Light bulb replacement

You will appreciate having a great light bulb, especially when you drive a lot at night. If you notice your light bulb isn’t functioning optimally, there are some signs that you need to replace it.

Several signs indicate you need to go for LED replacement bulbs. Bring it down to our garage in Al Quoz Dubai to have the light bulb replaced whenever you notice these signs on your vehicle. Signs you need a light bulb replacement includes:

Flickering headlight

If your vehicle’s headlight is flickering, you should have it checked, as it can be dangerous. A flickering headlamp could signify that the one is about to get to the end of its life. If your automotive bulb is flickering, you can also bring it to the Dubai garage for an LED light bulb replacement. Our specialist will go ahead to diagnose the problem to ensure it is not an electronic problem before recommending an LED light bulb replacement.

Dim headlight

Ideally, the light from your automobile’s headlight should not be dim. If you have the headlamp setting placed on full brightness, yet you get a dim light coming out, you might consider cleaning the light area. If this doesn’t fix the problem, then the problem could be that the car part is about to give out. In such cases, bring your automobile to our garage in Al Quoz, UAE, to have a replacement headlight for you.

Single headlamp out

Sometimes, it could happen that a single headlamp of your automobile may go out. Since these auto parts are replaced in pairs, if one gives out, there is a high likelihood that the other is about to go out as well. Although the cost to have both parts replaced could be a bit high, it is better to address the issue on time. So, when you bring your vehicle to our Al Quoz, UAE shop, our specialists will inspect both headlights and advise you on the best possible choice to make.


In summary, the price of having a light bulb replacement is way less compared to having to repair your vehicle after an accident. If you have a defective headlight or another part, waste no time visiting our nearby workshop in the UAE to have it replaced. Driving around with a faulty one, especially at night, is very dangerous.

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