For over three decades in the industry, the Lexus brand has been famous amongst automobile enthusiasts for its innovative designs. These automobiles have several features that make them stand out from other luxurious cars. For instance, the brand was the first to design an eight-speed automatic transmission. It was also the first to make the world LED low-beam headlamps and has one of the finest pedestrian-detection systems today. If you own a Lexus automobile, it’s certain you have a high sense of taste.

Although the Lexus brand is a reliable vehicle, it must be regularly maintained like all cars. To this end, we at Easy Сare Auto are a reputable Lexus service center capable of handling all things Lexus repair and maintenance in the largest UAE car workshop. We are a certified Lexus mechanic workshop in Al Quoz that strives to provide those car owners with a reliable, transparent, and affordable solution to whatever problem their car may face. So, don’t put off the routine service or take your Lex to any repair shop; talk to us today about your repairs, and we will help you find the best solutions, whatever the problem.

The Best Lexus Mechanic in UAE

Are you experiencing any issues with your luxury automobile? Or are you searching for a reliable mechanic workshop to perform a Lexus check or get some other service? If you are, look no further, as at Easy Care Auto, we specialize in all types of service and repair on luxurious automobiles. From regular maintenance checks to oil changes, ECU service, engine repairs, bodywork, and much more. Expert mechanics here are certified and have decades of experience handling exotic cars, including different models of Lexus.

Our customers’ peace of mind and satisfaction are our priority at Easycare Auto. Because of our partnership with manufacturers, we offer all the customers affordable solutions to their automobile issues without compromising quality. We use sophisticated diagnostic equipment to check your automobile for any problem. And if anything is wrong with your Lexus, we guarantee to use only OEM parts directly from the manufacturer. So, if you are looking for a Lexus service center near you, look no further than Easy Care in Al Quoz. Get in touch with us today, and we will send a mechanic your way anywhere in Dubai, or you can bring your automobile to our garage to get top-notch service.

Full-Service Lexus Mechanic in UAE

Do you love the performance you get out of your Lexus? If you love the high performance of your iron horse, the only way to keep enjoying it is by properly taking care of your car. Proper maintenance means getting it serviced before you start noticing faults on it. Proper maintenance also means having a trustworthy, skilled mechanic with experience and access to vast equipment and OEM parts to handle your service and repair.

At Easy Care we offer a full service on any Lexus model and more. Below are some of the most commonly sought-after Lexus services we offer:

Lexus Diagnostic

Diagnosing your automobile before attempting any repair will save you a lot of money on repair and ensure you fix the problem in one shot. Not every mechanic wants to go through the trouble of diagnosing your automobile before declaring a prognosis on the issue. And most of the time, mechanics that diagnose an automobile’s fault this way either get it wrong or miss a few faults. But at Easy Сare Auto, we take no chances, as we are very thorough when you bring your Lexus to our garage. Our skilled mechanics take their time to inspect every aspect of your automobile, from the engine to electrical components to even the aesthetics; we leave no stone unturned.

Lexus Maintenance

After covering a couple of thousand miles on your vehicle, ideally, you should have it serviced. Performing routine maintenance on your Lexus may seem unnecessary initially, but in the long run, it helps preserve several parts of your car. You will experience less breakdown, and as such, you will spend less on repairs because they will hardly occur. And the best part is that our maintenance service of your car doesn’t cost much compared to other mechanics. All you have to do is give us a call or visit our local center to have a professional mechanic service your Lexus. So, whether you are looking to get basic routine maintenance or more extensive maintenance service done on your Lexus, at Easy Care Auto, we got your back.

Lexus Wheel Alignment

Are you noticing your steering wanting to tilt to a corner while driving? Or are you finding it challenging to keep your car going straight even when the steering is straight? If you are, it is most likely because your wheel is out of alignment. Your wheels are out of alignment because of bad roads, driving habits, etc. Fortunately, we specialize in wheel alignment to ensure your tires are in the best condition. Even if your Lexus suspension or axle causes the issue, we will take care of it at Easy Care Auto in no time.

Lexus Maintenance Light

When there is any car issue, the dashboard maintenance light will most likely come up. It would be best if you did not ignore when any maintenance comes up, and ignoring it means that whatever caused the issue in the first place will either get more damaged or lead to a more complicated issue and damage other things.

While sometimes the maintenance light could be ON due to an error in the ECU, we recommend you don’t take that chance. When the maintenance light on your dashboard is ON, you should bring it to our garage and let a professional inspect your vehicle. If there is nothing to bother about, we will clear the error to get rid of the On maintenance light.

Lexus Transmission Service

The transmission on your Lexus is that part of the engine that transfers energy to the wheels. The transmission is a complex component that comes with so many moving parts. Hence, this means that anything can go wrong from wear and tear. Your transmission is faulty or becomes faulty when it lacks responsiveness, clunk, hums, whine, grind or produce some other weird sound while driving.

In addition, it is worth noting that several other signs indicate you need transmission service. And to pinpoint the main issue, our experts always perform a diagnostic on your Lexus to determine the cause and main problem before going ahead to fix the problem.

Lexus Head Gasket Repair

While the head gasket on your Lexus seems like a simple component, it is crucial to the functioning of your car. If the head gasket is defective, it could damage the engine bearing and other parts of the engine. As such, when you bring a vehicle to EasyCare Auto workshop for maintenance, specialists here will check the integrity of this component. If detected that the head gasket is giving out, mechanics change it on the spot. When the head gasket is in good working condition, you have nothing to worry about regarding oil leakage, smoky engine, or loud noise.

Lexus Timing Belt Replacement

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Easy Care Auto when you notice the faulty timing belt so we can send an expert mechanic your way. As a crucial component of your car, the timing belt controls the piston and valves of the engine to ensure it operates properly. So, if it snaps, your car engine will go OFF. Some Lexus come with a timing chain that is much more difficult to snap but can also get damaged. Find yourself in this situation, especially in the middle of the road anywhere in Dubai. Our mobile specialist will assist you with all belt replacements, including a cambelt replacement service.

Lexus Transmission Fluid Change

The transmission of the engine is made of many moving parts that need to be well-lubricated. The transmission fluid increases rotational speed, cooling the engine’s temperature, and so on. With time, the transmission fluid becomes worn out and needs to be changed.

At Easy Care Auto, we offer transmission fluid change as a service. Our experts also consider the different types of transmission fluid for manual or automatic transmission. We also consider the transmission technology, be it the traditional DSG, DCT, or CVT transmission technology. So, when you need this service, you can trust our experts to get the most suitable transmission fluid.

Lexus Oil Change

It would be best if you did not wait too long for essential car maintenance such as an oil change. When you take too long to change your Lexus car oil, it can cause irreparable damage. The oil helps keep the gearbox, differential, and other moving parts lubricated. But over time, as the engine keeps getting hot, it boils and condenses off the oil, making it break down. As time goes on, the engine tends not to get well lubricated, causing wear and tear, emitting toxic chemicals, and even reducing your gas mileage, amongst other effects.

The price of an oil change is insignificant compared to the cost of an engine repair or replacement. So, when it’s time to get an oil change, please do not ignore it; visit our workshop immediately.

Lexus ECU Replacement

The function of the ECU on your Lexus is quite complex. It controls the electronic components of a car. If the ECU on your automobile is faulty, things like the headlight, infotainment system, and other electronically powered parts will stop functioning. 

If you notice that the ECU on your automobile is not working as it should, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for repair or replacement. Our experts can test, disassemble, reprogram and repair the ECU on your Lexus, and in case the problem is too severe, we go ahead to replace it.

Furthermore, don’t forget that the ECU has to be reprogrammed in case of replacement. And the good news is that experts can also reprogram an ECU replacement on your iron horse, ensuring that it functions optimally.

Lexus ECM Repair

The ECM on your Lexus controls its engine or mechanical components. It ensures your engine works optimally by managing the air-fuel mixture ratio and regulating the emission system. If there is any fault with the ECM, you will not be getting the best performance from your car. At Easy Care Auto, we also specialize in repairing and replacing the ECM on Lexus automotive. We can also tweak the ECM on your vehicle such that you can get more torque, horsepower, or fuel efficiency from your engine.

Lexus Bodyshop

Your Lexus bodywork's aesthetic appeal is likely a part of why you bought the brand. But when there are dents or noticeable scratch marks on your car, it significantly reduces the beauty and its resale value. Body repair of a Lexus is pretty complex as there are so many things to consider. But at Easy Care Auto, our attention to the detailing features of a Lexus makes it relatively easy to transform it back to its original shape.

So, whether you are trying to repaint, fix the front or rear bumper, and so on, you can trust our expert mechanic to deliver the best result consistently at a low price.

Lexus Headlight Replacement

Are your Lexus headlights showing signs of fading, or are the bulbs failing and needing replacement? At Easy Сare we can take care of everything, headlight maintenance and replacement. We will take things a notch higher at our workshop and replace your plastic headlight with a premium glass headlight.

You shouldn't drive your vehicle at night with a defective headlight or a headlight that does not give you the proper clearance of the road ahead. It is dangerous and could get you in trouble with the cop driving around with a defective headlight. So whatever the issue you have with the headlight on your car, give us a call to fix it.

Lexus AC Repair

A correctly working air conditioning in your Lexus is crucial to having a lovely drive. The temperature can get relatively high when driving in Dubai on a hot summer afternoon. However, if your car's air conditioning system is broken, don't sweat it. You can bring it to the workshop in Al Quoz for a detailed inspection. Our experts will diagnose the AC unit to detect the issue. And it does not matter what model of Lexus you use; our experts are vast with all models of Lexus.

So, whether it is the fan motor that is broken, coolant that is leaking, blocked filter, and so on, we go right into the root cause and fix the issue.

Lexus Battery Replacement

Most automobiles need a battery to function. The battery powers the starter motor, the electrical components like the infotainment, headlight, etc. But when your automobile's battery is low, several aspects of the car will suffer, including turning ON the vehicle. Hence, if the battery is getting low due to a bad alternator or the battery has aged, it is advisable to bring it for a thorough inspection.

The challenge with getting a battery replacement is that there are so many brands and different types. However, at Easy Care, our experts understand the other battery technology and partner with several reputable manufacturers. So, when we get a battery replacement for your automobile, you can be sure you'd get the most value from it.

Lexus Key Replacement

Did you misplace your car key, or is it damaged? We understand this situation can be somewhat frustrating, but you can ease your mind as our professionals specialize in different key replacement services.

Whether you are in the middle of the road or at home when you are having issues with your car keys, we can help you resolve them. It does not matter what model of Lexus you drive; our locksmith will get you inside your car in no time. And we wouldn't bore you with the long documentation process to get access to your automobile.

Lexus Key Fob Battery Replacement

Additionally, we can also help you with a key fob replacement. With a key fob, you can lock, unlock, and even set OFF the alarm on your car right with your key. Some Lexus models come with even more complex key fobs with more functionality. While Lexus fobs are built to last decades, they could get damaged, and the battery could run low. Whatever the case, we will help you get a key fob replacement in no time. And when we do, we reprogram the key fob so every button functions.

We could even offer you an upgraded key fob with more functions than your previous fobs; the choice is all yours.

Lexus Tire Pressure Sensor (TPMS) Replacement

Have you ever wondered how your car can perfectly tell you when your tires need to be inflated? Well, it is due to the tire pressure sensor. This sensor does an excellent job of monitoring the inflation level of your tires. So, the sensor light trips ON when your tire's air pressure falls below the required level. It will stay ON until you inflate your tire to the suitable range. Also, it will remain ON if you overinflate the tires.

So, when you need to inflate your car tires, you can come to EasyCare garage. We can also replace your tire pressure sensor if faulty.

Lexus Spark Plug Replacement

If you didn't know, your Lexus automotive also use spark plugs. These small components in your engine are crucial in creating an ignition in the engine. While the spark plug on your automotive can last for a very long time, with time, they eventually don't generate enough spark to ignite the fuel/air mixture. When this happens, you need to replace the spark plug, or you will have to keep dealing with your automotive turning OFF by itself.

At Easy Care Auto, we can replace the spark plug on any model of Lexus that uses one. So, feel free to reach out to us anytime.

Lexus Brake Service

Are you looking for a reliable repair shop where you can get a professional brake service? Look no further; at Easy Care Auto, experienced mechanics know the ins and outs of different brake types that come with Lexus automobiles. We offer different types of brake services depending on what your automobile needs.

Whether you have an electric brake, hydraulic brake, or mechanic brake on your Lexus, we can get you the right type of brake service. Be it bleeding the brake oil change, changing brake pad change, resurfacing rotor, or other related issues, feel free to contact us.

Lexus Brake Pad Replacement

The more you use the brakes on your Lexus, the more worn out the brake pad gets. It will eventually get so worn out that it no longer slows down your car as it ought. However, it is advisable not to let the brake pad on your Lexus get to this point before getting a replacement, as it is not safe driving around with a faulty brake. Changing the brake pads on your coupe, sedan, or crossover would only take a couple of minutes when you come to Easy Care Auto to get a replacement.

Lexus Brake Actuator Replacement

The brake actuator is a component of the braking unit in some models of Lexus. They are very effective at slowing down the car, particularly heavy-duty automobiles. The brake actuator works with the compressed air force. This means that the compressed air could run out, and the wear and tear could damage the reservoir.

We offer several brake actuator services. We can refill the compressed air, replace the tight air reservoir, and so much more when it comes to brake actuator services.

Lexus Hybrid Repair

If you own a Lexus hybrid car, your automobile has a fuel tank and a battery pack. The vehicle switches from its battery pack to gasoline depending on the current need for more energy. The idea of a hybrid car is intelligent, but if you don't maintain it properly, it will have a very short lifespan.

Some of the most common issues with hybrid Lexus cars include replacing the oxygen sensor, leaks, catalytic converter, etc. When you bring your Lexus hybrid car to our garage, we perform all the necessary inspections for faults. And if there is any need for a repair, we use genuine OEM parts from the manufacturer to fix the issue.

Lexus Pre Purchase Inspection

When you want to purchase a used Lexus car, you can call us, and we will send a professional mechanic to your location to help inspect the automobile. Our experts' pre-purchase inspection is fair and unbiased. We consider every tiny detail about the vehicle to ensure you get only the best. We look at everything from the engine to the transmission, fuel pump, bodywork, water pump, etc. We inspect everything and give you a complete prognosis of the Lexus automobile you want to buy. We also give you a list of things that need to be fixed on the car to make it look brand new again and a quote.

So, feel free to give us a call for anything Lexus automobile.

Lexus Models We Service

  • Lexus CT
  • Lexus ES
  • Lexus GS
  • Lexus GX
  • Lexus IS
  • Lexus ISC
  • Lexus ISF
  • Lexus LC
  • Lexus LFA
  • Lexus LS
  • Lexus LX
  • Lexus NX
  • Lexus RC
  • Lexus RCF
  • Lexus RX
  • Lexus SC
  • Lexus IS250
  • Lexus RX450h
  • Lexus CT200h
  • Lexus ES 350
  • Lexus LS430
  • Lexus ES300
  • Lexus NX 300
  • Lexus GX460
  • Lexus RX350
  • Lexus IS350
  • Lexus IS 200t
  • Lexus GS300
  • Lexus ES 300h
  • Lexus GS 350
  • Lexus LS 460
  • Lexus UX
  • Lexus LX 570
  • Lexus RX Hybrid
  • Lexus RC F
  • Lexus NX 200t
  • Lexus LS400
  • Lexus ES330
  • Lexus GX470
  • Lexus LC 500
  • Lexus 450h hybrid