Jeep has been around for up to eight decades and has managed to maintain a positive image for itself. As one of the well-established auto manufacturers, the car brand is known for its classic design and several outstanding features. Most models are SUVs, rolling out high-end, luxurious, and mainstream cars. So, if you are a fan of SUVs, Jeep is one brand you want to check out.

Owning one comes with several advantages like the abundance of its drivetrain and steering, luxurious design, advanced electronics, etc. But if you don’t take good care of them, then they are as good as worthless.

Getting the most out of your Jeepy means you have a reliable Jeep service center you can go to for any diagnostic, maintenance, and repair if needed. At Easy Care Auto service, we provide everything you need in one garage. We have certified technicians with lots of experience repairing luxurious SUVs, particularly this brand. When you bring your Grand Cherokee, Gladiator or Wrangler to our workshop, you can ease your mind as we ensure that your car only leaves in the best working condition. And what’s even more interesting in getting your automobile needs from us is that we give you the best price you can’t get at another auto garage in the whole of the UAE.

Certified Jeep service center

Do not be dismayed when your vehicle breaks down. We understand many SUV owners' frustration when looking for a professional Jeep auto repair workshop in Dubai. It is even more annoying when a garage needs more experience to fix a problem and exacerbates the issue at the end of the day.

It is worth noting that some mechanics can squeeze you in for some extra cash by overinflating the cost of repairs. All these are no new challenges many car owners face when they try to repair their automobiles in Dubai. However, the good news is that you can rest assured of getting the best service in the UAE at our local garage in Al Quoz.

All our mechanics have experience dealing with all kinds of maintenance or repairs on all Jeep models. Our sophisticated diagnostic equipment can pinpoint any issue you may have with your Jeep. And with our partnership with manufacturers, we can repair any model with genuine parts that are in line with OEM standards. This partnership also contributes to why the cost of repair at our workshop is so competitive compared to other garages.

So, when next you need anything done on your vehicle, feel free to drive down to our garage in Al Quoz or give us a call for inquiries and requests.

The list of Jeep repair services

If you need an expert Jeep car service, look no further. At Easy Care Auto, we provide you with any repair needs you might desire. As an independent Jeep auto repair center, we can provide you with an affordable alternative repair service to dealership services. We are committed to keeping your car in the best possible condition. Hence, we maintain the quality of our service.

Our team comprises specialists, from mechanics to electricians, panel beaters, and so on. So, no matter how complex you think the repair on your automobile is, we have you covered. Easy Care repair services include but are not limited to the following:

Jeep diagnostic

Did you notice something weird about your Cherokee but can't quite put your hands around what in particular is wrong? What you need is a complete diagnostic of your automobile. When you come to our workshop in Al Quoz to diagnose it, we will give you a full report on the condition of your car. With the help of advanced diagnostic tools, specialists here will test everything on your SUV. Easy Care Auto diagnostic service involves engine check, transmission, ECM, electronics, tire and brakes, air conditioning, etc.

If anything is wrong with your car, we will inform you after the diagnosis and provide a quote on repair options.

Jeep maintenance

Have you ever wondered how some Jeep owners can keep their autos in excellent condition, making the car look like they hardly drive it when that is the only car they drive? Are you concerned about how you can do it? If you are, the truth is that you must take maintenance service seriously if you want your car to always have that new feel.

When you bring your ride to the garage for a maintenance service, our mechanics perform a full inspection of your vehicle. This way, nothing goes so bad on your Jeep that it starts to cause trouble and damage several components on your automobile.

Jeep oil change

Generally, cars use different kinds of oil, like engine oil, brake oil, grease oil, steering oil, and so on. So, when you notice the oil level in your Jeep getting low, you should change it. It is advisable to change the oil regularly as this helps to prevent wear and corrosion and reduce friction and contaminants.

At the local garage in Al Quoz, Dubai, we offer all kinds of oil changes. We remove old oils and replace them with high-quality oil suitable for your model. Usually, cars use different types of oil, so we always work with the oil grade recommended by the manufacturer.

Jeep transmission fluid change

One more thing you should pay attention to in your iron horse is the transmission fluid. The transmission chamber on your Jeep is made up of several moving parts. And when there are moving parts, particularly iron, it means there will be friction, leading to heat buildup, which will end up degrading the oil and cause some of it to evaporate.

When you need a transmission fluid change, look no other than Easy Care Auto. Our experts will source the suitable grade transmission fluid most ideal for your Jeep model and inspect your transmission's condition.

Jeep transmission service

While Jeeps are rugged and can handle several terrains you throw at them, their transmission will begin to give out over time. You may experience a delay in shifting gears or reduced torque when you throttle, amongst other signs indicating you need transmission service.

Whatever the transmission issue you are facing, at Easy Care Auto, mechanics are vast with all kinds of challenges related to the transmission of four-wheel drive vehicles. So, whether the gears are worn out, the CVT is faulty, or you need a total transmission rebuild, we have you covered.

Jeep differential service

The differential transaxle is an integral part of many SUVs that works with the transmission to make your vehicle move. This mechanical component is commonly found in front-wheel Jeeps, as well as 4-wheel drives. Its primary function is to make the wheels on a car turn at different speeds. If the differential is faulty, you will hear whining noises, a burning smell, and grinding or binding, amongst other things. So, whether the differential is broken, worn out, or degrading because of its location, we can help you repair or replace it as it may be. You can get your differential services of all kinds at Easy Care Auto.

Jeep 4WD service

Servicing a 4-wheel drive car is quite different from servicing a 2-wheel drive. If you have a 4-wheel drive Jeep, you mustn't trust it with a random mechanic. A 4-wheel drive ride is quite technical and requires a skilled mechanic who knows the working principles of a 4-wheel drive to service it.

Therefore, mechanics at Easy Care Auto pays close attention to every detail, like scratch marks or if there is any leak at any point. In addition, Jeep will require frequent oil changes, fuel pump, and filter inspection, brake pad check, all fluid top, timing chain or a timing belt replacement, and overall inspection for safety.

Jeep clutch replacement

Whether you drive a manual or an automatic gearbox Jeep, there will always be a clutch. The only difference is that on a manual transmission car, you have a clutch pedal you can use to switch gears. But on ones with automatic transmission, the clutch is not visible. The engine automatically switches gears for you based on your current need.

Whatever the case, the clutch is not damage-proof and can develop issues with time, based on your driving style and the terrain you drive frequently. Anyway, you can go to Easy Care Auto workshop to have your clutch replaced. You can also set up an appointment and have one of our mobile mechanics fix the faulty clutch.

Jeep engine repair

The engine is like the heart of your vehicle. When there is an issue with that part, it affects how the rest of the vehicle functions. While getting an engine repair or service may feel dreadful, mainly because of the cost, we make the process painless and straightforward at ECare Auto. We covered you whether your engine needs to be serviced, completely rebuilt, or replaced. Our mechanic will work you through the process of an engine repair, so you know what your vehicle will be going through.

As a certified service center, we only use OEM standard parts on your engine, so you're getting the best quality and nothing less.

Jeep radiator replacement

Is the temperature on the dashboard reading abnormally high? Or do you have to constantly stop by the roadside to open your bonnet to allow the engine to cool off? When the radiator of your Jeep is faulty, it can cause these issues.

Several things can lead to your radiator not functioning, such as a defective water pump, the radiator fan motor not working, a coolant leak, and so on. Suppose you don't change the faulty component on time. In that case, it could damage the gearbox, differential, electronic components, and other vital parts. In such a situation, you should visit our workshop at Al Quoz to have a specialist inspect your Jeep.

Jeep alternator replacement

The alternator is another essential component on your powerful iron horse that helps to keep the battery recharged. So, when you want to start your car, it has enough charge to crank the engine. The alternator also powers other electronics in your vehicles, such as the front and rear headlight and brake light.

Several symptoms indicate the alternator on your automobile is faulty, such as slow cranking, dim headlight, failing electronic components, etc. While these signs could also mean something like a defective battery, the best way to confirm that the alternative is bad is to have it diagnosed by our mechanic. If we confirm that the fault is from the alternator, we proceed to change it at an unbeatable price.

Jeep PCM repair

The powertrain control module (PCM) is an essential part that monitors and manages its transmission and engine systems. Its primary function is to receive and send info from and to the many sensors on your vehicle; it can be anything from the oxygen sensor to the catalytic converter and several other things. If these sensors are faulty or there are trouble codes in the PCM, you would need a PCM repair service.

At Easy Care Auto, we offer a fast, reliable, and affordable PCM repair service to get your Jeep back functioning like it was brand new. If your PCM is defective, we always try to repair it before considering a replacement option to keep the repair cost to a minimum. We also care about your time and safety, ensuring the process is easy and fast.

Jeep ECM repair

The ECM or ECU is a piece of hardware that controls your automotive performance. The ECM acts like a mediator between you and the engine. Each modern vehicle has an ECM explicitly built for its VIN. So, repairing or replacing it can be a bit challenging. For this reason, you can bring your Jeep to our garage for all kinds of ECM repairs.

Our local specialist repairs the ECM in the latest and early models on the market. And with our cutting-edge equipment, we can diagnose and repair any ECM.

Jeep tune up

Detailing the condition of each part of your powerful car, like the head gasket, is crucial before a tune to ensure your vehicle doesn't develop a problem over time. Each Jeep engine has been preset to deliver a certain amount of performance. But at Easy Care Auto, we can help you tune your engine, so it's just suitable for you and your driving conditions. We have you covered whether you want more fuel economy or performance tuning from your iron horse.

When you bring a car to the local Al Quoz garage for engine tuning, our technician will start by inspecting your engine for worn-out parts. We check the transmission, spark plug, exhaust system, brake pads, etc. If there is any issue with any component, we repair or completely replace it with new parts. When everything is in the best possible condition, we proceed to turn up your Jeep to your specific needs.

Jeep wheel alignment

Occasionally, after driving around, you need to realign the wheels. The wheels go out of alignment due to a bad road or rough driving style. However, driving around when your wheels are not well aligned is dangerous and will hinder your ability to move properly. You should bring your vehicle to our workshop to get it aligned. We use a digital alignment system that eliminates the possibility of human errors. When you come for a wheel alignment, we also inspect your tire's health and get the correct air pressure in your tire.

Jeep suspension repair

Suspension is integral to your comfort while on the road. When the part is out of shape, it makes your driving experience bumpier. However, it would be best if you had your suspension replaced when it starts showing signs of issues such as poor handling.

When you need a Jeep air suspension service, feel free to reach out to Easy Care Auto. So, whether you need to repair the suspension bushes, ball joints, shock absorbers, springs, and so on, our certified auto mechanics are vast in everything suspension-related. All you have to do is give us a call or drive down to our garage to speak with a specialist.

Jeep brake repair

It is risky to drive around when the braking system is not working efficiently. It doesn't matter whether it is the regular or park brake; you should always have it inspected when it starts to give out symptoms. At Easy Care Auto, we care about your safety; we offer most brake repair services.

So, whether you suspect a leak, the brake pedal is stuck, the brake pad, the rotor is worn out, there is air in the brake line, the brake oil is reduced, and so on, give us a call to book a brake service appointment. We will restore your brake to life, giving you confidence while driving that anytime you need to stop your vehicle, it will respond.

Jeep ABS module repair

The anti-lock brake system (ABS) is an electronic system that provides your Jeep with additional safety. This module intelligently prevents wheels from locking when applying heavy brakes or skidding. The ABS module comes in very handy on your Jeep in several situations. But like most components on your Jeep, it can develop issues, and the ABS indicator on your dashboard will come ON.

In such a case, don't hesitate to give us a call to schedule a brake system inspection. After inspecting your brakes, we will provide a breakdown of what is wrong with your ABS module and your repair options with cost estimation.

Jeep air conditioning repair

It is exceptionally frustrating when your air conditioner stops working. Suppose the AC on your car is beginning to develop issues. In that case, the coolant may leak, harming the environment and damaging the compressor and evaporator. If you start noticing signs, such as the air not blowing as strong as it should, the air is not consistent, it has a foul smell, or it is blowing warm air, you should visit our garage to have your AC serviced.

When you come to us for your Jeep AC repair, we start with a full inspection of the AC component, test the performance and control, and repair or replace whatever is faulty with genuine parts. So, you are always safe with us — quality services at all times!

Jeep windshield repair

If the windshield is cracked or has several scratches, it would affect its aesthetics. Also, a cracked windshield reduces your visibility while driving. Some Jeep owners may even have it worse when their windshield is damaged, as water may leak into the vehicle. So, you must address any issue with your windshield as soon as possible before it leads to something else.

When you contact us to get a windshield repair, our team starts by carefully removing the damaged windscreen. During this process, we ensure the interior and surrounding detailing are protected. We then prime your car for the new windshield and use the special bond to glue it to the framework. Your vehicle will get a new look with the new windshield replacement in under an hour.

Jeep bumper repair

The Jeep's bumper may seem like a part of your car for aesthetic purposes only, but its use goes beyond that. A bumper helps prevent or reduce front and rear headlight damage in low-speed crashes. The bumper also protects the exhaust, grille, hood, trunk, and so on from dents due to collision. So, if you are recently in a minor collision and your bumper is damaged, we can fix it! It does not matter whether the bumper is made of plastic or metal; we repair all kinds of bumpers for different models.

Jeep body shop

If you want to change or upgrade any body parts on your automobile, you can also book an appointment with us. For example, if your car comes with a sunroof, and you would like to change it, or you would like to have the hardtop of your Jeep redone, we got you! We can also take things to the interior and have the upholstery redone, replace the seat belt and even have a new light bulb installed to fit in the aesthetics of your interior. We are also experts in repainting and tuning up the body of your Jeep, like giving it a lift to add bigger-sized tires and so on.

You can contact us for any body work you'd like to customize, and you will have top-rated, professional mechanic work on your car.

Jeep Models We Service

  • Jeep Cherokee
  • Jeep Commander
  • Jeep Compass
  • Jeep Grand Cherokee
  • Jeep Patriot
  • Jeep Renegade
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Jeep JK
  • Jeep TJ
  • Jeep JL
  • Jeep XJ
  • Jeep SRT
  • Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
  • Jeep Gladiator