Lincoln Motor Company is a luxury division of the American automaker Ford. Lincoln is the brand for you if you’re after an automobile with the perfect blend of power, safety, cargo space, and tech. This automobile company was founded over a century ago and has undergone many changes in engineering and aesthetics.

Essentially, Lincoln has set the standard of luxurious automobiles, which other automakers have to compete with. So, owning a Lincoln will undoubtedly offer great value for your money. However, you need to take maintenance seriously. Neglecting to maintain your automobile will only cause it to deteriorate faster, thus, reducing the value and efficiency of its service.

At Easy Care Auto, we offer an extensive list of maintenance and repair services that your Lincoln needs and deserves. We are the best automobile mechanic workshop in the UAE, with a team of well-trained professionals. With sophisticated equipment and procedures, our team of experts can fix whatever issue you have with your automobile with little invasion. And even if we need to tear apart your automobile to fix any issue, our Lincoln specialists have the technical know-how and OEM parts to get your vehicle back in shape like when it was new.

So, when next you need the best Lincoln service center, look no further; visit the garage in Al Quoz or give us a call.

Get Your Lincoln Car Service and Repair at Easycare Auto

Does your Lincoln automobile require a service or repair? If it does, you should entrust the job to us at our local garage in Al-Quoz, UAE. Unlike other workshops in Dubai, we make services and repairs a breeze at Easy Care auto.

The experienced team of experts is honest and dedicated to giving you the best service even when you are not around to inspect the job. We understand the challenges many automobile owners face when they need to get their luxurious automobiles serviced or repaired. Hence, we streamline the process such that you can get all your repair needs with just a phone call.

Whenever you get your Lincoln serviced at our garage, it undergoes strict standard operating procedures, ensuring you get the same high-value service every time. We leave nothing to chance as we diagnose and test every system on your automobile before and after a service or repair. We do this to diagnose your vehicle before service or repair to ensure we understand the cause and the faulty component on your Lincoln. We will also test your automobile after service and repair to ensure everything works flawlessly before handing it back to you.

The List of Lincoln Car Repair Services

We offer a lengthy list of specialized services as an authorized Lincoln repair shop. Our maintenance and repair services extend to every model of the brand. Our specialists are trained with the working principles of different models and years of Lincoln automobiles so that we can give you nothing less than the best.

Some of the services and repairs we offer include but are not limited to the following:

Lincoln maintenance

Proper maintenance is essential to its longevity. At Easy Care Auto, we give your automobile a full maintenance service every time. Maintenance service can be anything from inspection of the condition of components of your vehicle to replacing fluids. As minor as maintenance might sound, getting your car back in shape can cost you a lot of money if not done consistently.

So, Lincoln, being a luxurious automobile, its deterioration from a lack of maintenance is much more rapid. However, to save yourself a lot of hassle, we recommend you have a scheduled maintenance scheme. This way, you don't have to wait until you notice a fault on your iron horse before replacing failing components.

Lincoln oil change

If you have ever been under your vehicle's hood, you will realize it uses a lot of oil. These oils ensure that every moving component on your auto is well lubricated. Suppose the oil is low, bad, or contains many impurities. In that case, it means there will be a buildup of heat in those moving components, which would easily cause damage.

When you compare the price of an oil change to that of getting certain components on your vehicle, like the brake rotor, transmission, and so on, you would realize it is easier to get an oil change earlier. When you need to change the oil on your Lincoln, be it the brake oil, transmission oil, steering fluid, etc., do well to visit our garage at Al Quoz.

Lincoln battery replacement

There are many signs in a vehicle that indicate you need a battery replacement. So as not to end up buying a battery replacement when, in fact, it is not the battery that is faulty on your Lincoln, you should entrust the project to us at Easy Care Auto, and we will send a technician your way. The technician will test your battery to ascertain if it is the battery that is faulty or something else.

Replacing your car battery is pretty easy and can be done by anyone; however, what's tricky is getting the correct battery. There are so many fake batteries on the market with misleading labels. We offer several battery replacement services, including a Lincoln hybrid battery replacement. However, our experts use only OEM parts, so when you get a battery replacement from us, you will be guaranteed it will be high-quality.

Lincoln starter replacement

Another crucial component of your Lincoln is the starter motor. This motor is battery-powered, and its primary function is to crank the engine. If this motor is faulty, you wouldn't be able to start your vehicle by cranking it. In such cases, we recommend a starter motor replacement. Since you can't start your car to bring it to our garage, you can call us, and we will send a mobile mechanic to pick up your vehicle. Or, if you'd prefer, we could come to your location to replace the starter motor.

Lincoln timing chain replacement

The timing chain on your Lincoln is an essential component for operation. If it breaks or becomes too slack, you could damage your engine, or the machine may not work. The timing chain connects the crankshaft to the camshaft, which works to open and close valves at the right time. These valves let air and fuel in the engine create that perfect combustion. But if there is a slight variation in the valve timing, fuel efficiency would be reduced, and it would make a lot of uncomfortable noises and reduce the amount of torque your vehicle produces. You should also come down to our garage at Al Quoz to get a timing chain replacement in no time.

Lincoln alternator replacement

An alternator is a component of your car that converts mechanical energy from the engine to electrical energy. This component is responsible for recharging your Lincoln's battery, powering the ECU, AC, front and rear headlamp, light bulb, brake light, and so on. In other words, the alternator is the electrical powerhouse of your vehicle.

There are numerous reasons an alternator is faulty, including rust, electrical surge, dust, and debris. When the alternator is defective or developing signs of a fault, those items it powers will not function as they should. During such times, you should visit our garage or give us a call to check your vehicle for the cause of the issue.

Lincoln fuel pump replacement

Every gas-powered model of Lincoln has a fuel pump to get the right amount of fuel from the fuel tank to the engine. This pump is battery-powered and needs to pump fuel at a uniform rate to ensure fuel efficiency.

If there is any issue with the fuel pump, it puts your engine at a lot of risks. You can tell your vehicle is not getting enough fuel when the engine chokes out or dies, or it doesn't give you enough power when under load. While you can alter the fuel pump to provide you with better fuel economy or more torque, it must be done appropriately.

When you come to us for a fuel pump replacement service, we start by determining what type of part you have and then test the fuel pressure. If the pressure is too low, we will try to repair or replace it depending on cost-effectiveness.

Lincoln oil pump replacement

Every car with a combustion engine uses an oil pump to ensure the oils get to the right places. These oil pumps create pressure which pushes the oil to the right spot. If the oil pump becomes faulty, your automobile will not function optimally.

When you notice your automotive engine gets hot faster than it used to, it means something is not right in the engine. In such cases, you should bring your automobile to our garage as soon as possible before the damage spreads. We will test the pump pressure and other parts for leaks. If our test reveals there is a fault, we go ahead to replace it.

Lincoln water pump replacement

Your Lincoln comes with a water pump located near the front engine. The use of the water pump is to circulate coolant throughout the engine. The water pump on most models has an expected lifespan of around 60,000 miles, which needs to be replaced. Although, with good maintenance, you might be able to use the water pump a little longer. But when the water pump is faulty, your engine will get hotter than usual. If your vehicle's engine is too hot, it can damage many things, leading to more expenses.

So, when you notice signs of a faulty water pump, such as an unusual hot engine, give us a call or stop by our garage in Al Quoz.

Lincoln actuator repair

An actuator is an electronic component that controls the opening and closing of a valve. You would find an actuator in many parts like the AC, door, etc. If the actuator is faulty, you wouldn't be able to do many things, such as open and close your car door, control how the AC works, and even the engine. To know if an actuator is faulty, you need to perform a series of tests which have to be performed by a professional with specialized tools.

You should bring your Lincoln to our workshop in Dubai when you suspect the actuator is faulty. We inspect everything about the actuator of your vehicle, including the wiring connected to your vehicle's ECU, to ensure we get to the root of the issue.

Lincoln radiator replacement

Like the water pump, the radiator on your Lincoln performs a similar job of cooling down your engine. The radiator on a Lincoln works is quite different as it passes coolant through the engine, absorbs the heat, and disperses it in the radiator. The radiator comprises several metal tubing coils that allow heat to be easily dispersed into the atmosphere. The radiator is often situated at the front of your Lincoln. So, as you drive, the cool air hitting the front of your car cools down the heat absorbed from the heat.

However, suppose the radiator on your Lincoln is faulty. In that case, feel free to visit our garage in Dubai to get it replaced with an original Lincoln radiator for an affordable price.

Lincoln heater core replacement

Think of the heater core as the heater in a car to keep the interior warm in cold seasons. The heater core is much like the radiator but is mounted to blow heat into your car. The heater core is mounted near the dashboard and has an outlet and inlet vent connected to the compressor. This allows the coolant to flow in and out of the heater core.

If the heater core is faulty in a luxurious automobile, it can be pretty concerning as not every mechanic can maintain the finesse to repair it without ruining the interior luxury. However, at Easy Care auto, professional specialists are skilled at minimal invasion techniques to get to the site where a repair needs to be performed. Hence, we don't have to take apart much of your Lincoln to fix the issue.

Lincoln engine repair

A faulty engine is the last thing anyone wants to deal with because, apart from the cost, few mechanics are great at repairing it. At Easy Care auto, you can ease your mind when you need an engine repair. Whether it is the engine block, cylinder head, piston, and so on, our local mechanics have a vast understanding of the various methods to fix the issue. Even if you don't need to repair your engine but modify certain aspects, our mechanics can help get it done.

Lincoln head gasket replacement

The head gasket is an essential part of every automobile engine that keeps the engine sealed. The way the internal combustion of an engine works has to be controlled. Hence, the ratio of air to fuel allowed into the combustion chamber has to be exact. If there is a variation in this number, be it the fuel or the air, the combustion would not be complete or go out of sync. Manufacturers don't want this, so they included a head gasket to seal air from getting into the combustion chamber or out.

However, the head gasket can also go bad; in such cases, you can always visit our garage to have it replaced with an OEM part.

Lincoln transmission replacement

Whether your Lincoln is a manual or automatic transmission, you must properly maintain it. If it is not well maintained, it develops all sorts of issues, including difficulty replacing, switching gears, or moving the vehicle under load.

If your transmission is faulty, you can always come to our garage to have it repaired or replaced, depending on what is defective in the transmission. Traditional service includes repairing the gear head of the transmission, gearbox, clutch, and so on. But when so many parts are damaged, or the damage is too intense, it is advisable to go for a full replacement instead of a Lincoln transmission repair.

Lincoln power steering pump replacement

Today most vehicles come with power steering. Without the power steering, particularly on luxurious automobiles like a Lincoln, turning when you want to would be pretty tricky. The power steering needs transmission fluid and a pump to turn it into the right place. But when the pump goes bad, it needs to be replaced; otherwise, the steering would be stiff to turn. If you need to replace the power steering pump of your Lincoln, come to our garage, and our experts will get it fixed in no time.

Lincoln PCM repair

The powertrain control module (PCM) is an essential component that combines the use of the ECU and TCU of your vehicle to ensure efficiency. The PCM uses a series of sensors and dozens of microprocessors to monitor different aspects of your automobile. So, when something is about to develop a fault on your Lincoln, you can always be ahead of it.

However, while the PCM can help you detect the condition of various aspects of your vehicle, the PCM can get damaged. At Easy Care Auto, Lincoln PCM repair is one of our many specialized services.

Lincoln brake repair

The brake on your vehicle is an essential safety component that shouldn't be taken likely. If the brake is faulty, you should visit our garage to get it fixed. Whether your brake is not very responsive or too responsive, we can help you make it right. It doesn't matter what type of brake your vehicle uses; our mechanics are vast with the working principles of different types of braking systems.

Our brake services include brake pad replacement, fluid change, etc. We can even perform modification services on your braking system. Our brake modification services include changing the rotor, drum, calipers, etc.

Lincoln suspension repair

Suspension is another essential component of most luxury automobiles. When the suspension on a vehicle is premium, the cabin feels pretty comfortable, even on rough terrain. Different models of Lincoln make use of different types of suspension.

If you need to repair or service your car's suspension, you should rest assured of getting high-quality work done if you entrust the job to us at Easy Care Auto. We perform all suspension repairs, including a Lincoln air suspension repair. We also serve other suspension services such as strut repair, stabilizer, lifting, etc.

Lincoln wheel bearing replacement

The wheel assembly comprises many vital components, and the wheel bearing is one of them. The wheel bearing is a set of steel balls held by a metal ring. The use of the wheel bearing is to reduce the friction between the wheel, tires, and hub.

Although due to lousy terrain or driving style, the wheel bearing could break. If the wheel bearing on your Lincoln is bad, it would make an unusual noise and cause a lot of heat around the wheel, damaging several things in the vehicle.

Lincoln cluster repair

The cluster instrument or the lights mounted on the dashboard gauges several things on your vehicle. The cluster could be the speedometer, fuel gauge, battery, headlight indicators, etc. These gauges are helpful and may not be a component that gets faulty quickly, but they can get wrong.

If the cluster instrument on your vehicle is faulty, you can quickly get it repaired at our workshop. Technicians here will get into your vehicle's electrical system and fix the problem.

Lincoln sunroof repair

Having a sunroof on your Lincoln is all fun and exhilarating until it no longer functions as it should. If the sunroof stops working, you may not be able to close it or open it when you want, which can be frustrating.

In this case, you should bring your vehicle to our garage to have it inspected. Our bodywork specialist will check the sunroof and diagnose what the issue is. If the part can be repaired, we will proceed with the repair. However, if we think a complete replacement is the best option, we recommend it.

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