Maserati automobile brand is an appealing model with sophisticated features that have been around for over ten decades. This car brand is a supercar like no other, with powerful engines. Most people buy a Maserati because of its precise steering, excellent handling, and luxury as well. Although the cost involved in owning this brand is on the high side, its features will surely make any automobile enthusiast drool.

No doubt the Maserati is a luxurious supercar but will depreciate pretty quickly if you don’t maintain it. The best way to enjoy driving your Maserati is by entrusting your Maserati car service to a skilled technician.

At Easy Сare Auto, we provide you with all your Maserati service and repair needs to get your car running efficiently without compromising safety. Visit the workshop in Al Quoz to get your Maserati repair services from professional mechanics.

Why Choose Us As Your Maserati Service Center?

Maserati is a sheer combination of innovation and performance. As such, when it comes to keeping it in perfect shape, you need a professional and reliable Maserati repair mechanic to handle all your maintenance and repair needs. No other Maserati car service in Dubai is more qualified than us at Easy Care Auto. If you bring your car to our workshop in Al Quoz, skilled and certified mechanics will get any model of Maserati performing at its highest level.

After spending a lot of money to buy this brand, you need a matchless Maserati auto repair service, which we offer at Easy Care Auto. At Easy Care Auto, our local expert mechanics are passionate about luxurious automobiles and are pretty vast with all their ins and outs. We have several state-of-the-art tools and equipment to ease the repair and maintenance of any model of Maserati repair.

We also partner with several manufacturers, including Maserati, to access OEM parts directly from the factory. And to top it up, our professional auto mechanics are always available to answer all your inquiries about your iron horse. So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us today to learn more about maintenance and repair details.

Service Package At Our Maserati Auto Repair Workshop

At Easy Care Auto, we will accurately diagnose and fix any issue on your automobile in no time. We work on all models of Maserati, including the MC20 Cielo, Grecale, Lucente Hybrid, Quattroporte, and so on. Moreover, the local team of specialists has been trained and certified to handle any problem on the brand. Our range of specialized services is quite vast, but below is a highlight of some of the most popular service packages we offer:

Maserati Diagnostic

Unlike other repair Dubai workshops, we don’t just dabble in any repair. Professionals here love to be precise and accurate; we always diagnose any automobile brought to the garage before tearing it down.

Diagnosing an automobile before the beginning of repairs helps us figure out what we are dealing with to get to the root cause. We have some of the most sophisticated diagnostic tools in the industry which can give a full report on your Maserati. This enables us to pinpoint and fix the issue in one trial when anything is wrong. Essentially, we keep the repair cost on your precious automobile to the bare minimum.

Maserati Maintenance

Maintaining a luxury vehicle is no joke, as failure to properly maintain it can lead to total breakdown and expensive repairs. At Easycare Auto, we encourage all Maserati owners to regularly bring their automobiles to our garage for a routine checkup. How frequently you drive, your driving conditions, as well as style will determine how often you should come for a regular checkup.

Our maintenance service is comprehensive as we note every detail on your car to ensure everything works accordingly. Ask our professional mechanic for advice to find out how often you should perform maintenance services on your vehicle.

Maserati Oil Change

We often get asked when to change the oil in a Maserati. According to our experts, several factors influence this, like how frequently you drive it, the type of engine, driving style, and so on. But a golden rule is that you shouldn’t wait long, often less than 3000-4000 miles, before getting an oil change. Even if you don’t drive your Maserati frequently, you shouldn’t let the oil sit in the engine longer than six months. When the oil sits in the engine for too long, you expose it and several moving parts to damage.

Maserati Timing Chain Replacement

The timing chain is a part of the Maserati transmission chamber that helps transmit energy from one component to another. The timing chain plays a crucial role in keeping the valve and piston in sync, amongst other functions. However, due to wear and tear, the timing chain could break, which could cause your automotive engine to malfunction. If you are in this situation and need a timing chain replacement, you can reach out to Easy Care service to replace it. So, if it is a Maserati timing belt replacement you need, we got you covered to. We are only a phone call away, so don’t ever feel stranded when you have a timing belt or chain issue.

Maserati Wheel Alignment

Another service we offer is the wheel alignment service. Because every Maserati is a performance-based automobile, the wheels will go out of alignment with time if not regularly checked. When the wheels on your vehicle are out of alignment, driving it can be pretty challenging. You can tell your wheels are out of alignment when you are finding it challenging to keep the car in a straight line. You will notice the steering wheel vibrating or trembling if that issue comes up. We have computerized equipment that balances your Maserati wheel assembly and combined tire, so it spins smoothly at high speed. We are always ready to offer a realignment service when your car goes out of alignment due to bad roads, poor tires, and so on.

Maserati Headlight Replacement

The headlight is a vital part of this luxury car as it lets you see what’s ahead, especially in poor weather or at night. While most people ignore their headlight, it is crucial to have it checked at least once every 18 to 24 months. As part of our Maserati headlight service, we replace headlight bulbs, taillights, marker bulbs, interior lights, and so on. We can add extra bulbs to improve driving visibility.

Sometimes, the reason you have an issue with your headlight might be due to the electrical system. Whatever the problem might be, at Easy Care Auto, local experts can fix all the bugs with the headlights on your Maserati.

Maserati Battery Replacement

If the Maserati battery has aged, finding a replacement does not have to be challenging. At Easy Care Auto, we offer a car battery testing service to ensure the issue you are experiencing is due to a bad battery. We will also help you find the best battery replacement for your model.

There are so many types of car batteries designed to meet different needs. For example, some come with lithium-based technology, while others are lead-acid batteries. When we choose a battery for you, we consider the price, CCA rating, and even life expectancy to give you the best value for your money.

Maserati Alternator Replacement

You rely on your starter motor to start your car when you get into your Maserati. The starter motor runs on power from the battery to spin the engine. And when the engine is ON, it powers the alternator to recharge the battery and power another electrical component in a vehicle.

If you are having issues with the alternator, our ASE-certified Dubai technician will perform a full diagnostic on your car to determine the cause of the problem. We then replace the alternator with a new one directly from your car's manufacturer. We also test the alternator's performance at high speed, high voltage loads, and even when idle to ensure it functions.

Maserati Engine Repair

It's understandable why you dread having your engine repaired, as it is expensive and sometimes may not deliver the expected performance after a repair. But at Easy Care auto, you can ease your mind when you bring your Maserati to our Al Quoz workshop for an engine repair.

With the technological advancement in vehicle maintenance, our certified technicians have evolved and capitalized on several advanced diagnostic tools and equipment to ensure engine repair gets done perfectly. And if you need to replace any part of your engine, we do so with ones that meet and even exceed OEM standards and specifications. So, whenever you get your Maserati engine repaired in our car repair service, you can have that confidence and trust in your vehicle to serve you for years.

Maserati Transmission Repair

When you are experiencing a gear or transmission problem, it could result from several issues as the transmission has more moving parts than more parts on your vehicle. If your transmission fails, you will experience delayed gear shifting, clunking, grinding, slipping, etc. But whatever the issue, our mechanics are vast in repairing potentially complex transmission problems.

With our vast diagnostic capability and understanding of transmission, our technicians are armed at precisely pinpointing the problem. It does not matter whether your Maserati has a manual or automatic transmission; schedule an appointment with us today, and we will fix your transmission in no time.

Maserati Clutch Replacement

Contrary to what you may have thought, your automatic Maserati also comes with a clutch, only that it is built-in, so you have no control over its function. The clutch pedal is a mechanical device that engages and disengages the power transmission in the engine. It is connected to the wheel shafts and gearbox of your vehicle.

So, whether you have a manual or automatic transmission car, the clutch disc tends to wear out due to friction. When this happens, your clutch won't work as it should, and you will need to replace it. You can trust Easy Care Auto to get you a superior replacement of any clutch parts with a long lifespan.

Maserati Brake Service

Driving around the UAE with a faulty braking system endangers your life and other drivers and pedestrians. When you notice that your braking system is giving out, do well to visit our automobile garage to have it serviced. Professional specialists test everything in your Maserati braking system, such as the brake fluid, front and rear brake pads, drums, rotors, etc.

You do not have to wait until your brakes any longer function before you bring it for inspection. On some Maserati, you should have your brake inspected when your dashboard's ABS or brake light is ON. Otherwise, it would be best to have it serviced every 20,000 miles or less.

Maserati Suspension Repair

The struts and suspension on your luxury iron horse help to support your car's weight, ensuring you have a smooth ride. When the suspension starts to wear out, it does so gradually at an unnoticeable level. However, with time, it begins to tell on your driving condition and other symptoms like leaking oil from the shock body, the car bouncing excessively, missing or worn bushing, and so on.

Whatever symptoms you might be experiencing, our certified specialist will diagnose the issue and fix it. So, whether you want an air suspension, wheel spacer, lowering kits, coil sprint, and so on in your Maserati, you can trust us to get the job done precisely.

Maserati Windshield Replacement

The windshield on any automobile is a safety unit that protects passengers and the interior component from water, wind, and debris. If the windshield on your Maserati is cracked, it is dangerous to keep driving around in it as it could shatter and cause severe injuries. Moreover, a damaged windshield can compromise your vision while driving. So, whatever the case, you should ensure you have the windshield replaced when necessary.

At Easy Care Auto, we offer several kinds of windshield replacement services. We can change the front or rear windshield of your Maserati and the windows if it is cracked or you want to tint them.

Maserati Auto Body Repair

Having a ding and dent on your car is more than just an eyesore. Apart from chips and scratches taking away from your automobile's luxurious beauty, it exposes your automobile's body to the element, causing it to rust and corrode. In other words, if you need a Maserati auto body repair in Dubai, we got your back. There are several auto body repair services we offer for this car brand.

We can restore your Maserati to its condition when it was first shipped from the manufacturer's warehouse. If you need a paint job, our experts will use high-grade primer and an eco-friendly base coat with a reinforced clear polyurethane finish to create long-lasting sparkle paint.

Maserati Collision Repair

We also offer collision repairs that result from a minor or major accident. We restore everything from the framework of your auto to the engine and every nitty-gritty detail of your automobile.

Furthermore, we inspect every aspect of your Maserati after a collision, including the structural integrity, and leave nothing to chance. In case of more severe damage, our experts dismantle every section of your car and then order all the essential parts. And when we are done placing everything back together, we finish things up with excellent paint, polish, and detailing such that you wouldn't be able to tell there was damage on your Maserati.

Maserati Pre Purchase Inspection

If you are planning on buying a used Maserati, it is always a good idea to go along with someone knowing the car brand. At Easycare Auto, we offer a pre-purchase inspection service where our expert mechanics will perform a standard inspection on the model you intend to buy. This inspection includes but is not limited to reviewing external appearance, interior appearance, engine check, cooling system, brake, scan for trouble codes, and so on.

Experienced mechanics can also go to the dealer's shop on your behalf and present you with an unbiased report and photos. So, don't get ripped off when you want to buy a used luxurious automobile; reach out to us to help you get a better price. We are always at your service.

Maserati Models We Service

  • Maserati Ghibli
  • Maserati GranTurismo (GT)
  • Maserati Levante
  • Maserati Quattroporte
  • Maserati Ghibli S Q4
  • Maserati 3200 GT
  • Maserati 4200
  • Maserati Gransport
  • Maserati Cambiocorsa
  • Maserati Coupe
  • Maserati Grancabrio
  • Maserati Spyder