer materials are identical to those used in new cars at Mercedes-Benz factories;
  • only original parts and consumables;
  • Detailing and repair techniques are precisely the same as the factory ones;
  • Highly qualified specialists who undergo regular training.

Mercedes Engine Repair

Any professional Mercedes engine repair starts with the engine's diagnostic, during which it is tested on special equipment, all the indicators are checked, which allows you to identify existing faults, and to indicate the cost and the approximate time of the repairs.

We offer various kinds of Mercedes engine repair, from the current to the capital ones. We repair the following engines:

  • Petrol: M102, M103, M104, etc.
  • Diesel: OM601, OM604, OM611, OM646, etc.

While performing the capital repair, we execute the following operations:

  • disassemble the engine, remove its parts, wash them, conduct defectoscopy;
  • change pistons, rings, and pins;
  • change cylinder-head parts - valves, scraper caps, hydro-compensators;
  • change liners and thrust rings;
  • change the timing chain and its tensioners;
  • replace all seals;
  • change filters and technical fluids;
  • run-in of the engine and make its adjustment.

If necessary, we make boring, honing cylinders, correct saddles, and valves, and change bushings and guides.

Mercedes Oil Change

The operation of the Mercedes engine should not cause trouble, it should run without malfunctions and strange noise. The main work on its maintenance is the routine replacement of oil and oil filters. If you neglect the terms of its replacement or use inappropriate engine oil, trying to save money, the probability of overhaul of the power unit will increase exponentially. Not all oils have the same chemical composition. For each model, the automaker puts a number of requirements for the oil composition. This is known as tolerance. Not all oils can be used in engines. Trust your Mercedes oil change to our professional team.

Mercedes Battery Replacement

Any battery has a certain lifespan. As a result, at the most unexpected moment, the vehicle can simply stop starting for possible battery or alternator fault, and putting off further Mercedes battery replacement will no longer work.

Nowadays, AGM and GEL batteries are used to increase the capacity, starting current, and service life of the batteries in Mercedes-Benz cars. Replacing the battery is not difficult, but you should be experienced enough to do it on your own. Thus, we recommend you contact our specialists.

Mercedes Key Replacement

Our auto service provides a full range of services to restore access to Mercedes cars, Mercedes key replacement is the most popular one. We repair used keys and sell new devices for the cars of any year of manufacture, including the most modern series. Nothing is impossible for our trained specialists: we work with devices of any complexity. If you have one key, you can always make a duplicate at our Mercedes repair service center nearby.

Mercedes Maintenance

Our specialized workshop in Dubai, Al Quoz, offers excellent cost and quality Mercedes maintenance. The scope of maintenance is carried out strictly according to the dealer's standard. First, for Mercedes maintenance, our professional team changes the engine oil and oil filters, air and cabin filters. Routine work and inspections are carried out depending on the time of use or mileage of the vehicle, including but not limited to checking the fuel pump, water pump, etc.

Mercedes Brake Change

Brake discs and pads (front and rear) are the main working components of the brakes, in addition to the fluid. If the car manufacturer clearly establishes the brake fluid replacement procedure, the pads and discs are replaced only when they are worn out.

Assessment of the state of the pads is made by our experts visually at each scheduled maintenance. But, in order to give the car owner information about their wear between regular maintenance services, pads are equipped with special wear sensors.

We invite you to our service station for a Mercedes brake change. We always have the original front and rear brake pads and consumables at the most attractive prices.

Mercedes Diagnostic

Mercedes diagnostics is one of the most convenient and informative methods of checking car systems. It allows you to determine any malfunctions without disassembling the mechanisms accurately. A special device - a scanner with the appropriate software - reads out error information from the electronic units of each unit. The computer analyzes the data, and the mechanic of the local Mercedes repair service center receives a report on the technical condition of the car, on the basis of which a plan of repair works is made.

  1. With the help of computer diagnostics, you can get the necessary information about the condition of any mechanism of the vehicle at any time. Specialists of our auto center in Dubai, Al Quoz, use this method of inspection in the following cases:
  2. If the car owner buys a second-hand vehicle and wants to clarify the presence of hidden faults, of which the seller did not warn him;
  3. If there is a scheduled technical inspection;
  4. If there are obvious problems with the car (engine wouldn't start or wouldn't work steadily, driving quality worsened, air compressor problems, fuel, and technical fluids consumption increased, electronic systems don't work, headlight fault, etc.);
  5. If an error signal appears on the dashboard.

If the signs of a breakdown have already appeared, the owner of a Mercedes-Benz should contact a reliable maintenance center for a scan as soon as possible. Such a check will detect malfunctions in the early stages of development, and the cost of repair will be lower than in the case of a worsening problem. Mercedes diagnostics with a scanner can quickly identify the problem.

Mercedes Windshield Replacement

The windshield is exposed to severe risks during driving. Damage can occur not only in emergency situations. When driving at high speed, auto glass is often damaged by a stone or bird flying out from under the wheels, and over time, the transparent surface is scratched out.

Windscreen determines the driver's vision and safety level on the roads, so if there are cracks, chips, and color changes, you should not delay contacting a specialist. Minor deformation can be repaired without replacement, but noticeable damage requires the installation of new auto glass.

Modern technology makes it possible to restore an expensive vehicle to its original appearance even after serious accidents. Still, the result depends on the quality of replacement parts, qualification,s and experience of the staff at the car repair shop. Our company deals exclusively with Mercedes models. Clients have access to original spare parts, a well-developed technical base, and services of experienced technicians. Professional Mercedes windshield replacement allows quick and permanent restore your car's flawless appearance and functionality.

Mercedes ECU Repair

Control units of different companies (Bosch, Siemens, Lucas) are installed on cars and commercial vehicles of Mercedes. They have their own design features and typical malfunctions. Faulty wiring and voltage spikes, moisture and fuel ingress, mechanical breakdowns, and microcircuits' wear and tear may damage any modification's ECU. If the ECU malfunctions, the car won't start or stalls, slips or jerks when shifting gears. Although other reasons can cause it, you should check the automatic transmission and engine control unit. Professionals at our service station are thoroughly versed in the faults of the Mercedes-Benz ECU.

Mercedes Transmission Service

Mercedes-Benz stands by its reliable luxury vehicles that run for thousands of miles like clockwork. Nevertheless, even perfect mechanisms require maintenance and periodic repairs.

If you want to extend the life of your auto, don't accelerate and brake too sharply, and make sure your vehicle is serviced in a timely manner. Each model has its own requirements, but in general, at each scheduled maintenance, you should check the transmission oil - its level and condition. Moreover, every 60,000 km Mercedes-Benz cars require automatic transmission oil and oil filters replacement.

Contact the professionals for the Mercedes transmission service if you notice any problems. Our specialized maintenance center in Dubai, Al Quoz, provides:

  • torque converter repair;
  • repair and diagnosis of the hydraulic unit;
  • comprehensive repair of automatic transmission.

Mercedes ESP Module Repair

The ABS/ESP ECU monitors incoming sensor data and provides an immediate response to the braking system. When is Mercedes ESP module repair necessary?

  • Failure of sensors and, as a consequence, inability of ECU to monitor the rotation speed of dependent devices;
  • Malfunction of the electronic block software as a result of a power surge or moisture ingress;
  • Physical damage of the board under the influence of high temperature, corrosion, or vibration;

If diagnostics at the service station revealed that the ABS control unit (or any other ECU, such as engine ECU or transmission ECU) is to blame for the system malfunction - have it repaired by qualified professionals. After all, Mercedes ESP module repair may not only save up to half of your budget but also prolong the life of the ECU for many years to come.

Our workshop repairs electronic ABS control units at competitive prices in the shortest possible time.

Mercedes Gearbox Service

An automatic gearbox is a convenient unit that relieves the driver from the need to monitor the engine revolutions and manually change gears on his own. However, this convenience is achieved at the expense of high technology and the complexity of the mechanism, which requires a careful attitude and timely maintenance.

Mercedes gearbox service can be divided into the following stages:

  • inspection and diagnosis in a special garage. At this stage, the indicators of the control unit, and error codes are read. The body of the box is inspected for leaks. At the same stage, the pressure is assessed, the transmission fluid is examined;
  • disassembly of the automatic transmission, partial or complete disassembly of the unit depending on the problem.
  • purchase and installation of new parts;
  • assembly and installation of the repaired gearbox. Testing of vehicle operation in order to assess the quality of the repair.

Mercedes Tuning Specialist

Chip tuning of Mercedes-Benz automobiles will help you make even your sportiest dreams come true. The Mercedes tuning specialist at our service station can safely and quickly increase engine power, improve dynamic performance, increase lugging and torque, reduce fuel consumption, as well as improve suspension characteristics, and upgrade multimedia equipment and the interior. Thus, the chip tuning service allows you to unlock the potential of your own car and its technical characteristics. In addition, we offer original accessories for all models and chip tuning services.

Mercedes Transmission Fluid Change

Overdue replacement of the oil in the automatic transmission leads first to the accelerated wear of its parts. First of all, the following parts are affected:

  • friction clutches;
  • torque converter;

The oil, which has overheated or lost its properties with time, neither cools nor lubricates the automatic transmission sufficiently. Because of this, the wear and tear of the contacting mechanical parts of the gearbox are accelerated.

Our technical Mercedes repair service station provides quality Mercedes transmission fluid change. We are sure you will be satisfied with the quality service and price policy.

Mercedes Bumper Repair

Due to its frontal location, the front bumper is subject to external damage more often than other body parts. Even with the accident-free operation of the car, the paintwork on the bumper suffers, which literally "acquires" new scuffs and scratches within a year. The reason for this is the strong impact of sand and stones on the bumper.

In addition, in the conditions of poorly executed roads, with high and uneven curbs, there is a probability of scratching the bumper when parking carelessly. Though, the front bumper suffers the most from frontal impact (traffic accident). The Mercedes bumper repair or replacement is performed depending on the degree of damage.

Our specialist will determine whether the bumper can be repaired or should be replaced based on the results of the inspection.

Mercedes Wheel Alignment

Alignment Settings are essential for the vehicle's stability, maneuverability, and controllability. Also, the correct setting of these parameters greatly affects the rate of wear of tire tread and hub bearings, and other related parts. Therefore it is crucial to contact the workshop where diagnostics of suspension and steering mechanism will be made at the first alarming symptoms as soon as possible. If necessary, repair of unpleasant symptoms and adjustment of Mercedes wheel alignment will be performed.

Mercedes Benz Timing Chain Replacement

The timing mechanism is driven by a chain, which has a number of advantages over the belt. The Mercedes timing chain has a minimum mileage of 100,000 km, but if you use only original oil and operate the engine without overloading, this figure can easily be doubled.

The prolonged operation of a vehicle with a stretched chain can cause the following malfunctions:

  • accelerated wear of the timing sprockets;
  • chain breakage and valve bending;
  • collision of pistons with valves, which almost always causes engine overhaul.

Our technical Mercedes repair service offers quality Mercedes Benz timing chain replacement.

Mercedes Timing Belt Replacement

The timing mechanism is one of the most important in your engine, and you should not neglect its periodic and timely maintenance. The timing belt is a closed rubber belt with teeth on one side. It is the link between the camshaft and crankshaft that drives the powertrain. With increasing mileage, all the nodes that operate in the timing mechanism (rollers, tensioners, sprockets) wear out its resource and therefore require timely replacement. Thus, Mercedes timing belt replacement is mandatory, and every car owner is faced with it during the operation of their car.

Mercedes Rear SAM Repair

The problem with the rear sam often occurs gradually, at first, some lights may not work, the fuel gauge may stop showing, the tailgate may not open, the tail light may not work, the license plate light may not light up, the display may show some faulty bulbs, the "turn signals" in the back may not work, less often - all at once. Our professional and experienced specialists can perform diagnosis and Mercedes rear SAM repair.

Mercedes ISM Module Repair

We perform extended diagnostics of ISM (Intelligent Servo Module) and DSM (Direct Servo Module) modules on the diagnostic stand, as well as quality repair with a guarantee of the results of diagnostics. We also reprogram, encode, link, and calibrate gear-shift blocks ISM, DSM of Mercedes.

Primary symptoms of ISM, DSM modules defects:

  • the vehicle does not start;
  • the car is not disengaged from the parking;
  • the vehicle does not move, gears are not shifted;
  • the current position of a selector of gears (P, R, N, D) is not displayed on the instrument panel (speedometer) and many others.

Choose Mercedes ISM module repair at our service station.

Mercedes Engine Rebuild Specialist

Timely vehicle maintenance is the key to long engine life. Carrying out computer diagnostics even without visible symptoms makes it possible to determine the engine's condition. The Mercedes engine rebuild specialist performs repairs of any class and type: diesel, gasoline, from minivans, sedans to SUVs. The workshop is equipped with the necessary equipment and modern tools. This allows you to perform work at the highest technical level, which guarantees the complete restoration of the unit. The repair price depends on the type and model of the engine.

In our service station, we offer competitive services and fair prices. We use high-quality spare parts from proven suppliers. We perform work such as:

  • disassembly, inspection, flushing, reassembly, and installation of the engine;
  • complete replacement of all engine elements: hydro-compensator, cylinder head, valves, pistons, and piston rings;
  • replacement of sealing parts: gaskets, seals, seals, oil seals, oil-reflecting caps, etc.;
  • adjustment, start-up, running-in of the engine.

If necessary, we perform the whole complex of works on engine repair: from diagnostics to major engine repair of Mercedes Sprinter, GL, S-Class, and other models.

Mercedes Sunroof Repair

The Mercedes sunroof repair can only be entrusted to experienced craftsmen who specialize in the maintenance of German brand vehicles. This is a complex mechanism, the failure of which can damage the body and interior, especially in unpleasant weather. For the device to work steadily, you need to use only original accessories and consumables for troubleshooting.

When Mercedes Sunroof Repair is Necessary

The car owner should contact a certified auto center to repair the sunroof if:

  • the sunroof won't open or close or is warping;
  • the opening is incomplete or jerky;
  • a grinding noise accompanies the hatch movement.

If you notice even minor signs of failure, you need to immediately contact the professionals because the complete failure of the mechanism can occur at any time. Especially it brings problems when the vehicle has to be left on the street for a long time, and the interior may be damaged because of rain or snow. If there are difficulties with the operation of the device's moving parts, no more effort should be made to open or close the sunroof or to continue pushing the lever after it has fully closed/opened.

Mercedes Brake Fluid Change

The importance of Mercedes brake fluid change cannot be overestimated: the level and quality of this consumable determine the handling and safety of the vehicle. It ensures the operation of the hydraulics in the brake system. During the operation of the car, the fluid heats up, and can accumulate air bubbles and moisture, which hinders braking. Trust the Mercedes brake fluid change only to professionals at our workshop. We guarantee that the routine maintenance and repair work is carried out correctly, and the quality of the consumables used corresponds to the model of the car. We have the best equipment and tools for servicing German vehicles.

Service AC Mercedes

We can perform the following air conditioning replacement and maintenance work:

  • Diagnostics of the air conditioner. Checking its condition with specialized equipment, including the use of tinted refrigerant to search for leaks in the system.
  • Replacing the air conditioner compressor. Replacement is always the way out when this unit fails on a Mercedes.
  • Filling the air conditioner. Performed only after we have ensured the system is airtight and performed all necessary diagnostic and repair work.
  • Our specialized garage offers car owners premium service AC Mercedes.

Mercedes Models We Service

  • Mercedes Benz A45 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz A Class
  • Mercedes Benz AMG GT
  • Mercedes Benz AMG GT Roadster
  • Mercedes Benz B Class
  • Mercedes Benz C63 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Coupe
  • Mercedes Benz C Class
  • Mercedes Benz C Class Coupe
  • Mercedes Benz CL Class
  • Mercedes Benz CLA45 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz CLA Class
  • Mercedes Benz CLC Class
  • Mercedes Benz CLK Class
  • Mercedes Benz CLS 63 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz CLS Shooting Brake
  • Mercedes Benz CLS Class
  • Mercedes Benz E43 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz E55 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz E63 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz E Class
  • Mercedes Benz E Class Cabriolet
  • Mercedes Benz E Class Coupe
  • Mercedes Benz G63 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz G65 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz G Class
  • Mercedes Benz GL Class
  • Mercedes Benz GLA Class
  • Mercedes Benz GLC43 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz GLC43 AMG Coupe
  • Mercedes Benz GLC63 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz GLC63 AMG Coupe
  • Mercedes Benz GLC Class
  • Mercedes Benz GLC Class Coupe
  • Mercedes Benz GLE63 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz GLE63 AMG Coupe
  • Mercedes Benz GLE Class
  • Mercedes Benz GLE Class Coupe
  • Mercedes Benz GLK Class
  • Mercedes Benz GLS63 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz GLS Class
  • Mercedes Benz M Class
  • Mercedes Benz ML63 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz R Class
  • Mercedes Benz S63 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz S63 AMG Coupe
  • Mercedes Benz S65 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz S65 AMG Coupe
  • Mercedes Benz S Class
  • Mercedes Benz S Class Coupe
  • Mercedes Benz S Class Maybach
  • Mercedes Benz SL63 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG
  • Mercedes Benz SL Class
  • Mercedes Benz SLC Class
  • Mercedes Benz SLK Class
  • Mercedes Benz SLR Mclaren
  • Mercedes Benz SLS AMG
  • Mercedes Benz SLS AMG Roadster
  • Mercedes Benz Sprinter
  • Mercedes Benz V Class
  • Mercedes Benz Viano
  • Mercedes Benz Vito
  • Mercedes Benz C300
  • Mercedes Benz Smart
  • Mercedes Benz C200
  • Mercedes Benz Gl450
  • Mercedes Benz Gla
  • Mercedes Benz Glc
  • Mercedes Benz Ml350
  • Mercedes Benz W211
  • Mercedes Benz Cla
  • Mercedes Benz Gla 250
  • Mercedes Benz E350
  • Mercedes Benz Gle
  • Mercedes Benz Glc 300
  • Mercedes Benz G Wagon
  • Mercedes Benz Cla 250
  • Mercedes Benz Cla 200
  • Mercedes Benz Amg
  • Mercedes Benz C180
  • Mercedes Benz S550
  • Mercedes Benz Gle 350
  • Mercedes Benz C Class W203
  • Mercedes Benz W212
  • Mercedes Benz Sl500 Convertible
  • Mercedes Benz W204
  • Mercedes Benz Gla 200
  • Mercedes Benz S400 Hybrid
  • Mercedes Benz M271
  • Mercedes Benz E220
  • Mercedes Benz C250
  • Mercedes Benz C280
  • Mercedes Benz C230
  • Mercedes Benz Glk 350
  • Mercedes Benz Glk350
  • Mercedes Benz W124
  • Mercedes Benz E320
  • Mercedes Benz E300
  • Mercedes Benz 190E
  • Mercedes Benz S500
  • Mercedes Benz W220
  • Mercedes Benz 380Sl
  • Mercedes Benz Slk 250
  • Mercedes Benz 560Sl
  • Mercedes Benz W123
  • Mercedes Benz R350
  • Mercedes Benz W203
  • Mercedes Benz A180